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Sunwoo's Heart (The Prince and the Gangster Part 11)

Nana managed to hide her tears until she entered a private room in their once room salon that is now converted to a noraebang house. She wanted to sing and drown her heart with alcohol so she might be numb of the pain she was feeling right now. 1.420 more words

The Prince And The Gangster

Capture That Moment (Part. 2)


So I realize that I like my men angsty and in need of catharsis. Just putting it out there….

Not that I don’t like them full of joy, but I guess the angsty scenes just hit me harder, I suppose. 893 more words

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Drama 101

Drama 101 – Ressaca

  Com intuito de diversificar o conteúdo, resolvi fazer uma seção especializada em ajudar qualquer pessoa que ainda tem dificuldades em escolher dramas, e também comentar outros aspectos dos dramas e seus criadores. 969 more words

Drama 101