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Norman Bugbee

1844                64 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama.                                                                                    1848-1849     53 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama.

Norman Bugbee was recorded in an advertisement in The Weekly Independent (Aberdeen, Mississippi) on August 4, 1849.  219 kata lagi


Alabama Gov. Silent on Rail Funding Match

The efforts to resume Amtrak service between New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama, are awaiting word from Gov. Kay Ivey as to whether she supports those efforts. 153 kata lagi

Other News

General Maury Surrenders District of the Gulf

Confederate Major General Dabney Maury, the Commander of the Confederate District of the Gulf, was running out of options on April 11, 1865. Two of his major forts, Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely, had fallen and were now under Union control. 208 kata lagi

Sandra Merville Hart

Son of Former President Surrenders Confederate Command

Confederate Lieutenant General Richard Taylor, son of President Zachary Taylor and brother-in-law of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, began the war as Colonel of the 9th Louisiana Infantry. 285 kata lagi

Sandra Merville Hart

Alabama Cop RIPS OFF Innocent Black Woman's CLOTHES . . . STRANGLES HER . . . Inside Waffle House!! (VIDEO)

MTO News obtained exclusive footage – and The Waffle House and the Mobile Alabama police department have a LOT of explaining to do. Last night a Black woman was allegedly RACIALLY PROFILED inside of Waffle House . 340 kata lagi

Mobile Moving Ahead With Station Plans

Although it not a certainty that Amtrak service east of New Orleans will be restored, officials in Mobile, Alabama, are pressing ahead with plans to build a new train station. 333 kata lagi


Today We Made A Pilgrimage

Today we made a pilgrimage

Michael Donald was almost a year younger than me

Michael Donald was a few months older than Denise

He lived in Mobile, Alabama… 156 kata lagi