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The path to...

My husband and I were discussing how miserable our older daughter is in her pregnancy… I was going to try to articulate how pregnancy is truly something that proves a woman’s inner strength to herself and I commented: 22 kata lagi


Set Ibu Hamil Shaklee

Set Ibu Mengandung atau Set Ibu Hamil Shaklee ini terdiri dari Vitalea, B Complex, Vitamin C, Ostematrix dan juga Omega Guard. Ini adalah set asas yang wajib diamalkan oleh ibu mengandung yang mahu menjaga kandungan dari awal. 356 kata lagi

Set Penyusuan

Parenting: Expect the Unexpected!

Well, we people often wish to know the future. We start making speculations that what will happen and what not and whenever we are in a difficult situation, we wished to have known it earlier to plan and doge it. 165 kata lagi

9 Weeks Pregnant.

9 weeks pregnant! Woohoo! Getting closer and closer to the end of the first trimester!
I have no bump picture for week 9 because I’ve been so sick over the last week that my tummy has actually shrunk.ūüėĒ … 94 kata lagi


Those Pesky Mommy Blues 

Yes, I know, technically the “mommy blues” aren’t supposed to kick in until AFTER you have your baby. So what do you say to those poor moms (like myself) who are still in the first trimester and ALREADY having to cope with some helplessness and depression? 757 kata lagi

Spring, Surprises, and Centering Group

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I’m grateful for so much, but my top 3 at the moment are:

  1. Beautiful spring. After unfortunately falling ill again on Friday and Monday (morning sickness, when will you end?!), I was so grateful to wake up feeling really well yesterday, so I decided to go for a walk.
  2. 177 kata lagi
Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

In Defense of the Spud

Hellooooo Peaches!

As most of you know, for the past few weeks I have gone to the white potato for refuge from the abominable morning sickness. 433 kata lagi