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Nicki Minaj Moving On with Nas, Doesn't Care About Meek Mill and Safaree's Drama

Nicki Minaj couldn’t care less about her 2 exes’ drama over BET weekend … ’cause she’s got a new hip-hop king to occupy her mind. Sources close to Nicki tell TMZ she hasn’t batted an eyelash over news Meek Mill might have ordered his goons to jump… 13 kata lagi


Summer Rewatch - Spiderman 2

I believed that the sequel to Sam Raimi’s original vision for Spiderman was excellent. Many people thought it wasn’t good and I remember defending it passionately to people as being an excellent movie. 414 kata lagi

Critics W/o Credentials

Welp, Now We've Got a Few More Reasons to Be Worried About the Han Solo Movie

(Source: www.gq.com)


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A recently fired editor? An acting coach for Alden Ehrenreich?

It’s been a week since Lucasfilm fired directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the upcoming Han Solo prequel/spinoff movie, and insider reports continue to trickle out, revealing a tremendously troubled production. 420 kata lagi


Piers Morgan Says Undercover Vid Shows CNN 'Cutting Corners' to Bash President Trump

[] Piers Morgan’s not bashing CNN for going after huge ratings with stories about President Trump and Russia, but thinks their Prez-bashing is dangerous journalism … and led to embarrassment. 26 kata lagi


Rivals. | Screenplay Concept

“Every Hero has a Nemesis. The first time I saw mine… he was in a mirror looking back at me.”

There are several ways to write this story concept; I’m trying to find the most interesting one.

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CCCM - Cabin By The Lake

Before there was a Cabin In The Woods, there was the Cabin By The Lake.  Listen, right click and download, or find us on Itunes  36 kata lagi


New Gospel Movie | Know the Judgment in the Last Days "Song of Victory"

 New Gospel Movie | Know the Judgment in the Last Days “Song of Victory”

The judgment work of Almighty God in the last days has reverberated throughout every sect and group. 129 kata lagi