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"History as Archaeology"

The Conference on Iroquois Research held their annual meeting last weekend in Albany New York. This conference is an invaluable opportunity for native and non-native scholars, academics, and independent researchers to meet each other and hear presentations on all aspects of Iroquois Studies. 65 kata lagi


2016 National FFA Convention Day 2

Today, Day two of the 2016 National FFA Convention, we started out our day going to Hunters Honey Farm, where we toured the facility learning various things about the process of honey-making, beeswax making, and the various uses and applications of honey bees and there effects on nature and the agricultural industry. 317 kata lagi

The First Exclusive Look at Ted Geoghegan's 'MOHAWK'

Check out your very first exclusive photo that MPI/Dark Sky Films has released for Ted Geoghegan’s upcoming film MOHAWK, which can be seen down below! 112 kata lagi


'Mohawk Girls' set to make Season 4 debut

Mohawk Girls will be making a return for its fourth season on Oct. 25 at 9:30 p.m.

The show focuses on four Mohawk women in their 20s who are experiencing life as a Mohawk in the 21st century while trying to find love. 168 kata lagi


College vs. University

There is always a debate over which post secondary education is best. High school is spent trying to figure out which learning pathway you’re most compatible with – it’s like tinder for your brain. 613 kata lagi


Let's talk The Dear Hunter

So I really need to write about this. Let’s call it a review of the live performance for my favorite band, The Dear Hunter. Genre wise, i never know how to describe this band; not one genre could possibly describe such a masterpiece of a band. 369 kata lagi

SheepCat's Lullaby

“This writing is not in the style of a mellow, soft spoken lullaby”

Some days.. I feel like sporting my mohawk

Back in the day as a teen… 133 kata lagi