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“See Farther” in 2017

It was 2015, post-Christmas. I was reflecting on the past year with a chip of disappointment on my shoulder. I realized MOI was okay, but it certainly wasn’t what I’d envisioned it to be by the close of year two of business. 612 kata lagi



Time. That fleeting, ticking thing that seems to fly by, leaving us with never enough to get everything done that we want to do. If you follow me on Instagram ( 328 kata lagi


Make it count...

So. 2017. I for one am pretty pleased to get rid of 2016. It was (to say the least) quite possibly the most unpleasant ever year for a number of my pals, so the commencement of a New Year is particularly appreciated here. 602 kata lagi

Life Motto Revelations

It’s often difficult to take new steps in life. I’ve been dying to get myself back into dance this year. It was getting to the stage where it was shameful to think, never mind say to someone, that I once used to do some dancing. 154 kata lagi


Where Are the Real Conversations and Discussions?

In the modern world, with all its techno-gadgets, gizmos, and apps, none are more popular or as powerful (in my opinion) as Twitter. This social media app allows users to express their opinions and thoughts with a limit of 140 characters. 277 kata lagi