Labour Future on its donations and activities

Over the past few days, the SKWAWKBOX has revealed emails sent by private company Labour Future (LF) asking for funds and volunteers – and the unauthorised use by the company of the logos of… 433 kata lagi

Day 30: Problems, Annotating Graphs, & Boiling Ice

AP Physics: Problems

Students worked on some conservation of momentum problems. When students asked for help, I could tell pretty quickly who had sketched interaction diagrams. 157 kata lagi


Too late Chancellor - that ship has sailed!

If I were a cynical editor looking for a story to focus on, I would look no further than speculation on the autumn statement. Yesterday the Telegraph floated a story, purportedly a leak from #10, that the Chancellor was going to rob rich old gits to give youngsters more incentive to save. 1.140 kata lagi


Labour Future responds re fundraising emails and use of logos

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX published confirmation from three of four organisations, whose logos were used on the website of private limited company Labour Future (LF), that those logos had been used without their permission. 584 kata lagi

Day 29: Conservation of Momentum, Annotating Graphs, & Temperature vs. Heat

AP Physics: Conservation of Momentum

We had a board meeting on last week’s conservation of momentum lab. As part of their whiteboards, I asked students to write a… 194 kata lagi



A few years back my family took a trip to Carlsbad Caverns. The President of the United States caught wind that we were going to be there and visited to the same day. 1.168 kata lagi

Chad Spriggs

More organisations: we gave Labour Future no permission for logo use

A short time ago, the SKWAWKBOX published confirmation by Momentum that it had given no permission to Labour Future (LF) to use Momentum’s logo in the ‘Coalitions for Change’ graphic on its website. 333 kata lagi