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RECIPE: One Ocean Resort & Spa's Non-Alcoholic Azurea Summer Squeeze Cocktail

One Ocean Resort & Spa is a great location for a baby moon- close enough to Atlanta that you don’t have to fly, luxurious accommodations and close to state of the art medical facilities just in case. 76 kata lagi


What Claire Ate: July 8th 2015

Breakfast was coffee.

Lunch/late morning snack was a bowl of mashed potatoes.

I ate some of these cookies from my Graze box.

Supper, if we can call it that, was a bowl of cheap ramen and a slice of cheddar cheese. 98 kata lagi

What Claire Ate

Guava-Coco Mocktails

It’s been a funny old mix of hot, then cool, then humid, in London-town. Definitely an odd start to the school summer holidays. We’re finally done with the merry-go-round that characterises the last weeks of summer term and I’m exhausted! 188 kata lagi

From My Kitchen

Cucumber Salad with Corn, Feta and Herbs

At the height of summer, on long days of working and playing outside, nothing is better than a refreshing garden-fresh salad. The lemon cucumbers that have been ripening back-to-back on our vines are deserving of better than a humble supporting role. 427 kata lagi


Cafe Blue Tomato!

                                                  “A Cafe to Celebrate and Re- Create!”

Cafe Blue Tomato is in the back lane from Pizza Hut outlet. Not visible to the naked eye, but a hidden spot is a place good enough to have a meal and catch up with friends. 158 kata lagi


Drink: 3 Mocktails, 9 Ingredients

I have a rocky relationship with alcohol. I really enjoy drinking: with friends, with colleges, with lovers and on my own. I’m always chasing ‘that time’ where I drank just enough to have a blast or enjoy a nice bottle of wine while still finishing off a short story or two…and although I do experience ‘that time’ frequently enough for my to justify having a drink, I can also find it difficult to say ‘no, thanks’ to the next drink, and the one after that, meaning that often (but not always) I’ll lose nights to drinking. 477 kata lagi


friday at five :: rosé gespritzt

Every day of the week builds itself up to Friday at Five here at Sage Atelier … when we finally have a moment to indulge in a cocktail {or two}. 109 kata lagi