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We Will Rebuild

The GPS directed me to the abandoned suburban school. Along the perimeter of the property, signs and banners covered the chain-link fence. Passerby’s stopped to take pictures of the collateral to capture where “it” took place. 206 kata lagi

Furniture Assembly

The Lepidopterist’s Collection

The Lepidopterist’s Collection

Mine is a flimsy passion. Awe for false eyes.
Mothy deceptions. Zigzag symmetry.
A simple color-code: I may be toxic.

Mounting butterflies is tricky — 152 kata lagi


Paper paintings and mounting issues

We have learned while specializing in the field of conservation of cultural property (more specifically art, in the present discussion), about the specific type of material that should be used while mounting a painting on paper. 165 kata lagi

Heritage Conservation

The Original Polaris RZR Tree Bar L-Bolt Kit

It all started with our first ever Polaris RZR Tree Bar design. Jeff Houser wanted to not only have the strongest tree bar on the market, but the strongest mounting system. 380 kata lagi


Sectioning part: II freehand

Although a double edged razor of the type sold for shaving is best for free-hand sectioning, owing to its more stringent manufacturing controls and increased thinness, for initial attempts a single edge utility razor blade is recommended. 416 kata lagi



Worksheet used for lesson on ‘Sectioning of Ovary’