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[EVENT REVIEW] Kang Haneul’s 1st Showcase In Singapore – A rising star with triple threat quality!

Triple Threat Kang Haneul!

On 31 October 2015, South Korean rising actor, Kang Ha Neul delightfully greeted both fans and media at Plaza Singapura for his first ever overseas fan event in Asia – Kang Ha Neul’s 1st Showcase in Singapore. 802 kata lagi


Orange Marmalade ~ The End

Hello Dramajjangers

Are you spending your summer time well? It has been a really hot summer in Greece and the heat has made me dysfunctional. All I wanna do is lay on the beach and sleep on the water if that makes any sense. 879 kata lagi


vector toy monstar pack

vector toy monstar pack
Author: easyvectors
License: You can use vector toy monstar pack for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this vector file… 24 kata lagi




將虛擬世界套用在現實環境,擴增實境技術(AUGMENTEF REALITY)也開始逐漸應用到我們日常生活當中。來自以色列的著名拉鍊袋品牌ZIPIT,最近就把該項技術應用在他們設計的生活用品,把以往平平無奇的拉鍊怪獸袋子,變得富有生命力起來!用家只要透過APPLE STORE及GOOGLE PLAY輸入「ZIPIT MONSTAR」,便可下載其專屬程式。在APPS之中,怪獸將會變得人性化,能學習用家的說話,又能跟用家玩遊戲,小朋友也可拍下與怪獸袋子互動時(如為用家唱歌)的影/相片,經由TWITTER、FACEBOOK及訊息分享出去。而在不久將來,ZIPIT更會增加其他互動遊戲(如跟怪獸進行益智的比賽),讓小朋友享受更多的智能體驗。與其只懂把手機/平板給小孩打機睇片做「怪獸」家長,倒不如買個ZIPIT MONSTAR,讓他們獲得更多益智的樂趣吧。產品共有零錢包、筆袋及珍寶袋子3種款式供選購。




Is It Goodbye? (The Prince and the Gangster Part 13)

It is really the end. Kim Nana swears she really gives up now. Loving a prince like Jung Sunwoo is really painful and tiring. And now that Jung Sunwoo finally got his greatest wish to have Min Seyi as his girl, she really has no chance. 1.570 kata lagi

The Prince And The Gangster

Review Film "Monster" (2014)

Judul Film : Monster
Genre : Thriller
Liris : 13 Maret 2014
Pemain : Lee Min-Ki (sebagai Tae-Soo), Kim Go-Eun (sebagai Bok Soon), Kim Roe-Ha sebagai Ik-Sang, Bu-Seon (sebagai Kyoung Ja), dsb. 333 kata lagi


Drama Picks [2013]

In no particular order:

Reply 1994 I’m in the minority when I say that I enjoyed this drama more than it’s predecessor 1997. I felt that it was much more heartfelt with all of it’s characters by making me laugh and cry every episode. 675 kata lagi