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Uphill Battle

Spending most of ANZAC day sitting in a hospital bed connected to an IV drip was not what I had in mind. However it was the most relief I have had from this nausea in the last 2 weeks! 108 kata lagi



They say it’s not what happens to you, but how you deal with it, which to some extent I agree with. That said, some of us are more sensitive than others and it can take us that little bit longer to heal from traumatic events that happen in our lives. 504 kata lagi

Health And Wellbeing

Drinking Ginger Ale Relieved My Pregnancy Morning Sickness

We have had 6 pregnancies, which means a lot of morning sickness! Ginger ale (at least Canada Dry brand) seems to be the drink that’s been helpful to relieve the onslaught of puky feeling throughout the day. 102 kata lagi

Health Care

Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb

It all starts with the morning sickness, the weight gain, the bottomless pit appetite, the swollen ankles, the backache, the heartburn, the tiredness, the insomnia, the countless trips to the loo, the raging hormones and the final cherry on top, the labour pains. 331 kata lagi


And it Begins...

I am lucky enough to have found out that we are expecting again! But unlucky enough to have debilitating morning sickness… An attempt to leave the house results in me being bed-bound for a couple of days. 297 kata lagi


A new kind of morning sickness

When I was younger, it took me a very long time to get used to sleepovers. I wanted so badly to be able to spend the night with my friends, but I felt such an intense disappointment every time that I woke up in a room that wasn’t my own that I was averse to sleepovers in general. 331 kata lagi

Quit my job

I started working again last week because my morning sickness was getting better and I thought I could handle it.  Turns out I was wrong.  Working has been making my morning sickness so much worse.   494 kata lagi

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