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Uncomplicated Casualties Heart Bleeds Black Mohawk black tshirt

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5 of 5 stars to 'An echo in the bone' by Diana Gabaldon

What a cliffhanger!

James Fraser knows what the outcome of the American rebellion will be, and yet his knowledge may not be enough to get him and Claire through the raw realities of daily life in a country at war. 263 kata lagi



Hiya Sweets…

Aww.. I’ve missed y’all so very much and I’ve got a lot to tell y’all.

Firstly, a lot has been going on with my hair…ranging from not knowing what to do with it and trying out new techniques.. 267 kata lagi

Nappy Hair Journal

I Had a Dream

…that Ninja from Die Antwoord touched my forehead (like a priest would in one of those things where they touch foreheads and people “faint”) to give me a shave on the left side of my head for a full-on mohawk. 41 kata lagi


Anime Challenge Day 20 - Anime character that gets on your nerves

10 days to go, yayus.

While there is at least one annoying character in every series, there are some that are particularly outstanding. To name some there’s the big boobs bitch from… 269 kata lagi