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K-Drama Reaction: Temperature of Love | Episodes 3-4

One thing that gives me serious trust issues is the fact that when I get too much happy it’s like the universe is conniving with unknown forces to make something bad happen. 751 kata lagi

K-Drama Reactions

'I Choose To Love You', Lagu Korea Lama yang Masih Populer

Ada sebuah lagu Korea lama atau evergreen song yang hingga kini masih populer dan sering dinyanyikan, bahkan di-cover dalam beberapa drama Korea. Lagu ini dibawakan oleh grup lawas  395 kata lagi


Monstar Korean Drama Review

Monstar tells the story of a singer in a popular boy band who has to go to high school to clean up his image. He gets involved with an odd transfer student who is talented in music, 834 kata lagi


Korean Drama Update for February 2017

The year is continuing to go well with February delivering another great batch of dramas. I really enjoyed most of them, and a couple of the love stories just really hit the right spot.   957 kata lagi