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Motherboard Overview for Best Engineering Colleges in Jabalpur Aspirants

Are you interested in knowing about basic components present in any computer system? Do you want to pursue your B.E. or B. Tech with CS stream from… 195 kata lagi


#CyberViolence Report Hoped To Be Fully Revised In Two Weeks

With an added poor excuse for an apology.

Brad Glasgow has written an article on Motherboard detailing an apology made by a United Nations spokesperson regarding the… 412 kata lagi


Are comments dead, or have media outlets just given up on them?

Every few weeks, it seems, another media outlet kills off its reader comments, saying they are filled with trolls and spam and/or they are too much effort to maintain. 1.003 kata lagi


Installing our CPU

What would our bodies be without a brain to tell all our systems what to do, how to do it and how fast we can do it. 484 kata lagi


Choosing the right brain?

What good is a personal computer if it is dumber than a sack of potatoes? Choosing the wrong brain will take you back in time when you cooked your eggs on a stick and drank milk straight from the cow. 542 kata lagi


The Techno Sublime; The first day, and a growing interest in motherboards

It’s a good feeling to be back after such a long spell away from the studio; the few pieces I have been making are for personal ruminations, consisting of webs made of string and wool in my room or a few specific abandoned places dotting around Cardiff. 380 kata lagi


Motherboard: Enbridge's dirty secret at the bottom of the Great Lakes

The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes: Oil & Water


Published on Aug 11, 2015

The world’s largest crude oil transporter has a secret buried deep in the Great Lakes—two aging oil pipelines that transport 23 million gallons of crude oil through the largest body of fresh water on earth. 168 kata lagi