Action-Thriller "Momentum" Receives Release Date

Shortly after being acquired by Starz out of Fantasia 2015, Stephen S. Campanelli’s action-thriller Momentum has received an official release date for later this year, which is sure to please fans of intense, heist-based adventure flicks. 100 kata lagi


On the possibilities of the EM Drive

In this post, I look to share my thoughts on the theoretical possibility of the EM drive. If possible, it seems to me that the correct answer will only be described with Quantum Field Theory, and is inherently a non-classical process. 1.752 kata lagi

10 cool Safari extensions to supercharge your productivity

”Extensions are a fantastic way to bring new features to Safari and enhance your web browser,” Derek Erwin writes for Intego.

“You can customize your browsing experience by adding new extensions, many of which can help you stay productive this school year,” Erwin writes. 62 kata lagi


The right Direction

I wish weight loss was that easy. Maybe it’s because I have severe hypothyroidism, or maybe it’s because of the over 20 years of eating disorders messing with my metabolism, but it’s easy for me to gain weight and super difficult for me to lose anything. 47 kata lagi

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm