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MP Correspondent Training and Reception - Ian Newton Shares his Experience

Parish Volunteer in Camberley and Bagshot Parish and MP Correspondent, Ian Newton, recently attended our MP Correspondent Training and reception. At the end of International Refugee Week,  we wanted to share his experience. 680 kata lagi


Live news updates: Day 4 of inquiry into shale gas plans for Marsh Lane

This post has live updates from the fourth day of the public inquiry into plans by Ineos for shale gas exploration in the Derbyshire village of Marsh Lane. 3.883 kata lagi


Upskirt ban down the drain

Sir Christopher Chope, Conservative MP rejects ‘Upskirting as a criminal offence’

A propsal to make ‘Upskirting’ a specific criminal offence has been blocked by Tory MP, leading to cries of “Shame” from opposing parties and also other members of the Conservative party present. 126 kata lagi


What's this? Optimistic news?

First of all let me start with this morning, I took Max out for his walk, as soon as we set foot inside the park, I saw a little white dog. 449 kata lagi


En "transdebatt" utan slut.....

Transgender, transrace och vad kommer härnäst, transspecies? Denna transdebatt är en av de mest imbecilla tankevurpor med efterföljande politiskt “korrekta” beslut i farvattnet. MP vill införa ett “tredje” kön, varför inte ett fjärde, femte och sjätte? 494 kata lagi

Labour fundraising in private clubs

Labour tried to make a big deal about some National fundraising, but they seem to be doing the same sort of thing, and are looking like they have been caught with their hands in the biscuit jar. 510 kata lagi


MP Michael Gove, his Antoinette moment.

Michael Gove says poorer people eat fatty food because it gives them ‘comfort, solace and pleasure’.Nothing changes does it?
Put someone with ignorance and privilege flowing through him into a position of power and what have you got? 390 kata lagi