Jeremy Corbyn & Lutfur Rahman

Tens of thousands of people in Tower Hamlets can resonate with this.

They know how constant fake and unsubstantiated negative stories were run against Lutfur Rahman and his administration right from the word go when he stood up to right-wing political consensus and the establishment – including the Blairites – in Tower Hamlets. 868 kata lagi

Tower Hamlets

Corbyn’s strategy was doomed from the start- Britain doesn’t give a shit, and that’s okay.

Corbyn’s strategy was doomed from the start- Britain doesn’t give a shit, and that’s okay.

From the start of his leadership Jeremy Corbyn set out an ambitious, radical, grassroots plan to reinvigorate politics, to provide ‘real change’, and to get people out on the doorsteps of their communities. 511 kata lagi


Rocket problems (3.2)

  • 3.6) Consider a rocket which loses mass at 15,000 kg/s and has an exhaust velocity of 2500 m/s. Then the thrust is just these multiplied: -37,500,000 Newtons.
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Taylor - Classical Mechanics

"We will challenge the whole political establishment"

“Individual freedom and responsibility, combined with solidarity within a framework of a service-oriented government that respects the rule of law: that is our goal.”

Interview with Ádám Bartha, founding member of Momentum, Hungary’s youngest and hottest political movement aiming to…

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Prepping for a meet

If you keep track of our Instagram page or youtube, you’ll probably be aware that my first meet of 2017 is coming up in 7 weeks. 1.104 kata lagi


The Labour left - which way forward?

By Ed Potts

1. The recent by-elections show that the Corbyn leadership has run out of steam. This need not be permanent, but it is by its nature serious and dangerous. 1.047 kata lagi


If you want to help Corbyn - and Corbyn's Labour - read and share this

This post is based on a series of tweets by a well-known Labour campaigner, who has asked the SKWAWKBOX to help get the word out. This blog is glad to help, as the advice is excellent (and fits perfectly with… 635 kata lagi