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It's been 3 months and...

I am 11 weeks pregnant!!!  My FET worked and I currently have 1 baby on board.  I cannot believe that I have not posted in 3 months but it seems like work and life has kept me busy. 221 kata lagi

Welcome to Motherhood...Introduction

Partaking in the creation of life is a wonderful experience.  Think about it, for nine months (give or take) a baby is growing in your womb.  273 kata lagi


Monkey See, Monkey Do

I have had a sensitive stomach from morning sickness for a couple of weeks. So far it hasn’t been too bad and I’ve only had to run to the bathroom a couple times. 313 kata lagi


Pregnancy - 9 Weeks

First Trimester: 9+1 

External Symptoms:

  • Increased vein activity on breasts
  • Nipples starting to darken.

Internal Symptoms:

  • Increased headaches
  • Abdomen pain
  • Occasional dizziness if sat for too long…
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Morning Sickness (that's an understatement)

Morning sickness is a cruel term as it really minimizes what our partners go through.  In Ashley’s case, it wasn’t just in the morning.  She was nauseous ALL day, every day, and it got worse just as it was getting close to bed time.   359 kata lagi

Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness AKA The Death of Me

Morning Sickness. Oh, how I loathe thee.

I have spent every day – repeat, DAY not morning – feeling sick, but more than likely throwing up since mid-December. 395 kata lagi


Being Preggo Sucks!

For those few lucky women like my mother, being pregnant was bliss. The only morning sickness she had was when she brushed her teeth. She didn’t suffer any of the negative side-effects. 651 kata lagi

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