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Online services - a retrospective

Let the 80s and 90s computer nostalgia continue…

Between writing about how I learned to code, and watching the latest season of Halt and Catch Fire… 921 kata lagi


Mother - 42

I’m having an out-of-body experience. I’m looking down at two people who are on their knees beneath a computer desk and trying to find out where 20 metres of optic cable will lead them. 417 kata lagi


Are you Kidding Me...?!???!!

Some guy actually thought there’s a box that gives both Internet and cable…

We have a box that’s software runs off the Internet but there is no box that supplies both Internet and cable TV… 6 kata lagi


Why is there no off button on this modem?!

So today was interesting…

Had a guy call in because he was completely unaware of how modems work. He received a Wireless Gateway and was pissed that it doesn’t have an off button. 245 kata lagi


Cara Menyenjatai Kucing Anda Untuk Membobol Password Wifi Tetangga

Cara Menyenjatai Kucing Anda Untuk Membobol Password Wifi Tetangga

Apa yang Anda harapkan dari kucing Anda untuk datang kembali ke rumah setelah bermain?? Mungkin dengan tikus atau burung dan itu tak satu pun yang bisa Anda gunakan. 9 kata lagi

Medium Modem Weave Webbing - 24

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Get solution for streaming issue on your Netflix

If you’re one of them who are facing the streaming issue in their Netflix, then here we have some easy steps of resolving the problem. Simply follow these appropriate steps, in case you see no changes in the issue, then contact the experts.

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