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Mounting Prints

Finally, things are starting to take shape for the collection of photos from our time in England. Yesterday I gave the last coat of varnish to the frames and today started mounting the prints. 48 kata lagi



The 12 o’clock day old leaf is almost as large as the older leaves on our selloum (Philodendron bipinnatifidum aka P. selloum ‘Hope’).

The firesticks took a turn with some bright white patches (but another red tip). 237 kata lagi


How to AIM a Sony Dss Dish

After mounting a Sony DSS satellite dish, you’ll need to aim the dish antenna accurately to align it with the broadcast satellite and receive the satellite TV signal. 21 kata lagi

Ew_Skuzzy 1 - walkthrough

Today I am sharing my work log for the “Ew_Skuzzy: 1” CTF game. This game was released only recently, on the 17th of March 2017. As of time of writing, there haven’t been much information released about it. 2.147 kata lagi


Mounting Our Bicycle Rack

Here’s my first attempt at mounting our bicycle rack to our 1996 Ford Explorer SUV with a new eye bolt.
I plan to start making videos for specific people, but since I’m not quite ready to do that, this one’s for Ulf, who has typically been the only person who views my videos. 22 kata lagi


DIY home improvement diaries

So, I moved into a new place this year, and it needed some work. I am a full-time student, with some part-time jobs, and finding time to put into home improvement things isn’t as easy as I’d like it to be. 697 kata lagi