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BABYMETAL is not Just an Ordinary Idol

For those people who never heard of BABYMETAL before, they are an idol-metal trio from Japan, which combines metal music with idol cuteness, turning it into something new and possibly foreign. 909 kata lagi

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Burger Burger: Mac Daddy

Burger Burger

Mall of America 321 South Street Dining

So in showing my girlfriend around Minnesota, I felt it necessary to go to the Mall of America at least once over Winter Break. 160 kata lagi


Tulalip Tribes and State Sign MOA for Child Welfare Cases

MOAs and MOUs are tools many Tribes are using to proactively work with a State to help tribal families remain intact or at least keep tribal children and youth closely connected with their Tribes. 481 kata lagi


Mall Of America Celebrates Minnesota Caregiver Appreciation Day

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – CaregiverStrong is joining the Mall of America to celebrate caregivers across the state of Minnesota.

Jake and Beth Chaya began CaregiverStrong to help connect good caregivers to the people that need them. 71 kata lagi


A Mummified Moa Helps Paleontologists Reconstruct Feeding Behavior

Let’s say you had a mummy of a giant extinct bird—what would you do with it? Marie Attard and co-authors had a brilliant idea. They stuck it in an MRI scanner to get a detailed look at its jaw muscles and reconstruct the way it ate, even though moas have been extinct for 550 years.

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Moe Moe Moa!~

First official art of 2016!!!!

Moa’s currently my favorite of the female cast from Show By Rock! I just finished watching it, finally~ I love her cotton candy hair~ Pyurun~ 32 kata lagi

Anime Style Art

Beer Review: Moa Kiwifruit Cider

This Moa Cider takes on the iconic fruit of New Zealand to make something which is a bit different as far as ciders go. Infused with apples and kiwifruit, you could be forgiven for initially thinking it was another apple cider. 97 kata lagi

Beer Review