From the left wing? Momentum and McDonnell launch football initiative before Euro 2016

A new chapter is being written in the long history of sport and left-wing politics with the launch of Momentum Football.

The Corbynista pressure group has teamed up with John McDonnell and Philosophy Football to launch a series of discussions in time for Euro 2016. 310 kata lagi

Jeremy Corbyn

WISH LIST release day present: listen to the playlist

It’s release day! I’m really excited to share the last story in my City Love series, Wish List, with you.

And as a bit of a release day present, here’s the playlist I developed while writing the book. 225 kata lagi



Tonight I made a Hamburger Helper for dinner. At 21, I didn’t picture myself here, feeding my culinary trained husband a Hamburger Helper. Things have gotten that out of control. 442 kata lagi

Grad School

This post contains a curse word

If you’ve found this post because you’re a kid who loved Horizon Alpha, fair warning to you.  This post contains a curse word.

Not a little one.  700 kata lagi

Law of State Transference

I wipe away the sweat off my face and head to the changing room. It is now 15 minutes before 9pm and everyone in the academy announces their departure. 361 kata lagi

The Limits of Hierarchy: Brittle Systems

I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks exploring the space of ‘Black Swan’ events and the limits of hierarchy. At the heart of the framework are a series of counterpoint notions: … 1.843 kata lagi