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Snk Neo Geo Mvs 1-slot Arcade Jamma Motherboard With Games

Snk Neo Geo Mvs 1-slot Arcade Jamma Motherboard With Games
For Sale Is A SNK Neo Geo JAMMA Arcade Video Game Board With Three Games. Everything Is In Working Condition And Original. 31 kata lagi


Mobo and gpu burning issue

Gamers are familiar with mobo and gpu.Many people wonder why their mobo and gpu burns sometimes.Let’s talk about it below

Mainly the burning causes for power supply (psu).The psu should be bought according to the gpu.How much power the gpu consumes and how much power the gpu needs.You need to know all about these.Moderate motherboards also consume more power.The more.powerful gpu you take,the more power you need.So you need to buy those psu’s which can handle your gpu and mobo.And you shouldn’t give pressure to your pc.It makes affect to the psu.The main thing is you need to use the psu with carefully


What is Motherboard?

What is a Motherboard:-
A Motherboard is an electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Board) also called system board, is a main-board in a computer system.It is made by Epoxy glass material. 648 kata lagi


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