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#574 A Story of Dumb Fate by Daniel Gallik

A Story of Dumb Fate by Daniel Gallik

It is impossible to know what is going on inside of someone else’s head, especially so if that person has some sort of mental disability. 896 kata lagi


A Negro Am I

Many have asked why I consider myself a Negro and not a black man like most everyone else who is of my skin tone. The answer is pretty simple. 176 kata lagi



Recently I bought a digitizer for converting audio tapes into computer files. Digging into the music vaults, I discovered some old recordings of live Sacripolitical performances from sometime in the 1980s. 18 kata lagi

Who is Francis?

Look folks others might find this pope as the best thing since sliced bread, but I conisder the man as nothing.  He is supposed to look like a king, and instead he looks like a man with down syndrome.   26 kata lagi


I went to the movies with my wife the other day to see “Inside Out,” which was really quite good and is recommended. We got there early and were rewarded with rather borish advertisements, many of which, I believe, were brought to us by Coke. 325 kata lagi