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The Power of Peaceful Thought

Methods for quieting the chaos raging inside our heads are everywhere, but removing chemical deterrents to find some sense of tranquility through natural means is often seen as ineffective or less useful. 251 kata lagi

Thoughts On The Life Of One

How to check Motherboard Model

Sometimes you may need to figure out exactly what kind motherboard your PC is running on and you need to know that without opening the computer case which is usually buried under your desk with tons wires around it.   48 kata lagi

СМИ: Охота на Накамото

Недавно возникла новая волна слухов о личности таинственного создателя Биткойна Сатоши Накамото после того, как интернет-издания Wired и Gizmodo в своих статьях указали на вероятность того, что австралийский предприниматель Крейг Стивен Райт сыграл важную роль в создании цифровой валюты. 42 kata lagi


How to build a Gaming PC!

Technology has changed, PC parts become evidently more powerful, and everything gets cheaper. After days, weeks even months of research, I found a great way of building a… 159 kata lagi


Design Innovations in MacBook


A full-size keyboard is an essential part of MacBook. In order to fit a full-size keyboard in the incredibly thin MacBook, Apple has designed the keyboard from the ground up. 799 kata lagi


Best Micro ATX Motherboard,You Will Love It!

There are more and more people ask me if I have some better Micro ATX Motherboard to recommend.Here are two outstanding products I will recommend. 313 kata lagi

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