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MMR vaccine contains recombinant HUMAN albumin

I know, i know really big words, but lets explain.

The growth medium for rubella is Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) containing recombinant human albumin and neomycin. 74 more words


Child wants no vaccines or vegetables..."let her decide", says the mother.

Parents of an unvaccinated ten year old girl are battling in court over the state of her immunity. The father doesn’t want her to go on vacation to Germany with her mother without first getting the MMR vaccine. 426 more words

Why parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids

Arjun Walia
Sun, 15 Feb 2015 17:53 UTC

More and more parents around the globe are choosing to opt out of vaccinating themselves and their children. 7.414 more words

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Tweets on Wednesday: Favorite Disney Villain?

I’ve always been a big fan of Disney villains. At times, the villains have been cooler than the protagonists. I attribute that to the personalities they get to voice these characters as well as the writing team because they do a phenomenal job with making the bad guys so likeable. 553 more words


Autism Speaks Alters Position On Vaccines

Original post from Disability Scoop

‘………By MICHELLE DIAMENT  February 9, 2015

Amid concerns about measles, the nation’s largest autism advocacy group has updated its stance on vaccines and autism, but remains mum on whether it will fund further studies on the issue. 422 more words


Q: Who exactly is recommending a third MMR dose?

A: Public health authorities near you

During a recent Twitter exchange, Andre Picard, the Globe and Mail’s health columnist, asked me “who exactly is recommending a third MMR dose” after I referred to increasing interest in extra shots. 438 more words