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I had a grain of sand caught in my eye. For days it nestled between cornea and eyelid, a microscopic foreigner buried in its viscous confines. 287 kata lagi

Shellfish Stickum Inspires Cal Scientists To Create New Surgical Glue

BERKELEY (KPIX) — Scientists took a close look at how mussels attach themselves to submarine surfaces and came up with a medical breakthrough — a surgical glue that could help the save the lives of some of our most vulnerable patients. 545 kata lagi


Dave, The Snail

This is my snail friend, Dave.

I saw him on a walk through the woods.

Against my wishes, he remained in the woods. This was best for Dave’s well-being.

Plants & Animals

Here it comes

I get happier every time the gecko comes

It gets fly-er every once the techno runs

We get higher as the flight returns

And dusty… 239 kata lagi


Land snail ho!

This terrestrial, shell-backed crawler was making its way down one of the unpaved paths of the Ramanessin section of Holmdel Park.

Like a sleek, gray muscle, it pulled itself through the grass & weeds with apparent aplomb.


Snail on a small plant

On the prairie in northeast Austin on April 22nd I noticed this snail that had climbed onto a small plant. The most common land snails here are tiny but this one was larger, maybe 3/4 of an inch (19mm). 30 kata lagi