The energy sector has had a good 2018 so far

Here is an example of an energy stock which has bested the market and a lot of its peers: Valero energy $VLO

Write with Momentum, featuring an assist from Dr. John E. Crean, Jr.

(Above image: Late 12-century illustration from the “Lives of St. Cuthbert.”)

Watching a momentum swing is one of the most exciting things we witness in sports. 895 kata lagi


For Zenith: $NOW-Behind the Trade Dissection and Discussion

The set-up behind $NOW was discussed during class just 2 days ago. Luckily, a play appeared the day after.Dissection and discussion will be done later in class as their seatwork for replication and proper setting of expectations on the trade.   16 kata lagi


It’s May, already.

And not only that, its coming towards the end of May.

Can you believe it?

The year is rolling on — faster and faster, I sometimes feel — and Blue Jai’s Word of the Month is MOMENTUM. 261 kata lagi



a breath – before you

speak – words you are not sure about

leap away – land

before they can be stopped

magic momentum – willing

to breathe again


Types of Technical Indicators

I’ve been on a mission this week to better understand the indicators I’ve been experimenting with and am learning about as part of the many training programs I’m currently working through. 128 kata lagi


For Discussion Purposes w/ Batch Zenith

Looked for actual trades to discuss in class. This was not my forte set up but the $X trade below shows a good story that if you understand and use combinations of ZFT tools properly, you may earn even in this kind of market. 64 kata lagi