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(Classroom) All about Bitcoin

What’s with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining? Can you really earn real money from it?

BIOSTAR Blog is back with another classroom post to tell us more about this intriguing topic, and simplify it so anyone like you and I will be able to easily understand. 971 kata lagi


Warrior Tech: Bulletproof Headscarf

Beirut fire sergeant Wissam Bleik was killed by a stray bullet during the Beirut municipal elections in May. He was a victim of celebratory gunfire… 557 kata lagi


An Internet Censorship Company Tried to Sue the Researchers Who Exposed Them

Image: Flickr/ Konrad Förstner Netsweeper is a small Canadian company with a disarmingly boring name and an office nestled among the squat buildings of Waterloo, Ontario. 66 kata lagi


All Signs Point to Russia Being Behind the DNC Hack

Written by Thomas Rid In the wee hours of June 14, the Washington Post revealed that “Russian government hackers” had penetrated the computer network of the Democratic National Committee. 64 kata lagi


These Hackers Are Pretending to be Journalists, And Failing Miserably http://bit.ly/29SCOOw

This week, an account named “Ukraine.info” started spreading the news on Twitter of secret, biological tests in the country. Then, the account “W-News” joined in, tweeting apparently sensitive documents. http://bit.ly/29SEDLk


Bad Caps in Everything

I just had a bit of a scare with my Audio Precision analyzer. The 2004-era Dell OptiPlex GX270 which drives the AP hardware decided it would refuse to power up – just flashing the “ON” light for a fraction of a second, then back off again. 158 kata lagi



Alternatively referred to as the mb, mainboard, mobo, mobd, backplane board,base board, main circuit board, planar board, system board, or a logic boardon Apple computers. The motherboard is a printed… 104 kata lagi