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Mobile Bay forms at the mouth of three rivers, runs north too south. about 30 miles in length and 10 miles wide.  The controlling depth is only 9 feet except in the ship channel which is dredged to around 30 feet to accommodate commercial vessels coming into the port of Mobile.  57 more words

Mobile Alabama

Renovation in Progress

Barton Academy is Alabama’s first public school building and  undergoing much needed renovations. The building is on the list of National Historic Places.

Originally a private school, the building constructed in the 1830’s, became a public school high school in 1852 through 1926. 37 more words


Oldest Oak Tree in the City

This is oldest Live Oak Tree in Mobile, Alabama.

It is approximately 310 years old and considered the oldest living landmark in the city. The tree began life about the same time as the establishment of Mobile by the French in 1702. 52 more words


That Time I Ran My First 10K

Wow—this weekend flew by! At least it was a good one—with perfect, sunny weather and surviving my first 10K. ☺

Early Saturday morning, Mark and Baby M watched me complete my longest run to date (and first competitive run since last April when I was in my first trimester!) downtown in the… 318 more words


Nothing Over 3 Axles

Warning sign for trucks entering urban downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Roads are tight and intersections are even more difficult for trucks.

However, parking is free for cars on this specific road within the limits of the lower sign.


Exciting Announcements

Hey-o, friends.

As the Spring season kicks up, I have to remind myself every day not to check my Facebook for fear of the absolute feels I’ll get from all of the pictures from Florida. 101 more words