Teh writingz

Between Monday and two minutes ago, I have written over 10k words of my incredibly impulsive and vaguely-original werewolf project. Just gotta do that 8 more times and I’ll have a YA novel. 274 more words


Meet Paul from The Pitch

My publisher, Momentum, asked me to do a Leading Man guest post on Paul from The Pitch for their website.

I think I complained about this job the last time around when I had to write about… 133 more words


Ursäkta röran (eller momentum)

Har inte skrivit på väldigt länge, så vad passar då bättre än att klämma in det precis när jag har tusen andra saker att göra och huvudet fullt av stress? 466 more words

Just Be Careful Out There

I have often said that some of the best information on Seeking Alpha is found in the comment section that follows the articles. Over my years of writing on Seeking Alpha, I have greatly appreciated this growing community filled with readers that have an impressive intellect and strong investment acumen that are willing to share their thoughts and perspectives. 135 more words

Market Outlook

This week's "Check-in"

Ok guys. Time for a check-in I guess.  Todd has been giving me grief for not keeping you all up to date on how he is doing, he feels that I have only been blogging from my own perspective.   831 more words


Procrastinating on my Procrastinating

I’m writing a blog post on procrastination, so naturally, I’m procrastinating and production is painfully slow. But sometimes only momentum will break through this sludgy feeling and it doesn’t even have to be completion of the object of your procrastination, but just anything, to refresh or reboot. 222 more words


Tides of Change

With my bare toes in this fresh water
I can feel the rising global tide

I sometimes sip from this ocean
sometimes bathe
or climb on to a rock and rock myself away… 74 more words