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Looming UK Border Issues Anticipated – PICA Chairman

Chairman of the agency responsible for securing Jamaica’s borders Joe Issa has said he anticipated the border issues now being predicted for the UK on account of Britain. 338 kata lagi

Joey Issa


Oliver walked the walk of a man in tailor-made trousers. At the consultation with his personal tailor in Jermyn Street (established in 1689), they had measured and agreed on the fabric type and style for a man of his stature. 435 kata lagi

Week 8

For this week in Methods and Processes we were introduced to the new project which was mapping, we already had a brief description of what mapping is last class and we were asked to look a maps over the weekend for example menus, actual maps of a country etc. 265 kata lagi


Week 8 - M&P (Mapping destinations)

After the research of maps, we discussed about various types of mapping systems found in magazines, menus and catalogues. The paper quality also matters in terms of vernacular. 135 kata lagi


Video: Sir Vince Cable, #StopBrexit, Manchester (2017)

Kirsty McTear’s video of Liberal Democrat Sir Vince Cable’s speech at #StopBrexit Manchester on 01 October 2017