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How Do You Type?

Touch-typing? Hunt-and-peck? Or the ultra-modern thumbing?

What speeds do you clock? (Free test available here.)
My speed works out at 60 words per minute, taking into account the fact that I go back to correct errors as I spot them, rather than leaving them be. 14 kata lagi

Deborah Makarios

Life Motto's: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

When I was a junior in high school, my Psychology teacher would always tell me, “Don’t stay out after midnight, nothing good happens after midnight”. He was an awesome teacher, so I always took his words to heart, but let’s be real, I was 17 and staying out late on the weekends with my friends was what I did and I never had any intentions of stopping. 192 kata lagi

1 mile hard interval

Did a mile alternating between a walk (first gear) of 100 metres and a not quite all out ( fourth gear) run of 200 metres. 113 kata lagi

“(Be) of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor.”

From Permaculture.

Flash Fiction & Short Stories


Yesterday I was reminded of my undying love for blogging. Today it was all I could think about at work; besides, you know, the actual work part.   374 kata lagi