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Aplacophora is a class of small wormlike marine animals.  For a long time they were a mystery to marine biologists: up until 1987 they were classified as sea cucumbers (which are echinoderms).  166 kata lagi


Notes from the Field No. 1: Darwin v. Octopus

Charles Darwin had all the anxieties typical of a recent college graduate:  uncertain of what was to come, depressed by the prospects available in the Real World.   730 kata lagi

Notes From The Field

Daily Cephalopod Dose

My favorite animals on the planet are members of the molluscan class, Cephalopoda. This class includes these magnificent creatures:
octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus.

Why would I love such weird, scary, freaky, alien-like animals? 18 kata lagi


Ancient Octopus Coin

Eretria was an Ionian city-state of ancient Greece.  The Eretrians were located right across a narrow body of water from Athens and they were generally… 183 kata lagi

You Don’t Have to Flex to Be Strong: An Insight from Feeding in Limpets. By Stephanie Hernandez

Limpets are gastropods that belong to the subclass Patellogastropoda. They seem to look a lot like “true snails”, but they can be distinguished from the subclass Orthogastropoda by differences in gills; they have only one gill (though it is usually bipectinate) in comparison to the standard two. 494 kata lagi


They Don’t All Live in a Pineapple –Intraspecific Diversity in Snails. By Melody Ly

Waking at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to watch cartoons is almost a rite of passage for many youth. One of my favorite weekend routines was watching all the shenanigans that encompassed “Spongebob Squarepants.” Gary, Spongebob’s pet sea snail, would talk in variations of meows, read a library’s worth of books, and even tie shoelaces. 804 kata lagi


A New Species of Octopus?

A quick post today from the bottom of the ocean where this unknown octopus species was just found by an unmanned robot probe. The endearing cephalopod was photographed by Deep Discoverer, a robot submarine which launches from the NOAA Ship “Okeanos Explorer” a federally funded research vessel. 79 kata lagi