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Why Patient and Powerful?

So, let me explain why I chose Patient and Powerful ~ or better yet, why the motto which inspired me from The White Princess serves me well.  595 kata lagi

Women 50

"Bene agendo nunquam defessus." 

“Bene agendo nunquam defessus.” (Never weary of doing good.)

A great motto to live by. If I am feeling depressed, I always feel better if I try to do something nice for someone else.


Perfect vs. Unperfect

Perfect is a statement
All wannabees make
Unperfect is what I am
Perfect is such a mistake
If I was perfect, I could never do… 134 kata lagi


New Squadron Logo and Motto

The Squadron’s new logo was designed by our cadets during a competition won by Cdt Kara Hawkins (Logo Design) and Cdt Cpl Danny Henman (Motto creation). 126 kata lagi


New View on Life

So I had quite the experience last night. For two reasons, one good and one bad. I will lead in with the good. For those of you that did not know, or who are not religious, this week is Holy Week. 502 kata lagi

Inferiority complex

You know that saying…. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent?

It is a bloody good saying, and if the internet historians are to be believed, we owe our thanks for this little nugget to none other than the illustrious late Eleanor Roosevelt – American politician, diplomat, activist and incidentally, the longest-serving First Lady of the United States. 308 kata lagi


I det poetiske hjørnet

Det er livets vei som er lykken

Livet er som et forsøk på å nå toppen

Jeg klatrer opp, faller ned

Det verker i hele kroppen… 220 kata lagi