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Fixing Your Computer: Parts of a Computer You Shouldn’t Repair Yourself

Many people seem to think that the world is divided into two kinds of people: the technologically savvy and the technologically challenged. The reality is that most people fall somewhere in between— they know enough to get by and maybe fix minor computer problems on their own, but don’t have the proper training to fix major issues with their machine. 455 kata lagi

Dell Computer

(BTS) Prepping for COMPUTEX 2016

The Road to COMPUTEX 2016

With COMPUTEX 2016 just around the corner, things are certainly getting heated up in the BIOSTAR office!

Information on COMPUTEX 2016… 273 kata lagi


A Mammoth Win for Dave De Carlo at the Webby Awards.

Congratulations go out to Dave De Carlo and VICE on their Webby wins!

Dave De Carlo was the editor on the VICE Documentary, “Cloning the Woolly Mammoth”. 44 kata lagi

Commercial Post Production

(Event) BIOSTAR Facebook Page 50,000 Likes Giveaway Contest!

Hello BIOSTAR fans!

Thank you so much for your support towards us! We, at BIOSTAR want to show our appreciation by giving away 1 BIOSTAR RACING B150GT5 Motherboard… 348 kata lagi


The Search for New Antibiotics Under the Sea  Clad in scuba...

The Search for New Antibiotics Under the Sea 

Clad in scuba gear, with an air tank attached to his back, a casual observer might mistake William Fenical for a particularly intrepid archaeologist.

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Tech Terms: 

The motherboard is the main circuit board of your computer and is also known as the mainboard or logic board. If you ever open your computer, the biggest piece of silicon you see is the motherboard. 126 kata lagi

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