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MODUSeasy - Intro Film

One of my latest Projects: An animated short movie for the software company Comware, introducing their newest member management tool “MODUSeasy”.

Language: German

Jerome Zoller

Melinda Kinneman and Henrik Norlén begin filming season two of Modus

Our ears prick up every time we hear of a new slither of news coming from Scandinavian or the Nordic countries – despite so much more content from the region becoming available in the UK and elsewhere, we’re STILL always up for a bit of Scandi action. 119 kata lagi


In Book Form: Modus

The late Keith Waterhouse, a writer of distinction, used to love the word ‘Serendipity’, which means the art of making happy discoveries by chance. I can’t say it’s happened to me too often, but there was a flutter of it earlier this week. 683 kata lagi

The Goggle-Box

Modus: Simulations (alpha 0.2)

Lupasin itselleni saada Moduksen peliprojektille jatkoa tämän vuoden aikana ja tavallaan ehdin. Siinä on nyt mm. sandbox-moodi testejä varten. Tällä kertaa pelissä itsessään on myös infot kontrolleista. 62 kata lagi



I seem to have a rule that I have to watch any drama that comes along with subtitles. It’s a mixture of pure pretentiousness on my part combined with at least a small amount of logic that if it’s a show that’s good enough to get picked up outside it’s country of origin, it can’t be that bad. 253 kata lagi


Saturday SkandiKrime: Modus episodes 7 & 8

What began promisingly enough three weeks ago came to a horrendously confused and unlamented end last night, full of loose ends, lost ideas and ridiculously disconnected, disjointed events. 1.876 kata lagi

The Goggle-Box