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Blue Dragon Sea Slug

The Blue Dragon Sea Slug is a mollusk. It looks like the three bottom pictures below. These little guys are more dangerous than they look. They eat animals venomous animals that are much bigger than themselves. 118 kata lagi

Marine Animals

Clams, Mussels, and Oysters

Clams hold pearls. Most of them. Actually, few of them. But really, none of them. Oysters make pearls.

Clams are related to mussels and they are all mollusks. 138 kata lagi

Marine Animals

The Rarest Mollusk: an Abalone with No Holes!

Since abalone are defined by their row of respiratory pores on the shell it is of course quite interesting that some individuals have been found that do not have them! 556 kata lagi

Marine Biology


Scientist found → 15 million year old mollusk / snail protein called ECPHORA

Area – calvert cliff, chesapeak bay , @Maryland, @USA


The Hindu

Underwater | Voluta ebraea

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Voluta ebraea

By FernandoBrandao

Source: 500px.com