Believe It, You Matter, Part IV: Just Keep Swimming

Imagine an Olympic-size swimming pool, and imagine you’re the only person in it.

Swim to the pool’s edge. Start doing laps around the pool by following the edge. 240 kata lagi

Community Activism

Egy nagy Puzsérság

Felkérést kaptam, hogy szólaljak fel a mai, Jobbik mellett zajló tüntetésen. Az alábbi beszédet mondtam el:

„Jó estét! Ránézek ennek a tüntetésnek a résztvevőire, és az a vicc jut eszembe, amiben összeáll a skinhead, a cigány meg a rabbi, hogy megmentsék a jogállamot. 878 kata lagi


A New Venture

I am creating a new habit. Micro-habit to be specific. I have always loved to write and it moves through me in waves. Now I am committed to writing at least a few lines of text every day. 59 kata lagi


I have mentioned the word momentum in some of my blogs, but I really want to impress upon you how important momentum is. Have you ever had a great idea that just gave you goose bumps all over your entire body, only to lose the feeling after putting doubt on your path? 1.680 kata lagi


Fidesz can cross the red line, from where there's no return

At least this what Andras Schiffer thinks, the lawyer who used to be the co-chair and group leader of green opposition LMP. In his op-ed released on Hungary’s most read new site he wrote: Fidesz is using the State Audit Office against the strongest opposition party, Jobbik.  255 kata lagi

Social Housing Not Social Cleansing: Fighting The Haringey Development Vehicle

Haringey has become the focus of national media attention as local issues have led to a push for more democratically representative candidates in its local Labour Party.  985 kata lagi

Current Affairs