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Directed by Sam Patton
Written by Matt Anderson, Michael Larson-Kangas… 536 kata lagi

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Directed by Mickey Keating… 718 kata lagi

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Some of my e-mailers requested that I review this movie, but I already did years ago. Here it is again for those folks who requested it, along with a reminder that you could have instant gratification for your bad movie fix if you check my Bad Movie page first and see if I’ve already reviewed the film you have in mind. 338 kata lagi

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The Greatest Showman Review

Genre: Musical, PG
Director: Michael Gracey
Main Cast: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, Etc.
Rating: 10/10 Ink Splats


Considering I have seen this movie in theaters twice, will probably… 784 kata lagi

By A.O. SCOTT via NYT Critics’ Pick http://ift.tt/2mPeaWZ

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Assignment Skybolt/Operation Skybolt (1968)

‘Without my head, I don’t talk so good.’

Special agent Dan Holland gets the case when a hydrogen bomb is stolen from a NATO facility in Turkey. 523 kata lagi

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"May the Force be with You"

A Movie Review

I’m sure you’ve seen the thousands+ reviews of this latest episode of theĀ Star Wars legacy, but I’ll put a thought or two more for you here. 1.211 kata lagi