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Week 9.

So we are now at 9 weeks pregnant.
The “morning sickness” (all day sickness) has increased by like 3x. I was woken up this morning with my stomach turning and I just tightly shut my eyes and hoped for it to disappear. 538 kata lagi


This weather though.

Good morning! Today I was joyfully surprised to see a bunch of white light coming through the curtains. I rolled over and told my husband “It’s cold today!” and he just gave me a look like “It’s California.” but I don’t care! 434 kata lagi




I guess I should probably introduce myself.

For reasons of the blog I’ll keep my name anonymous but I’m a 24 year old mum to my gorgeous 9 month old baby and I’m currently 12 weeks gone with my 2nd baby. 245 kata lagi


Hey! I am currently 30 weeks pregnant if you have some how come across my blog looking for a young mum that would be me :) I am 18 years old and I am expecting my baby boy on October 25th. 819 kata lagi

First Trimester

During First Trimester



My first trimester definitely had to be the hardest part of my pregnancy. For the first five months I suffered from severe morning sickness, which is also known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. 626 kata lagi


My High-Risk Pregnancy: 1st Trimester Recap

I am now 15 weeks along and in the 2nd trimester (hooray!) of my second pregnancy and first high-risk one. Thus far, I have had a completely different, and rather unpleasant experience than I had with Autumn. 546 kata lagi


Morning sickness: 11 ways to feel better!

Almost 9 out of 10 pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, yet it’s one of the most under treated diagnoses out there. Women chalk it up to “normal changes”, “to be expected”, a “sign that the pregnancy is normal”. 645 kata lagi