The Field - by Lynne McTaggert

The tag line “The Quest for The Secret Force of the Universe” says it all.

Some have called it the Causal plane, the Monadic plane, Adi, or Buddhic Plane,  but Lynne discusses it as The Field, from the quantum physicists Zero Point Field. 310 kata lagi

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Feynman Lectures Chapter 10

10. Conservation of Momentum

Feynman Chapter 10

This chapter introduces the important idea of testing for conservation: find the rate of change w.r.t time, and this should be zero. 21 kata lagi



I spent some time reading the first posts of my blog tonight, because I knew it would be written in a different voice, and mostly certainly it was. 275 kata lagi

Honorable Mention:

                     ” … The Dream Shall Never Die … “

Valentine's Day Gifts for Runners | Five on Friday

If you are me, chocolate tastes WAY too good and gives me a tummy ache! For “chocolate holidays,” I would much rather get a new piece of pink or red running gear! 500 kata lagi


Enchant your Everyday:  Grace

Grace was my “word” of the year for 2015′ and boy did I need it. Grace has many aspects.

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Enchant Your Everyday