Being Stuck, and Freeing Yourself

The process of spiritual awakening is cyclical. In the broadest sense, these cycles can be said to consist of two states – expansion and contraction. During the expansive phases, our energy surges forward, steadily eroding (or sometimes simply smashing to bits in an instant) whatever barriers (internal or external) were blocking our way to the next level of awareness, understanding and alignment. 1.389 kata lagi


Progressive Alliance? Women must take the lead

Jo Cox – she would have been a major player of the future had her life not been taken from her

Last night I attended a very interesting and thought provoking meeting arranged by Compass on the subject of establishing a ‘Progressive Alliance’. 1.159 kata lagi

Lib Dems

The strange rebirth of the English Left (A New England)

The English Left are back. Woolly liberals are out, Guardian readership has plummeted, moderates are passé and simply out of tune. People are fighting for Labour to be left once more. 38 kata lagi

The Next Logical Step

Recently, it’s become apparent to me how much alike we all are. The fragility of man. Sometimes, despite having a good life, a good career, and a decent-enough income, it all seems too much. 614 kata lagi





This Friday Momentum Thanet is kicking off the local campaign to help re-elect Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party.

Come and along and find out how you can help. 15 kata lagi

Affect #17: Infinite Shelf Space

The roads are narrowing.  I’ve installed shelves along their ways, and they’re taking up space.  Labeled many of them.  Have plans to label more later.  If I can reach them. 147 kata lagi