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Ines thinks... about Beauty Inside and Out

I was standing in my shower and and my view fell on all the little bottles strung along the edge of the bathtub. There stood in line a conditioner, shampoo, shower foam, a body scrub, a deep conditioner and a facial peeling. 686 more words


Monday Motto

Some days you’re the dog, other days you’re the lamp post!

Ho hum…we must remember to try and take every day in our stride I guess. 7 more words


My motto

No matter how much obstacles on the way, insurmountable

problems obstructing the path, if I am determined enough,

I can laugh away the difficulties enthusiastically to reach my goal!!


What's In A Word?

“If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.”

Words I’ve come to live by. The last two and a half years of my life have been a whirlwind. 125 more words


Opportunism Vs Realism

”There’s a glass on the table. A realist says that there’s 50% of water in it. A pessimist says that the glass is half empty. An optimist says that it’s half filled with water. 322 more words

Daughters of a better age

My secondary school was an all-girls’ school. Our school motto is “daughters of a better age”, in Latin.

Filiae melioris aevi.

When I contemplate my purpose in this world, my purpose in this life, this life of mine in this time and this space, I really should keep in mind whether I’m a daughter of a better age. 128 more words