Mix and Mash.

Our final video demonstrates some of the basic ballet combinations that can be executed across the floor. These are helpful to dancers because they help the girls piece together units of technique and work on the flow of movement. 342 kata lagi


A Tale Of Two Conferences - The Labour Party in Liverpool

Barely twenty-four hours after Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as Labour’s leader, party general-secretary Iain McNicol – suspected by some Corbynites of attempting to rig the leadership election – took the stage to deliver his annual report to the party conference. 769 kata lagi

Jeremy Corbyn

Celebrating Corbyn's victory

Women for Corbyn celebrating Jeremy Corbyn’s victory at The World Transformed, Black E, Liverpool, Sat 24 Sept


Transforming the world in Liverpool

Just back from Momentum’s The World Transformed. Very exciting being there with hundreds in the hall at Black-E when result of the leadership election was shown live on a big screen. 371 kata lagi


Leaving of Liverpool (thoughts on the Labour Party conference etc.)

I’m not long back from Liverpool where the ‘Axe the Housing Act’ (AtHA) campaign tried to make an impact at Labour Party conference and the parallel ‘World Transformed’ event organised, I think, by Momentum.  1.024 kata lagi


The delightfully chaotic Momentum-organised festival “A World Transformed” continues to be far more interesting than the Labour Party Conference itself. Went to a fascinating meeting the other day where there was huge support for nationalising the big banks. 231 kata lagi