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Imspiring Quotes and Mottos

These are some of my favourite quotes and life mottos;

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take ~ Wayne Gretzky

Most people immediately refer this quote to hockey after reading who it is by but this quote refers to life in general.

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The Falcon and the Pelican

This Pelican for Gwir verch Madog was a very special project both conceptually and personally; I consider it to be one of my better scrolls. Gwir tragically lost her husband after a battle with cancer, so I wanted to create something that was unique and personal to her, but also something that could articulate that tradition of personalised scrolls in an authentic way. 296 kata lagi


Humility vs Cowardice

Amazing how often some professing follower of Christ will take his place before the cameras of an unbelieving world and cravenly declare Christ is wrong on some subject or other, and that the new poll driven, sin pandering, populist view is right. 243 kata lagi


Run off a cold

May not be the beach i will settle on, more likely Clacton, or Hastings but I’m wanting to look my best, so i wasnt letting the remnants of a cold, hold me back, you know my motto by now… 176 kata lagi

My new motto

I just saw this on Facebook 5 minutes ago. I love it and it will be my new motto. I truly believe that age is just a number and that life needs to be lived. 39 kata lagi


Drum roll please.....

Exciting news!  Well Darren and I think so!

Quantum Martial Arts has developed two mottoes – one for the senior school and one for the junior school. 134 kata lagi

Martial Arts Sydney

Buddhist Monk Drink, Sparkling Matcha Tea

The other day I was shopping at Whole Foods Market and came across a “sampling” table of this delicious and healthy drink-Motto Sparkling Matcha Tea. Since I love to try new things I gave it a shot!   412 kata lagi