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MOLLUSK - The New SLU "it" Spot

When the SoDo brewpubs Gastropod and Epic Ales announced they were closing in August, the news hit fans hard. But everyone can dry their tears because owners, Cody Morris and Travis Kukull, have a new baby to be proud of.  133 kata lagi


A mollusk on the farm!

I found a snail hiding in the cinder block I was using as a beehive stand:


Cuttlefish are related to octopuses and squid but they are not exactly the same. They are not actually a fish, they are mollusks.

The cuttlefish got its name because when prey gets close, it grasps it, like it’s cuddling it, puts venom in the prey’s mouth and then eats it. 90 kata lagi


To explain the silence...

So… To explain the long absence… Without absinthe or any other kind of alcohol… Gladys and Mavis have recently reconciled their differences… What are were their differences you may ask, well… Let me tell you. 553 kata lagi


Sea Bunnies

Sea bunnies, the cutest sea animals in the world! They are actually slugs and only live for a few months.

Sea bunnies look like bunnies with no eyes or mouth, covered in dots. 75 kata lagi


Blue Dragon

Do not get fooled by its cuteness, this nudibranch can mess you up:

Even after close inspection it may be hard to determine what on Earth this is, or if it’s even an earthly being for that matter. 354 kata lagi


Alamo, take 2; snails, take 2, except this time there's only one and it's tiny

So here are different takes on two recently treated things. Yesterday’s post about a cottonwood leaf mentioned that alamo is the Spanish word for that kind of tree. 74 kata lagi