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Most people go through life and only see the bad or the problems…the true challenge is to go through life and see only the good. When someone is able to do this, they will truly be happy.


Mottoes Worth Living By

I previously blogged about a mission and vision that I live by. That mission and vision is to Reach, Teach, Serve. Even though that mission and vision tells a lot about how I approach living life, the motto that I have taken up tells a bigger story. 587 kata lagi

Arms of Lezuza, Spain

In use since at least 1991

Blazon: Gules a castle triple-towered or windowed azure between the pillars of Hercules argent, capitals and bases of the second, intertwined with two banners of the third, charged with the mottos on the dexter “Non Plus” and on the sinister “Ultra”* of the second, in base a stone road leading to the castle door in perspective of the fourth, thereupon six crows close in fess sable, in chief two heads couped and nimbed proper, all within a bordure of the fourth charged with the motto “Colonia Libisosanorum”** of the fifth… 20 kata lagi


Video: Documentary Photography - Getting Past Persona

Motto of the streets: Nothing is as it seems, and everything is for sale…

Video: Documentary Photography – Getting Past Persona Here is an example of why documentary photographers should really get to know their subjects before reporting. 40 kata lagi

Arms of Waltham Abbey Town Council, England

Granted 1956

Blazon: Argent on a cross engrailed sable a lion’s head caboshed between four cross crosslets or

Crest: Out of a coronet of fleurs-de-lis or a demi-stag at gaze proper charged on the shoulder with a fountain and holding in the mouth a seaxe argent pommel and hilt or… 13 kata lagi


Accept & Move On

‘Accept and move on’┬áis basically like a motto for me. It’s something I’ve tried to live by for a long time now, and I find it a really good way to live life. 654 kata lagi

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