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Mio Boutique + Zayver Jewels Fashion Show

Met some beautiful people yesterday evening



Kit Thomas Art

Kit Thomas is a Mohawk from Akwesasne, she returned to her home town from Roanoke, Virginia. This is her story. Her biggest challenge was meeting her father for the first time. 1.250 more words


New Swatchbook: Mohawk Skytone

If you’re looking for an official-looking, old-world style paper — for certificates, diplomas, invitations, awards, or other projects — consider Mohawk Skytone.

Skytone is FSC certified, 30% post-consumer waste fiber and made with wind power. 18 more words


Locks for ever? Not Really

Nothing last forever, not even locks! People think that when you decide to wear locks, you’re stuck with them forever, until you decide to shave them all off. 282 more words

Hair Talk

Behind the Scenes

At Marissa Web’s runway show 


Tips: Printing on Uncoated Paper

Ink density is paramount when you’re printing on uncoated paper.

Dot gain is a good thing. Without it nothing looks vibrant.

If you go to press with a set of plates that aren’t adjusted for uncoated paper, your printed results will be like mud. 65 more words