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The Cell Cycle: Mitosis

When you get a wound a scab forms and when it falls off you have new skin where before the wound was open. This occurs through the reproduction of skin cells. 209 kata lagi

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Mitosis Cells

I think this is an interesting sight of mitosis, It is not only  rare and informing but it is also quite odd, I also noticed that although mitosis has many phases (anaphase, etc) It is a very quick process, and I think it is a plant cell because of it’s color (Green) from photosyntesis, but I would have to look that up… 6 kata lagi


Engineering Design: Cell Cycle and Mitosis

As studies show, mitosis is a difficult concept for students to grasp.  It even appears in the NSTA book “Hard to Teach Biology Concepts… 688 kata lagi

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New Paper Published! More data on the global phosphorylation changes during early mitotic exit

Great news, we have another publication. This time its some extra data left over from our large mass spectrometry study we published in August in  130 kata lagi


Holiday Reading (3) – Stopping the Juggernaut

The mutations that drive cancers fall into two major groups: those that reduce or eliminate the activity of affected proteins and those that have the opposite effect and render the protein abnormally active. 1.122 kata lagi

You Don't Got Your Momma's Genes (But You Do Have Her Mitochondria)

Today, class, we gonna learn how the sex works. Not in a porny way. In a sciency way!

So, like a billion million years ago, there were these little cell-ish things that existed on earth when earth was still this kinda weird hot place filled with only the little things that wouldn’t be killed by all the hot-ness. 803 kata lagi

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