#SaveJez: Get Behind the Leader!

Guido is very alarmed that senior Labour MPs are now openly calling for Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation, including ex-minister John Spellar. Speaking to Radio 5 Live… 153 kata lagi

Guido Fawkes

Best Foot Forward


If your get up and go has got up and gone

Don’t dwell forever on whatever went on

Live for the moment, spend every minute… 92 kata lagi

Marcia J Kenyon

Is there a way forward:

Momentum has been started by the Vote for Corbyn  campaigners off the back of the momentum from his Leadership victory.

Momentum groups are popping up all over the country and I have been part of  starting up the Leicester and Shire group. 353 kata lagi



Momentum has come to Thanet.

At a packed meeting in Ramsgate last night, the new Momentum Thanet group was formed.

The group is dedicated to campaigning for the ideas and policies of the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. 146 kata lagi

Release Day- The Elf King's Lady

Today sees the release of my fourth book, The Elf King’s Lady, Wildecoast Saga Book Two. For those who have read The Lord and the Mermaid… 206 kata lagi


Corbyn Supporters Gain Momentum: Now to Reject Austerity and Build the Socialist Movement

Momentum Taking Shape

The development of Momentum has the potential to be an important step in the process of organising Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. This is important for mobilising the swelling support for Corbyn as a means to challenging the ideas of austerity and firmly putting the ideas and policies of Socialism back on the mainstream agenda. 1.179 kata lagi

Socialist Party

Don't be a glass of homogenized milk!

Give to yourself today. Allow 4 minutes to just listen with your heart open.

One of my favorite quotes from the link here – Jim Carrey- The Meaning… 86 kata lagi

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