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About Promise
Promise Prenatal has three Stages, each uniquely formulated to keep up with the changing demands of your growing baby.   242 kata lagi

7 tips on travelling by plane with a baby

Emma is 9 months old and so far we have done a bit of travelling. I wouldn’t really call us globetrotters but we did move around more than an average family. 1.142 kata lagi


X=24y+3, I'm Just Kidding. I have no idea what I'm Doing

I don’t know what it is with schools and homework expectations these days. When I was six, ten and fourteen the majority of my schoolwork was completed in class and homework was comprised mostly of studying for exams. 474 kata lagi


Taking Stock

Her pages had been empty of late, left in a drawer under sharpened pencils. Dust was settling around ornaments of inspiration, clock ticking around her motivation. 24 kata lagi


My mum - the legacy she left me 

On 22.9.1978 at around 6pm my dear mum died. I was 18 years old and it felt so unreal when it happened . I always imagined she’d come back to me . 333 kata lagi



As you lay sleeping my dear

I tip toe through tumultuous fear

I drop a few tears for our home

I wipe them away and smile… 174 kata lagi

13 Things My Son Will Never Understand About My Teenage Life

OK, there are a LOT of things about my teenage life that I wouldn’t share with my son, but there are also a lot of things he just couldn’t understand if he tried. 499 kata lagi