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Treating Morning Sickness with Acupuncture

This post is copied from our older, original blog. Original post date 8/2/2011. 

By Marcie Bower, LicAc.

Here at Stepping Stone, we treat a lot of women during pregnancy to help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and make the 9 months as pleasant – and healthy – as possible. 1.135 kata lagi

Chinese Medicine Theory

It's been a while

I typed that and instantly started singing “It’s been a while” by Staind…. thanks, dad, for infiltrating my life with ok rock music growing up. Just writing a pregnancy blog with a pretty un-fitting song in my head now. 1.494 kata lagi

7-8 weeks Sick and Tired

I have picked up the phrase ‘sick and tired’ from my parents and until now I didn’t really appreciate what it meant. Until now. When I feel constantly sick and tired. 676 kata lagi


On the 12th week of pregnancy my true love gave to me....

Happy early birthday to me, I turn 30 tomorrow! Best gift of all, almost being out of our first trimester and a sharp reduction in morning sickness over the past few weeks. 1.648 kata lagi


Pregnancy Early Days - 0-4 weeks

I really want to document this journey and wondered about how to do it at this early phase, when it was just a secret between me and Nick. 699 kata lagi


14 Weeks

Well it is nearly 14 weeks now and I would love to say I feel better but to be honest it is just a mixture of good and bad days. 281 kata lagi


Morning sickness is draining the life out of me

I wish I was being dramatic when I made the title of this blog. I’m not. I am drained. Completely. I have zero energy…… and I am depressed. 567 kata lagi