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Breakfast Burrito with an Iced Coffee

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals…and I never seem to feature it enough on this blog. There are so many different food combinations to make and so many wonderful drinks to go with it. 303 kata lagi

Food And Mocktail

Apple Frizz (no not a typo) | Mocktail Recipe

Yes I am super aware it is only the second weekend in August, and I SWEAR I am not rushing Summer away. I have not had NEARLY enough beach time, VitaD therapy … so no no no, but the title does not deceive.. 260 kata lagi

Zero Alcohol

A refreshing mocktail for Sunday afternoon

Hi Sunflowers!

Today I am sharing a refreshing mocktail recipe for your Sunday afternoon chills. I whipped this up with just 3 ingredients and it tasted delicious – and was so easy to make! 196 kata lagi


Popcorn And Cocktail Pairings

Recently I’ve been inspired by both SkinnyPop popcorn and the lovely weather we’ve been having recently to show you some popcorn and cocktail pairings. These would be perfect for picnics or summer parties. 76 kata lagi

Simple Shortbread with a Minty Green Tea Mocktail

Quick update everyone. I’ve decided to do a series on mocktails for a little while. Let’s see how creative I get with some of these. I’ll also try to recommend which alcoholic beverage to add to each one. 366 kata lagi

Summer Pairing

Watermel-jito |Recipe

I am so excited to share this Mocktail with you. If you have heard of this variation before, just ride the excitement train with me. This is easily my new favorite summer beverage. 128 kata lagi

Zero Alcohol

the Chicken Wings That Can Make You Fly! - Kawi Lounge Sheraton Surabaya

Setelah bulan lalu mencoba We Dare You To Eat Boom Burger, jujur saya ketagihan dengan tantangan dari Sheraton Surabaya untuk mencoba tantangan terbaru We Dare You To Eat… 599 kata lagi