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Mohawk w/ Shaved Sides (shingling method)

Soooooooooo, (my favorite word), I kept the promise to myself to start back to producing YouTube videos.  I have procrastinated, found every excuse under the sun to not do it, and I was just plain lazy.   98 kata lagi

Natural Beauty

Funky Chicken

The crested guineafowl, with bright red eyes and the the best feather mohawk I’ve seen, is one funky bird.

A flock of them visited our campsite in Kruger to take dust baths in the fine, dry soil right next to our tent. 42 kata lagi


How True Warriors Die

The man the Black Robes called Frere Eduard suffered his last indignity at the hands of the People of the Flint two sunrises ago, on the Lord’s Day. 2.871 kata lagi


Hair, Part 3


It all began with a tender spot in the back of my head near where I had my hair tied into a bun. I reached my fingers into my hair and gave a little tug at the root. 422 kata lagi

Breast Cancer

Mt. Punk

Up at Mt. Shasta recently I have found my creative faucet is flowing again. I just needed some mountain time. So I leave you with this joke that I was told on a hike. 139 kata lagi

A Story