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Curry and Risotto

At the beginning of my second pregnancy, we tried a new risotto recipe with shiitake mushrooms. It was delicious, and we had it two or three times. 237 kata lagi

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Queasy. That is how I feel. Lying down helps. My current theory on morning sickness (which I know isn’t exclusive to mornings), is that it has a lot to do with having an empty stomach. 287 kata lagi

Morning Sickness

For the love of....


No seriously. I’m one of those human beings that can exist off of a sloppy marinera and pepperoni covered flatbread. It is one of the joys of life. 516 kata lagi


Daddy gets an A for effort.

While I’m only 11 weeks pregnant my poor Hubby has already had to put up with my snapping, constant complaining, non-stop napping, relentless crying, my annoying need to argue against any valid point he makes, pulling my nose up at the offensively suspect smells he seems to be omitting (now that’s probably not a recent thing, but my sense of smell has currently gone off the charts) and then there’s my general inability to do anywhere near as much as I usually do around the house. 482 kata lagi

Pregnancy By Week

Myth Busting

Whew. After a very gloomy post about infidelity last week, I thought something a little fun would be nice. I just hit my sixth month (woohoo!) and we’re scheduled for an ultrasound next week to find out our baby’s gender. 809 kata lagi


5 Easy Steps to Beat Morning Sickness

If you are worshipping the porcelain god every morning (and night), feeling run down, and having flashbacks of college, you aren’t alone.

Some degree of morning sickness affects almost every expectant mother, and I personally was in a state of perpetual nausea throughout both of my pregnancies. 1.205 kata lagi


Pregnancy #2 Diary 2nd Trimester [Weeks 19-20] 

So I’ve officially made it to the half way point in my pregnancy. Weeks 19 & 20 have been a roller coaster ride of emotions, as we found out what we’re having plus we’ve all been poorly, so a hard few weeks but all on the mend now, thankfully. 1.019 kata lagi

Family Time