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Here's the Data Republicans Just Allowed ISPs to Sell Without Your Consent

Financial and medical information. Social Security numbers. Web browsing history. Mobile app usage. Even the content of your emails and online chats. These are among the types of private consumer information that House Republicans voted on Tuesday to allow your internet service provider (ISP) to sell to the highest bidder without your permission, prompting outrage from privacy watchdogs. 34 kata lagi


Critical Error

So my PC has broken down again so I won’t be able to update for a while. Grrr. I thought I had it fixed when I replaced the CMOS battery, did a reset and a safe start. 27 kata lagi


Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware - Motherboard

To avoid the draconian locks that John Deere puts on the tractors they buy, farmers throughout America’s heartland have started hacking their equipment with firmware that’s cracked in Eastern Europe and traded on invite-only, paid online forums. 83 kata lagi


PC Building Simulator Is Much Less Nerve-Wracking Than The Real Thing

(Source: kotaku.com)

Last week Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson told us about PC Building Simulator, an indie game in which the nightmare of putting together a gaming PC follows us into the virtual world. 281 kata lagi


(News Corner) BIOSTAR Announces AMD B350 RACING Series Lineup

Race to the Future with affordable AMD RYZEN motherboards

March 3rdt, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR is proud to announce its expanded AMD AM4 motherboard series lineup as it welcomes the new AMD B350 products in the RACING Series family of motherboards. 827 kata lagi