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Sunshine Glory

Sunshine Glory :)

Chill up with this cool mocktail on a hot summer day which requires hardly 4 ingredients and a few minutes… to prepare..  91 kata lagi


Awkward Non-Drinker Moments

“Turns out my mom was right about a lot of stuff”

Oh Keith… Turns out my mum was right about a lot of stuff, too! 558 kata lagi

Thirsty Thursday: Cool as a Cucumber 

Cool as a Cucumber is another mocktail I enjoyed during my cruise. It is a refreshing combination of fresh mint and cucumber with fresh lime and Sprite served over ice. 18 kata lagi


Mocktail Month: Watermelon Coco-Cooler

As mentioned in the Ocsober post, this month some of us are trying to stay off alcohol.  It is difficult.  The weather is HOT! (currently 32c here in Johannesburg).  378 kata lagi


Delicious Geeky & Fun Mocktails

Nobody said mocktails were super serious business, and Mitch Hutts from Critical Hit Cocktails and The Drunken Moogle clearly knows how to have fun with drinks! 37 kata lagi

Mock! Horror! It's time to #GoSober

Pinch, punch, it’s the first of October. And for the team at Macmillan Cancer, that means one thing- campaign time. #GoSober (for October) works on the basis that individuals get sponsored to give up drinking for the month. 396 kata lagi


Thirsty Thursday('coz I'm not in the mood for a throwback 😉): It's So Not a Cosmo!

I have a fondness for mocktails, the non-alcoholic versions of cocktails. They’re made of fruit juices and look like their alcohol versions. With one of these on my hand, I don’t quite look out of place when out with family and friends having the real thing. 105 kata lagi