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Mollusk Analysis

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Make your learning a conversation with others!  You have watched the video on mollusks. You have taken notes from the lecture. And you have dissected both a clam and a squid.  293 more words


Planet's strongest material found:

For many years, spider silk has won the prize for being Earth’s strongest material, but no more. The teeth of the common limpet, a sea snail, beat out the silky stuff, being tougher than kevlar and stronger than spider silk. 139 more words


The Rhombus in Nature

In geometry class back in secondary school, there was one happy day, at least—the day we talked about the rhombus. The rhombus is a parallelogram in which the angles of the opposite sides are equal: diagonals drawn through the center of these angles will intersect each other at right angles in the center of the rhombus (see fig. 347 more words


Ram's horn - a mollusc with the shell on the inside

This is the internal shell of spirula spirula, a cephalopod mollusc, or the ram’s horn squid. The live squid is rarely seen as it lives in the deep ocean; we only see its internal buoyancy organ. 6 more words


Glass Squid

The Cranchiidae are a family of squid commonly known as “glass squid” which live in oceans around the world. The squid are of no interest to commercial fisheries (yet) and a great deal about this family remains completely unknown. 287 more words