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Coconut, Kiwi, Mint and Lime Mojito 

Perfect for summery days, the Innocent Coconut Water, best served chilled, is so versatile it makes the perfect base for a cocktail or a mocktail too! 141 kata lagi

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Tip: No Alcohol, No Problem

Alcohol can be a major deterrent to health and fitness. Whether you have decided to cut alcohol out of your diet completely, or to only drink it on special occasions, it’s nice to have a placeholder for that “liquid courage from time to time. 82 kata lagi


Cran Mocktail

Another great recipe from our sister, Theresa!

“I think this might be about 5 calories and is delicious. Great for dieting and detoxing too!”

CRAN CUBES… 62 kata lagi


I've been drinkin, Watermelon

I’m definitely singing Beyoncé today as I literally drink watermelon. My husband went food shopping for me yesterday and he brought home a HUGE watermelon that I have no space for! 366 kata lagi

Friday Cocktail: Summer Shrub

A shrub? Yes. Well, no, not if you’re thinking about the garden variety, but definitely yes if you are thinking about a delicious, summery syrup that will keep in your fridge well into the fall, then the answer is definitely yes. 564 kata lagi


Cheers To A Midday Mocktail

One thing people learn about me really quickly is I am a doer. If I see something I want to try, I do it. That is no different when it comes to cooking food or mixing a fab drink like the one pictured above. 252 kata lagi


Fruit Punch Recipe

This fruit punch recipe is perfect for any occasion! It’s incredibly easy to make, the whole process only takes only few minutes. This version is without alcohol (mocktail), if you wish you can add Rum / Vodka to make a cocktail of the same. 193 kata lagi