The See-Saw

I’m back down 2.5 which means I’m basically gaining and losing the same pounds over and over. I gain, I see what needs to change and I change it and I go down and then I think “oh, I’m doing good, come here carbs!” and then up I go again. 97 kata lagi


a memorable moment in my life - The Voyager of the Seas leaving Sydney Harbor

Dear Guys and Girls,

Rory took me to his pub at the Circular Quay, the wharf of Sydney, and look, with these following impressions I was rewarded; I would love to upload the two videos I took but unfortunately the Data-Volume is too big.





So, it’s spring. Which is good. Except I’m in Arizona and we don’t see much difference outside of some flowers and cactus and other plants in bloom. 673 kata lagi


Believe It, You Matter, Part IV: Just Keep Swimming

This OTYCD entry originally posted in December 2017.

Imagine an Olympic-size swimming pool, and imagine you’re the only person in it.

Swim to the pool’s edge. 291 kata lagi

Community Activism

Optimistic Failure

Over the weekend I encountered an interesting article that promoted a museum named Museum of Failure. The featured items are products that major companies attempted to launch but failed due to a lack of interest from consumers. 285 kata lagi

Melissa McCarthy gets criminally dark as Lee Israel in 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' trailer

Though her career as a writer spanned celebrated profiles of Katharine Hepburn and Dorothy Kilgallen to exhaustive biographies about Estée Lauder and Tallulah Bankhead, a search of Lee Israel’s name on Wikipedia produces a succinctly brutal descriptor: “American forger.” 740 kata lagi