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Support Musik Kita BersamaHello Dears, berikut adalah daftar lagu-lagu Malaysia yang paling dikenal dan populer di Indonesia.
Kriteria lagu yang masuk daftar ini tak lain dan tak bukan karena semua lagu berikut dapat diterima (di sukai) oleh masyarakat di kedua negara pada khususnya, dan oleh masyarakat nusantara pada umumnya. 439 kata lagi

Slow Rock Song 90

FLEETWOOD MAC is back: Christine McVie sings again as the tour starts anew | Music | The Guardian

Fleetwood Mac is back: Christine McVie sings again as the tour starts anew…

4 / 5 stars

Though Stevie Nicks and the band are older, they opened their first reunited show in 16 years with the hallmark brilliance for playing off each others’ strengths. 906 kata lagi


Google Chrome MP3 Player App - Trifling Trivial Worthless Rubbishy Player (TTWR player)

Once I get stuck on something, I am on it until I’ve exhausted it or I’m exhausted (which ever comes first). For some odd reason, I have been on a MP3 music kick; especially being focused on web based converters and web based players. 164 kata lagi


Top Music List On Musicwik.com

Keep up with daily charts movers on Top 40 Musicwik List. Listen and watch all the top music free online, keep up with the latest chart hits. 21 kata lagi


They Still Call This Music

I usually emerge at Hauz Khas Metro Station drained and hungry. The day has been long – though I guess a case could be made for my reduced vitality – and the metro ride has been nothing short of a lesson in survival. 384 kata lagi

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