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Easy MoHawk Hair

Have you seen women with what I like to call the Mohawk hair (long on the top and back and shaved on the sides) and thought that you could/would totally rock that hair?   321 kata lagi


12 April 1941: Malta Swordfish and Destroyers Pursue Axis Convoy

Malta – World War 2. First visit to maltagc70? CLICK HERE

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henh tahnon yah

i am
all     the matriarchs
all the searching,
for our men
who walk
in a good way.

i am becoming    ,     also
the disappointment
of witnessing             another… 20 kata lagi


Cody's hair raising performance on #TheVoice

It was pretty obvious that Cody would go all of the way to the finals on the BBC’s talent show, The Voice… she has a fab singing voice and a unique style, not to mention a connection with her mentor Boy George. 159 kata lagi

Vicki Lord