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Mantles Most Splendid: Tridacna spp.

The elegant shapes and colorful patterns of shells often define the identity of the molluscs we encounter and gleefully collect.  But what we hold in our hands is a largely inert structure of calcium carbonate, devoid of its occupant, its essence incomplete.   2.193 kata lagi


Species Feature: Coquina Clam

I have an odd ritual when I go to the beach. Once I drop my things, I make a beeline to the surf’s edge and stalk up and down the shoreline, hands on my hips, frowning down at the sand. 547 kata lagi



Aplacophora is a class of small wormlike marine animals.  For a long time they were a mystery to marine biologists: up until 1987 they were classified as sea cucumbers (which are echinoderms).  166 kata lagi


Notes from the Field No. 1: Darwin v. Octopus

Charles Darwin had all the anxieties typical of a recent college graduate:  uncertain of what was to come, depressed by the prospects available in the Real World.   730 kata lagi

Notes From The Field

Daily Cephalopod Dose

My favorite animals on the planet are members of the molluscan class, Cephalopoda. This class includes these magnificent creatures:
octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus.

Why would I love such weird, scary, freaky, alien-like animals? 18 kata lagi


Ancient Octopus Coin

Eretria was an Ionian city-state of ancient Greece.  The Eretrians were located right across a narrow body of water from Athens and they were generally… 183 kata lagi