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The 12 Week Scan

The image filled the screen, my growing little baby, the smallest shape imaginable but it was unmistakable, after weeks of doubt and worry, I had the picture proof that I was pregnant but still the worry didn’t subside, little did I know that mummy guilt began once that pregnancy test turned positive and that there would always be something to worry about.

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In the beginning

Hello, my name is Stephanie! I’m a new Mummy who has decided to dedicate nap-time to blogging. I apologise in advance for my amateur style. I’ve never really blogged before and since graduating with a degree in English and Creative Writing, I haven’t written a single piece of literature for a year (which I find kind of funny). 903 kata lagi

Finding Out About Pregnancy

Love is a Process

I think there is a misconception that as soon as mothers find out they are pregnant, especially those who have planned their pregnancies, they will love their unborn baby as soon as they realize they are pregnant. 576 kata lagi



Yes, as my title states, I’m being plagued with weakness. 😣 The nausea that I thought I was able to dodge, came down on me like a ton of bricks. 157 kata lagi


18 weeks pregnant

Today we are 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I feel as if my belly has really grown this week. Everyone at work commented that my belly has now popped out, and I can no longer pull in my abs and look normal. 294 kata lagi



I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about pregnancy. I mean really…who the chuff designed this thing? Humans are, without doubt, the most inefficient breeders. 634 kata lagi


Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks 

I am going to do updates every 4 weeks until due date with some sub topics dotted in between…

As you will see below my vomitting has subsided but nausea still plays its part in daily life. 603 kata lagi

Morning Sickness