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Sea Bunnies

Sea bunnies, the cutest sea animals in the world! They are actually slugs and only live for a few months.

Sea bunnies look like bunnies with no eyes or mouth, covered in dots. 75 kata lagi


Blue Dragon

Do not get fooled by its cuteness, this nudibranch can mess you up:

Even after close inspection it may be hard to determine what on Earth this is, or if it’s even an earthly being for that matter. 354 kata lagi


Alamo, take 2; snails, take 2, except this time there's only one and it's tiny

So here are different takes on two recently treated things. Yesterday’s post about a cottonwood leaf mentioned that alamo is the Spanish word for that kind of tree. 74 kata lagi


Word of the Day: 9/14/15 - 9/18/2015

Good morning and happy Monday. I am feeling refreshed and happy after a long weekend of football, which continues tonight. The NFL season is upon us; another part of what makes fall my favorite time of year. 649 kata lagi

Word Of The Day

“Not on the Trail on the Cabot Trail”

The sun never rises / they say that it is in that corner? /

They say she has been wearing a gauze veil…a girl /

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Blue Dragon Sea Slug

The Blue Dragon Sea Slug is a mollusk. It looks like the three bottom pictures below. These little guys are more dangerous than they look. They eat animals venomous animals that are much bigger than themselves. 118 kata lagi

Marine Animals

Clams, Mussels, and Oysters

Clams hold pearls. Most of them. Actually, few of them. But really, none of them. Oysters make pearls.

Clams are related to mussels and they are all mollusks. 138 kata lagi

Marine Animals