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Age of Autism: Group Gives Award to Author They Knew Had Lied in his Book

Minnesota Book Award Goes To Error Laden Entry: With Committee Knowledge

Age of Autism Editor’s Note: You know when an author writes about Thimerosal and MMR in the same sentence that he or she has no grasp whatsoever on the autism/vaccine issue and is merely spouting from other uneducated sources.

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Black Friday Disney Haul

Erika braved the crowds and headed to the Times Square Disney Store. She opted to buy a few things for herself with some terrific sales. Here is what she got! 6 kata lagi


Father loses custody of boys after refusing to stop trying to cure their autism through homeopathy

By Tristan Hopper (The Providence)

An Ontario father has lost custody of his children in part because he refused to stop trying to cure their autism through homeopathy. 670 kata lagi


CFA Digital Listening Set/Scanner: UBCD436PT - The Review

CFA in conjunction with VFBV have started the distribution process of the thousands of digital scanners customized for CFA. They were offered to members at a heavily discounted rate due to the implementation of CFA’s digital radio network. 840 kata lagi


Science of Pixar Exhibit

While traveling in the Boston area, Josh and Angie took some time to check out the new Science of Pixar exhibit at the Museum of Science. 35 kata lagi

Modern Mouse Radio

The 1 year review

Max has just had his one year development review.

He sailed through it with flying colours. His weight is still on the centile it’s been on since birth (take that fat haters) and he’s hitting all the milestones for his age group. 145 kata lagi

1 Year Review