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Things noone tells you about becoming Pregnant

Most women have natural maternal instincts. And some get it pretty strong – they want nothing more than becoming a mom. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a mother to a beautiful baby boy or girl to dress up that little bundle in all those amazing onsies you see on… 1.525 kata lagi

First-time Mother

Week 11 & 12: Holiday

I have been a bit rubbish at posting for the last couple of weeks because I went on holiday (hooray!).

Week 11 was average, half good, half bad. 219 kata lagi


NVP and me - when Morning Sickness isn't just Morning Sickness

In days before Kate Middleton became a household name  Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) was only really on the radar of those unfortunate enough to suffer from this extreme and debilitating illness. 945 kata lagi


Twelve Weeks

(I realized I never published this! I must have written it sometime in May. I wouldn’t go back and warn myself that the morning sickness wasn’t going to go away for quite a while, even if I could. 228 kata lagi

First Trimester

HG: A dark side effect of being pregnant

I was very hesitant to have another baby because I had such a difficult time with Elle (for a lot of reasons). Even from the beginning, I had uncontrollable morning sickness. 535 kata lagi

10 weeks on the dot!

Well, as the gestation period continues the sicker I get. Yesterday I once again had to call the Dr. I have been sicker than a dog. 751 kata lagi

The First Trimester

So as you have already found out, I’m pregnant and thought I would go back and let you know how my first trimester went. It seems like a lifetime ago now thought so I will try to remember as best as I can. 869 kata lagi