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If I Am So Happy, Why Do I Feel So Crappy this Morning?

I cannot remember when I felt so nauseous so quickly…but it does help to know why I feel this way.  I have been going through a major energy shift, all for the good.   420 kata lagi

First News of Baby and the 1st Trimester

I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant!

Boy was I surprised! And shocked, not to mention bewildered, and amazed and confused and frightened. 1.105 kata lagi

Baby Center

Medical Marijuana: A surprising solution to severe morning sickness"

Hildebrandt, Erin, and Lloyd Wolf. “Medical Marijuana.” Mothering 124 (2004): 52-57. Health Source- Consumer Edition. Web. 5 Oct. 2016

This article is about a pregnant woman who could not find a solution to her severe morning sickness during her pregnancy. 408 kata lagi

Rough Day All Around

I feel incredibly guilty writing this post, but I feel I need to write it. When I began my blog, I intended to remain unfiltered about my emotions and anxiety, no matter how difficult to talk about. 393 kata lagi


Journal: 14 Oct 2016

What a week..I don’t know where it went and what I did with it…but it’s gone. I hate weeks like that. Weeks that are so consumed with nausea that one day runs into another and it is as though nothing substantial has been accomplished, other than some evidence that laundry was done and there is fresh banana bread and some jars of cranberry sauce. 1.152 kata lagi

Our Exciting News 

I’m not normally one for keeping a secret but over the last few months I’ve been keeping a big one! It’s all I’ve wanted to write about and now I finally feel ready to announce our exciting news….. 292 kata lagi



It’s been a long time since my last post. Two years to be exact. Why has it taken me so long to come back? It’s not like I’ve had nothing to write about… on the contrary, things have been full on these past two years. 410 kata lagi