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I like to surround myself with objects that tell different stories.         I like design that builds a relationship with people.

~ Oskar Zięta


If this doesn’t set fire to the soul, nothing will.


Every time I read this quote, it fills me with such positive energy and drive.  



I have vowed for as long as I remember to keep the attitude of having no regrets in life and to try anything at least once.   432 more words


New start, a fresh Slate..how cliche is this title anyway

A fresh slate starts on each new day.

Every day I get is a chance to start again..

So, carpe diem i guess.


p/s: but yes, i cannot get / take back my yesterdays, I can only Move Forward, 26 more words

MIND: Necessity

Have a heart that never hardens
and a temper that never tires
and a touch that never hurts.”

// Charles Dickens


Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose

Hello, lovelies!

How is everyone’s Monday going? Wherever you are, I hope it’s going well!

I know I promised a weekend post, but I got so busy with family that I didn’t even open my laptop until this morning. 224 more words