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How your second pregnancy differs from your first...

When you discover you are pregnant, whether it be your first or subsequent pregnancies, emotions run high – excitement, shock, elation, terror, joy, love. Your mind starts envisaging and processing this new future and all the added adventures that are yet to happen. 460 kata lagi


Management of common ailments during pregnancy

It’ been long ,I have come up with a post, was stuck with mundane life.

Simple things in life actually refreshes you back . This morning was enjoying the sunshine in my lil balcony garden , wherein the dark crimson bloom of rose juxtaposed a life experience.Rose with all thorns around it , one can’t get the rose without the prick…..similarly when your body is undergoing changes during pregnancy it embraces several impediments along the journey. 1.343 kata lagi



I am not enjoying this all day queasiness.

I am already showing signs of diabetes, so it’s really not a good idea for me to snack on carbs to calm the queasy feeling either. 89 kata lagi

Sunday funday

Spent the evening last night with my close friends and hubby. It’s always relaxing when I get to spend my time with people I love. 119 kata lagi

Pregnancy Post

Mary Magdalene, Friday January 12, 30 CE

He did it again today but I managed not to scream.  I just lay back while he got to work and took the total of expelled demons to seven, a number which seemed to satisfy him.  112 kata lagi

Mary Magdalene, Thursday January 11, 30 CE

Jesus seemed much more his old self when he returned from his latest tour yesterday, and it was really good to be with him again.  My feelings changed this morning when he insisted on exorcising me again.  46 kata lagi

The True Joys of Being Knocked Up

Like most 30-somethings, I have known quite a few people* who have gotten pregnant over the years. When I was younger, I didn’t want kids, and I wasn’t terribly interested in the details of pregnancy, birth, or raising children. 1.163 kata lagi