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How Fake Mollusk Poop Can Save The Environment

Did a clam just excrete some brown particles in your hand? The good news is that it might not be poop. The bad news is that it might be…

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The Shark Eye Sea Snail (Neverita duplicata), 23 May 2014

Neverita duplicata, the Shark eye sea snail
New Smyrna Beach in Volusia county, Florida; 23 May 2014

A voracious consumer of bivalve mollusks, the Shark eye sea snail lives at and just below the high tide line along coastal, sandy beaches. 40 more words


A Sea Slug Story

If you watch science news, or if you happen to have spent a lot of time researching slugs in the last few days like me, you might have noticed a few stories with a titles something like, “Toxic Sea Slugs Invade Argentinian Coastline.” A few days ago I wrote about terrestrial, predatory slugs and how they fit into our understanding of gastropod evolution. 1.474 more words


Testacella, the Shelled, Carnivorous Slugs

Although we like to imagine that slugs are, by and large, peaceful herbivores, the truth is they are highly diverse and occupy a wide range of niches. 1.092 more words

Natural History

Blue Mussel

Mytilus edulis, the Blue Mussel, is a bivalve mollusk popularly prepared as seafood. They anchor themselves to submerged surfaces by secreting an adhesive protein that hardens into tough byssal threads. 15 more words


Littorina littorea, the Common Periwinkle. These coin-sized snails are found all over the Atlantic intertidal, scraping algae from the rocks with their radulas, a tiny comblike organ covered in miniature teeth common to all snails.

Day 156 Que Es Esto #4

¿Que Es Esto?

Jan 10

I found this creature ‘crawling’ under a rock in a tide pool. I remembered it’s name from childhood, but I was completely wrong in my memory about ‘who they were.’ Do you know? 65 more words