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All About Cable Modems - Xfinity Compatible Modems

There’s plenty of businesses that provide internet connection services using the subscription of your cable. On the other hand, the biggest difficulty related to this is the low speed access to the internet. 283 kata lagi


How To Decide Whether You Need A Router Or Not?

While  Xfinity approved modem is necessary for internet connection, you cannot get it without router at your home. A router can be wired as well as wireless and is commonly seen in all the houses, apartments  and business for transmitting the connection. 780 kata lagi


A Fast Woman

Remember when you got your first computer, how you didn’t want to eat or go to bed at night? It was almost the same sort of infatuation all over again when cable internet first came along. 579 kata lagi


TP-Link m5360 3G router with built-in powerbank

I bought this TP-Link m5360 router yesterday at Sim Lim Square. It cost me about $99. The first thing I did with it was to take it out, power it on and charge my mobile phone, which was down to about 20% in battery power. 322 kata lagi


Changed Provider

The tech arrived an hour ahead of schedule, good thing. I was able to use the old cable that I’d used for my cable modem years ago so there were no new holes in the way. 185 kata lagi


Is Your Router Packed With The Recommended Security Feature?

So, now you have bought Comcast compatible modem, you will need a router that is compatible with the modem and transmits the internet signal at higher speed. 795 kata lagi


Qualcomm fined US$853 million in South Korea for unfair patent licensing

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Qualcomm fined US$853 million in South Korea for unfair patent licensing

Qualcomm, which finds itself embroiled in several antitrust investigations around the world, has been slapped by the biggest fine ever in South Korea due to unfair business practices in patent licensing and modem chip sales.  147 kata lagi