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Battling Morning Sickness

I suffer from the dreaded “morning sickness.” Bleh. The worst part is that it’s not even just in the morning! It’s all day long. It strikes when I least expect it and it’s at its worse when I am hungry. 264 kata lagi


The Magic of Make-up

I decided to name this blog muminmakeup even though my devotion to make-up’s healing properties is something I’ve never really talked about before. I have always been one of those women who cannot leave the house without mascara. 818 kata lagi

How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Morning sickness will literally be the death of me. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and feelin’ the nausea at a minimum of once a day (if I’m lucky). 781 kata lagi

THE KAN – Brutal Society [Review]

THE KAN é um projecto de V-Tesh Ness, um produtor formado na ROOF Studio Records, o qual veio a fundar a Extreme Alliance Records… 231 kata lagi

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real food tips for the tired mum...

Keeping your family fed with real food is not an easy task. It is definitely worth the effort, but it can be difficult and feel downright impossible sometimes, especially if you are exhausted constantly. 1.963 kata lagi

Simple Tips

Here we go again. Baby two!

I am currently laying in my bed, covered in crumbs. Bloody crumbs. So of course, I’m pregnant again. Full on, ‘have to take sick bags wherever I go pregnant’. 438 kata lagi


Toddler Plus Pregnancy

I always imagined if I ever had children it would be as easy as saying ‘be’ and they ‘are’, and when the time came to start having them I would have two close together like my sister and I because nothing is closer than the bond two siblings close in age….right? 556 kata lagi