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Training Log 2015, 7/27-8/2

7/27 a.m 越野 17k | p.m 跑步機 9k (4:26/k), 重訓 7/28 a.m 越野 16k (14k@4:28/k) | p.m 草地 6k, 赤腳草地100m x10, 1k 7/29 p.m 跑步機 90分 (21.5k, 4:11/k, 4:41→3:45/k) 484 kata lagi
訓練記錄 | Training Log

The Journey to ME...

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

12 months ago i hit a low; my ‘snap point’.

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Kenya: Two-Thirds Bill Moves Closer to Becoming Law

By Oliver Mathenge originally posted on TheStar

KENYA will have more women in the next Parliament in a move that will increase the MPs to an unknown number.  372 kata lagi


A Turkish MP quickly broke his campaign promise to "not sleep in parliament"

"Meclis'e uyumaya gitmiyorum" diyerek röportaj veren AKP'li Uğur Işılak Meclis'te uyudu. http://t.co/qBVYwIm692 pic.twitter.com/mUTyHWkMXF

— Bugün TV (@BugunTV) July 30, 2015

For newly elected member of Turkish parliament Uğur Işılak—a singer turned politician—a campaign promise has proven difficult to uphold.

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Sejarah Ponsel Kamera

Sebelum era megapiksel, terjadi argumentasi tentang ponsel kamera pertama di dunia. Juni tahun 2000, Samsung merilis SCH-V200, sebuah ponsel yang mampu mengambil foto pada resolusi 0,35 megapiksel. 470 kata lagi


Thunder Bay

The last few days have been hot and hilly riding, combined with construction along the road and bear sightings. The last 40 k to Thunder Bay along the 103 were especially difficult, with strong gusts of wind picking up more and more speed as they glided along the hills. 76 kata lagi

MP HP CP All Soaping Is An Art

I am sorry folks but today’s post is a bit of a rant.  Being I am a professional with their own bath and body business I will try to be as adult about this as I can. 516 kata lagi