The Importance of Momentum

About a week ago, I went out to Hongdae with a couple of my guy friends from my neighborhood.  These particular friends of mine aren’t very interested or good at talking to women, so it was mostly a day of us hanging out as guys and having a couple of beers.  720 kata lagi


How To Build Job Search Momentum

Looking for employment is often a frustrating experience. Now I’m pretty sure that comes as no revelation to most readers. While there are still a fortunate minority who find work with a single job application and interview, for the vast majority, it is a time-consuming process of raised expectations and frustrating disappointments. 880 kata lagi

Job Search Advice

Activities for Kids at home: Hand Stands

A few months ago now my little charges conquered hand stands…we had been practicing on the grass for our soft landings before moving onto an exercise to strengthen their little arms and keep their balance. 119 kata lagi


Darkest Oath

Morning, November 2014

She : How can you feed me illusions in my best consciousness..

Reality : I will give you the taste of love…

I spent a lovely day with my beautiful mother, talking and laughing and listening. It was a much needed buffer, when I received word that my only source of income at the moment is on hold. 89 kata lagi

Establishing The Right Momentum...

In the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell refers to what he calls the “Law of the Big Mo.” The necessity of momentum in leadership is critical to success. 161 kata lagi


The End is Near ...

Well, maybe.  But that isn’t the end I was thinking about. As the month of September draws in and the end of the year looms over the horizon,  the end is in sight but the outcome may not yet be decided. 448 kata lagi