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Monstar vs. UNI5 - Vpop Rookie groups debut at same time. Who's better? Who's your favorite?

V-pop listeners, likers and lovers
These boy groups had debut with their Song + M/V at the same time.
The music videos are different but great with a lot of ideas, colours and stories. 65 kata lagi

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Monstar - #BabyBaby [MV]

OMG! :-D :-D 2016 up to 2017 is the year of V-Pop? :-D :-D
NEW ROOKIE BOYGROUP MONSTAR with M/V Debut #BABYBABY :-D :-D :-D :-D… 16 kata lagi

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Silverhawks - The Origin Story

By Joshie Jaxon

Greetings, geek fans! It’s been a longer hiatus than I planned, but having found my retro toons, new material should be picking up now. 2.575 kata lagi


Perfect Match Chapter 5 [Monstar fanfic]


It was already dark as he peered outside the window next to his seat. Sunwoo wondered if he would have enough courage to come back again tomorrow. 1.827 kata lagi

Jung Sunwoo

Perfect Match Chapter 4 [Monstar fanfic]

4.A chance or luck

It  had been over two weeks since Sunwoo had meet Nana and had gone back to his daily life routines. He was still indecisive whether he wanted to see her again.It felt better to not stir things up that had been hidden beneath their memories. 1.084 kata lagi

Jung Sunwoo