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Rehab for a snail...

I have been requested by friends on Facebook to document the rehabilitation progress of an injured snail that I found yesterday. I named her Apple Sauce Bubble. 430 kata lagi

White against pink

White: a small snail.

Pink: mountain pink, Centaurium beyrichii.

Date: June 25.

Place: Capital of Texas Highway.

If you’re interested in photography as a craft, you’ll find that points 1, 2, and especially 5 and 20 in… 11 kata lagi


Underwater Gems: Fascinating Facts About Pearls

Coolest news story of the month: a¬†fisherman in the Philippines recently revealed that he had been keeping the world’s largest pearl under his bed for the past 10 years. 1.535 kata lagi

Beads & Jewelry-Making

14. Gastropod

Gastropods, or gastropoda, are a large taxonomic class with the Phylum Mollusca. Gastropods include, most commonly, snails and slugs.

Pictured here is a large banana slug from my backyard.



I had a grain of sand caught in my eye. For days it nestled between cornea and eyelid, a microscopic foreigner buried in its viscous confines. 287 kata lagi

Shellfish Stickum Inspires Cal Scientists To Create New Surgical Glue

BERKELEY (KPIX) — Scientists took a close look at how mussels attach themselves to submarine surfaces and came up with a medical breakthrough — a surgical glue that could help the save the lives of some of our most vulnerable patients. 545 kata lagi