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Maori Party versus Labour reshuffle

There has been accusations for a long time that the Labour Party claim ownership of a majority Maori vote but don’t pay that back with adequate positions of influence. 700 kata lagi


Salt Scrub Experiment

I found a fun recipe on Wholesale Supplies Plus (see it here), and decided to try it with a Christmas twist. I used my little… 72 kata lagi


Syria-to bomb or not to bomb

As I mentioned in my blog after the Paris attacks, the UK needs to be destroying theĀ inspirationĀ (ISIS) that causes such attacks. It’s all very well foiling seven attacks in the past six months, but they will keep coming. 1.124 kata lagi


Make Your Voice Heard.

As you may (or may not) have noticed I’ve been getting more active in politics since May… until now there haven’t really been any issues that I have felt overly strongly about either way. 335 kata lagi

Trans-Tasman: top MP David Seymour

In their annual assessment of MP performance Trans Tasman has named rookie ACT MP for Epsom David Seymour as their top MP for 2015.

David Seymour, Epsom – 8.5…

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For one Liberal MP the refugee backlash cuts close to home: Tim Harper

Arif Virani, newly elected MP for Parkdale-High Park, on his life story and reactions to intolerance:

There was a backlash in 1972, as there is now, and it surfaced sporadically over the years.

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