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An animal I never met before: the Chiton

I learned about a new animal that I had never heard of before this last visit to Costa Rica. It’s called a Chiton, and it is in a class of its own, the Polyplacophora, in the Mollusc phylum. 204 kata lagi


Merry Christmas

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!  I am featuring my Christmas tree again, just in case anyone hasn’t seen it.  Fortunately, I added a lot of new animals like an… 157 kata lagi

Phylum Mollusca Anatomy

Class Bivalve

Class Bivalve

Class Bivalve

Class Polyplacophora-internal

Class Polyplacophora-dorsal

Class Scaphopoda

Class Gastopod


3rd European Workshop on Scaphopod Molluscs

The last workshop was few months ago and we come already closer to the next workshop. The report on the 3rd European workshop on scaphopod molluscs is published in Spirula (journal of the Dutch Malacological Society) this week. 18 kata lagi


The Octopus Genome

This week’s big science news is that researchers have finally sequenced the gene for a cephalopod– the California two-spot octopus, Octopus bimaculoides. Geneticists and molecular biologists from the University of Chicago and Berkley worked together to unravel the entire gene—which turned out to be nearly as large as the human genome and did not contain any mass data duplication (which some vertebrate-centric scientists had thought might account for the size and complexity). 312 kata lagi


Ernst Haeckel - Kunstformen der Natur - 1904

Ernst Haeckel – Kunstformen der Natur – 1904 – Wikimedia

Plate 53 – Prosobranchia

Cropped to 5×7


Octopus rubescens “Pacific Red Octopus” Cephalopoda

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport, OR
June 12, 2015
Robert Niese

The Pacific Northwest inter- and subtidal zones are home to two species of octopus. 116 kata lagi

Pacific Northwest