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Complaints From Your Pregnant Girlfriend (Me) 🙋🏽

29 weeks 5 days down. Yes yes the time is almost here. 73 more days and my precious little angel will be in my arms 👼🏽 778 more words

Dear Joanna (4.27.15)

Dear Joanna,

I am flying to California as I write this. Actually, I’m probably already over California right now.

The last time I came here I had you! 209 more words

Pregnancy Loss

The pukefest continues...

Remember how I said I was feeling better? That didn’t last long.

Thursday, I had a bad day. Didn’t puke a lot but felt nauseous all day. 378 more words

Uh oh spagettios

So after my last post about how hard life with a newborn is we thought we would do it all again really soon.

I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant with number 2 which is insane, we are still getting our head around but are mega happy and excited. 190 more words

Here it is! Grandma's Super Duper Delish Ginger Beer Recipe

You can literally taste the love my grandma has put into finessing this bad-ass homemade Ginger Beer brew – or “gemmere” as we call it. 143 more words

New Mama + Papa

Morning Sickness - and how I got rid of it!

Everyone knows that morning sickness is not your friend…

Most women experience it at some point of their pregnancy – extreme or slight nausea, coupled with being unable to hold down any kind of tasty morsel. 279 more words

Ginger Beer

Body Positive Pregnancy

When you Google about being fat and pregnant you get a TON of info that’s basically all doom and gloom about how you will die, your baby will die, everyone you love will die, and maybe if you weren’t so damned fat none of this would have happened, Fatty McFatterson. 864 more words

Weight Loss