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So, I am 23 weeks pregnant today and for more than 50% of my pregnancy I have been having complications. I currently have what is called a Subchorionic Hemmhorage. 521 more words



My longest love of my life has betrayed me and it’s beyond devastating.

Food is evil.

It’s just gross. All of it. I’m talking everything I used to call beloved. 516 more words


How To Make It Through A Summertime Pregnancy

Some women consider pregnancy to be a wonderful experience, while others dread it. It all depends on your perspective. But, it is possible to turn a bad experience into a positive one with the right knowledge. 16 more words


Lessons I Learned During My Pregnancies

No. 1A positive pregnancy test does not mean you will bring a baby home.

In early October of 2014, I began feeling off. Not exactly sick, but not all that great either. 535 more words


Stuffed Like Pillows

“Oh, wow!” I whispered, exaggerating the “ow” to show exactly how impressed I was. Brooke held up a knitted baby blanket in the palest pink I’d ever seen. 487 more words

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my 5 pregnancy essentials

Although this is my first, so I don’t have a previous pregnancy to compare to, I am convinced my pregnancy would not have been as bearable or enjoyable without these 5 things. 494 more words

the 'learning to cope' one

Since the start of my rollercoaster of a pregnancy, I have read a lot about its physical symptoms and complications. However, the emotional journey is just as difficult, if not more difficult, than dealing with unrelenting nausea and vomiting – and not many people often talk about it. 1.158 more words

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