Feeling Content with Today?

At the end of the day are you happy with what you’ve accomplished?

Are you content with today’s choices?

Was there something you wish you could take back? 52 kata lagi


Wasting Time with Nothing to Watch

I really want to build lots of momentum in my life and it starts with how I utlize the time I have available. I want to begin being deliberate with my entertainment; I tend to spend hours just looking for things to watch or watching things which bring me no entertainment value what-so-ever. 67 kata lagi


Building Momentum

Momentum is the quantity of motion of a moving body. Building momentum is when that body’s mass or velocity increases. As an idiom, it means to start out slow and small and gradually pick up speed and size as one works towards a goal.  466 kata lagi


Building The Vision

I need to stop being so lazyy!

I always have the best intentions but then resort to getting nothing done!

Today my focus is drinking lots of water; being happy and mapping out the changes to come. 17 kata lagi



Antitrust from 2001 stars Tim Robbins as a seemingly good guy entrepreneur who turns out to be a control-freak corporate villain. Robbins plays Gary Winston, CEO of a software development corporation NURV (an acronym for ‘Never Underestimate Radical Vision’). 1.282 kata lagi

This week we are mostly...

5. Loving Stephen Hawkings…

who spoke out on the NHS this week, warning us we are moving towards an American insurance system.

“The crisis in the NHS has been caused by political decisions…The political decisions include underfunding and cuts, privatising services, the public sector pay cap, the new contract imposed on the junior doctors and removal of the student nurses’ bursary.”

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Working with different Market Regimes Part II

Based on a refined, trustworthy investment philosophy, I return to the practical implementation of our key question:

How is successfully adapting an asset allocation to market conditions possible and can it yield higher risk- adjusted returns than a static portfolio? 2.538 kata lagi

Investment Strategies