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Teens to Netflix: We Already Like You, Stop Trying So Hard

Netflix has long been tightlipped about its user demographics and has made no exceptions this week, but previous surveys have found teens and tweens watch less television overall, and tend to prefer short clips on YouTube, Vine, or streaming services to traditional TV. 47 kata lagi

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Will 5G Kill Free WiFi?

By 2020, [Aicha Evans,Intel] declared, some 50 billion “things” will become connected: self-driving cars, traffic lights, smart-city sensor networks, personal drones, appliances, etc. “If it computes, it must connect,” she said. 87 kata lagi

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Starting out in a small town

After many years of working for different PC related companies I decided to make a go of starting my own PC building service. I have been building computers for around 15 years so at this point I can pretty much build them with my eyes closed. 1.496 kata lagi