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Tour of Pixar Studios

Keith got the invite to take a tour of the Pixar Studios! What? An amazing trip with friends up to Pixar is capped off with the place to themselves, dinner, and more. 23 kata lagi

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Walt Disney Family Museum Tour

Keith took a road trip up to San Francisco. He spent a few hours at the Walt Disney Family Museum there and got authorization to take his camera in so he could make a video! 13 kata lagi

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Josh and Angie's D23 Expo 2015 Vlog

josh and Angie, unlike Erika and Keith, put all three days of the D23 Expo together into one video. Hopefully they captures some of the fun they had. 18 kata lagi

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Keith's D23 Expo 2015 Haul

Looks like Angie wasn’t the only one that wanted to share all of the great stuff they got at the D23 Expo. Keith not only participated in a panel and meet and greet at the D23 Expo, but got the perks of being VIP and getting nearly every freebie you could get on the Expo floor! 11 kata lagi


Keith's D23 Expo 2015 Vlog (Day 3...and the rest of Day 2)

Looks like we are coming to the end of the vlogs from the Modern Mouse Crew. The first of which is Keith’s vlog. He finished day 2 with his very own panel at the Expo “Debunking Myths, Revealing Secrets” and it was so fun to see live! 29 kata lagi

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Edward Jenner

You will probably be aware of news items surrounding vaccinations – most likely the MMR controversy initiated by Andrew Wakefield in 1998. This issue resurfaced in 2013 when there was a measles outbreak in Wales, after some parents decided not to vaccinate their children. 462 kata lagi

Erika's D23 Expo 2015 Vlog (Day 2)

Erika travels with Steven and Phyllis Herman from Jenny Rae’s channel (YouTube.com/JennyRaeTV) to check out everything at the DisneyBound meetup! Enjoy the great wardrobes! 6 kata lagi

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