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Morning sickness sucks! 

This week we ticked over 13 weeks pregnant with our newest bundle of joy! While I am beyond excited and truly can’t wait for our addition to join us, I would be lying if I said the last five weeks haven’t been testing. 221 kata lagi

On Letting Go & Embracing the Unexpected

I need to write. There is so much swirling about in my head, but each time I sit down to write, I have only one thought: “I’m so tired.” To which I usually agree with, and think, “Yep….I am tired, maybe I’ll write another time.” Well, those other times aren’t coming and I’m still tired, and still feel the need to write, so I guess I’ll just write tired. 859 kata lagi


Milk is Carla's best friend

So last night I was all nice and comfy in bed. I was crocheting a granny square blanket. I was warm and yep, just very comfortable. 179 kata lagi

Same-sex Parents

I don't want your mints, ginger, or judgement.

I’m starting into the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy.  It’s a time I looked forward to for a few reasons.  One, I had a miscarriage the cycle before this pregnancy early on.   573 kata lagi

Where have you been?

Hmmm… suspicious. For over a year I was rolling along, writing every two to three weeks and then – nothing. Silence.

No, I didn’t travel around the world or get wrapped up in writing an earth-shattering work of literary genius. 394 kata lagi


Really? All day?

What the Fck is Morning Sickness??? can we say ALL DAY SICKNESS!!! Officially 10 weeks pregnant and im pretty sure im DYING! If im not eating, im puking! 105 kata lagi

Guest Blog | Henny's hyperemesis story

Let me begin to say I could easily go through labour ten times over then to endure one day of hyperemesis. I really need to take a deep breath and not succumb to my tears as I have to reopen this file stored far away in my brain. 1.255 kata lagi