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Our Lady Has Left Us

Phoebe has left us, ladies.  She has gone to join our other friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  It is a sad day for Blogville and for us, Crotchety Cougars.  108 kata lagi

Top 5: Combining Cuisine with Culture

In this series, we want to introduce you to the best contemporary Vienna has to offer. Here are some tips combine contemporary art with culinary delights. 441 kata lagi


My studio

“We are on a journey not to be perfect, but to be whole.”

~ Eileen Anglin


Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy... Our Mottos in Life

Hi There

Yes, I live by the title. Through every hardship I go, financially, businesswise, emotionally and every other “ally” you can think of. I hold on to this. 169 kata lagi


6 things to Simply live

Life can be fun, sweet, complex, unbearable and even completely amazing sometimes.. it’s in constant change and movement. Here are a few things i think can help the journey be more comfortable.. 593 kata lagi



ciao internet. i am alive an well thank you.

unfortunately i haven’t had much time in my hands to dedicate to the blog, with work, acting, university and life itself, … 378 kata lagi

A motto for psychopaths?

Ey up, me duck. ‘Ow do?

I spend part of my time living in Yorkshire, the largest county in England. Which is to say, it’s not very large, because England isn’t very large; but it’s still bigger than all the other counties. 336 kata lagi