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Give me a sign!

I have never had such a desire to feel nauseous. Queasy. Seasick. I want it all! I want to feel so sick that I can not stand on my feet. 60 kata lagi

Morning sickness lasts all day?

Life has been a whirlwind this last while…as usual. The good news is that I have been feeling quite well…until today. Today I felt awful most of the day. 404 kata lagi

Forbidden Fruit

8 months has passed since I last published a post and it’s no coincidence that it was around the time when I discovered that my food-loving household would soon be welcoming a new addition. 584 kata lagi

Food At Home

The Pregnancy Diaries: Part 4 - Pregnant in Venice

I must have been about 6 weeks into my pregnancy when the first symptoms of morning sickness kicked in and I met these with a mixture of welcome relief and regret. 1.020 kata lagi


Dear Diary: My 1st Trimester

Punk Mama Ashley M. has just passed into her second trimester and has shared her first trimester diary with us!  We look forward to future installments from her as her pregnancy progresses and she meets her little one! 1.580 kata lagi


Disabled actor Mat Fraser cast as Richard III in new play - The i newspaper online iNews

An actor born with defects resulting from the drug Thalidomide has been cast as Shakespeare’s loathed and lauded villain Richard III in a new theatre produ… 17 kata lagi


sleep, sleep, Baby!

Wow, so I haven’t posted anything since December, well I guess that makes sence. Since then I have been sick on the evenings and a sleep in bed for 8 not wanting to do anything, no forraging, baking or sewing… Something must be wrong! 607 kata lagi