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During a walk earlier in the morning (a few weeks ago), I came across a snail.

I thought it was a bit odd as there were no other snails around (that I could see), it was on a loose road and I don’t think it had rained through the night. 104 kata lagi


Danilia octaviana

This is Danilia octaviana, a tiny marine gastropod of the family Chilodontidae (the mollusk family Chilontidae—because of a taxonomic mishap, there is apparently a fish family of the same name). 142 kata lagi


Jet lag can be a real bummer. I just got back from a 18-day trip to Thailand, Laos, and Singapore, and right on cue, I’m jet lagged: tired by mid-day, waking up at odd and early hours, hungry at random times. 517 kata lagi



Kat Tai-Dai Mau demonstrates the mollusk pose in feline yoga.

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MOLLUSK - The New SLU "it" Spot

When the SoDo brewpubs Gastropod and Epic Ales announced they were closing in August, the news hit fans hard. But everyone can dry their tears because owners, Cody Morris and Travis Kukull, have a new baby to be proud of.  133 kata lagi