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Who is Francis?

Look folks others might find this pope as the best thing since sliced bread, but I conisder the man as nothing.  He is supposed to look like a king, and instead he looks like a man with down syndrome.   26 kata lagi


I went to the movies with my wife the other day to see “Inside Out,” which was really quite good and is recommended. We got there early and were rewarded with rather borish advertisements, many of which, I believe, were brought to us by Coke. 325 kata lagi


Movie Music Mix: 1978

Unsurprisingly, 1978 had some incredible music at the movies. I’ve gradually been gathering the tracks that stick out to me over the last several months, and grooving to them throughout the course of my 1978 watchlist. 458 kata lagi

Top Ten By Year

Commentary On The Analects

Confucius was a brilliant philosopher in ancient China. His works, notably the Analects, survived the book burnings of earlier Chinese histories and have come to form the foundation of Chinese political culture. 347 kata lagi


The Daily Mail response

This being Down syndrome awareness month, I feel I have no choice but to come out of my blog-coma and continue to educate and dispel this… 634 kata lagi


SF's Prince of Junk and his Vanished Domain.

Ace Auto Dismantlers was one of THOSE places. You could walk through the barbwired chain link gate on a desolate and dire looking stretch of  McKinnon St. 913 kata lagi

Burning Man

Lackey's Statement

“There are two of Rus’.

The first one, Kyivan, is rooted in the world, or at the very least the European culture. It recognized ideas of good, honor, freedom, justice just like the entire Western world. 119 kata lagi