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Steven Luatua, the Samoan Power Forward

Steven Luatua is a New Zealand rugby union player. His regular playing position is either as a lock or a loose forward. He plays for the… 312 kata lagi


Layo & Bushwacka! - Love Story

It’s 15 years now since this classic Layo & Bushwacka! track came out.

10 points if you spotted the sample from the Devo track ‘Mongoloid’ 25 kata lagi


WTF Discusses IPR-X on IPR

In a first, Wang Tang-Fu (WTF), a pseudonym of Cyberpig Paulie Frankel, commented on IPR’s December Open Thread about IPR-X and the Andy Jacobs blog.  After linking to some of the articles here and there, he confirms he is the same WTF who was briefly a writer for IPR, until being outed as the Cyberpig by Jed Ziggler.   260 kata lagi

Frozen Siberian Secrets

When you think of Siberia do you think of a Russian gulag or political dissidents exiled to the frozen wastelands of the Siberian tundra? If the word “secrets” crosses your mind it may be from the perspective of the kinds of secrets political prisoners might have. 495 kata lagi