Is Momentum the new Militant?

This following piece was written from my experiences doing an independent research project at the People’s History Museum.

I conducted research into the relationship between the Momentum movement in today’s Labour Party (LP) and the Militant organisation in the 1980s. 1.312 kata lagi

These are our homes. 

My mum is in her eighties and she still lives in the home I grew up in. My father spent his final days here and the house holds memories of him. 1.785 kata lagi

Jeremy Corbyn

Get ready for Labour Party conference!

By a 2017 conference delegate

Despite the left-wing surges which began in summer 2015, the 2016 Labour Party conference was the first for many years where things shifted… 521 kata lagi


5 tips on managing your time, and getting more done!

Ever wonder how time just flies by and you feel you haven’t accomplished what you set out to on any given day? Ever wonder how highly successful people manage to make the time to achieve all that they set out to achieve for the day, week, month, or year? 867 kata lagi


Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin

Rinengga suminaring surya dinten fitri cinandra resik ing wardaya,

Katur sugeng manghayubagya Idul Fitri nyuwun angunging samudra pangaksami, ing sedaya kalepatan kula sakluwarga “minal aidinwal faidzin” 63 kata lagi


Motions to Momentum NCG: Young Labour groups, Stop the Purge, Picturehouse strike

Clarion editor Rida Vaquas, who sits on the Momentum National Coordinating Group as a Midlands-Eastern-Western region representative, has submitted the following motions to its meeting on 1 July. 564 kata lagi

Online Content

A Corbynista Writes


I am Corbynite, as you Country Squire readers like to call people like me. I believe in repealing the Trade Union Bill, a £10 minimum wage and a higher rate of income tax for the wealthiest in society. 722 kata lagi