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A Parched Mollusk

Today I have the very special opportunity to share a story with you from my best friend. She wrote this up a week or so ago and has such a talent for communicating so I asked if I could post it. 999 kata lagi


GMM: The Monster That Challenged The World (1957)

We wonder how severe AWOL is and Joshua adds some sophistication in our episode for the 1957 film The Monster That Challenged The World. We also wonder if sea slugs are a real thing and Taylor has some thoughts on single motherhood. 71 kata lagi


The Snails that Farm

Us humans really like to talk up our skills at farming. And while it’s true that we have domesticated animals and plants to a degree not seen in other life forms, the act of nurturing and harvesting food is actually not really that special, and is broadly observed throughout the animal kingdom. 825 kata lagi


About The Florida Horse Conch Mollusk and Seashell

The horse conch is the Florida state shell. It is one of the largest shells to be found around the coastline and is the largest snail in North America. 716 kata lagi


The Comb of Pearl (1897) as illustrated by James Carter Beard (USA)

The Comb of Pearl –  from the book The Hall of Shells, written by Mrs. A. S. Hardy (pub. 1897). Illustrated by James Carter Beard (US, 1837-1938). 38 kata lagi

Book Illustration

Il-bebbux żgħir imlembet

Il-bebbux żgħir imlembet

Alfred E Baldacchino

is-Sibt, 12 ta’ Awwissu 2017

Il-bebbuxu li nistgħu nsejħulu l-bebbux żgħir imlembet minħabba l-għamla tiegħu, huwa speċi ta’ mollusk fil-klassi… 808 kata lagi

Alfred E Baldacchino