LifePlan Released my Brake Pedal

Life is like riding a bike. 

As I helped my three-year-old ride his bike today, he struggled with understanding how to pedal. He couldn’t figure out how to release the brakes and gain momentum. 254 kata lagi

Continued Growth

comfort, comfort.. why do you run for it?

Sometimes, in order to find balance in comfort, it is important first to face discomfort. Instead of running towards the familiar, test your boundaries. Embrace your pain, your discomfort. 116 kata lagi

Recap the sunny days spent bagging tricks at week one of Momentum

It was blue skies and sunshine for week one at Momentum; the park was in pristine condition and the jumps were on point. TJ Schiller, Matt Margetts and Corey Vanular coached campers on the rails and bag jumps, while also getting some sick footage of their own. 12 kata lagi

Market recap 24/06/15

Today the market continued its character of low volume and volatility. At the open the market defined a small 3 point range that was not broken until about 11pm. 346 kata lagi


Market recap 23/06/15 Emotional trading

Today the market once again started with low volume and volatility. Trade 1 was a bit aggressive because the trade did not have much momentum supporting it and also I was trading the open which normally produces a volume spike that is sometimes unpredictable. 369 kata lagi


Long Put

The investor buys a put contract that is compatible with the expected timing and size of a downturn. Although a put usually doesn’t appreciate $1 for every $1 that the stock declines, the percentage gains can be significant. 1.167 kata lagi

Stock Market Model Street

Mentor Monday

Wow! “Mentor of the Week” TWO weeks in a row. Keep up the momentum Jay, and you are well on your way to be one of the next Managing Partners! 53 kata lagi