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This video was found on the Amoeba Sisters Youtube account. This video gives a detailed and animated description of the process of Mitosis. What I like about this video is that it makes the process relate-able to the life of a student. 36 kata lagi

Life Science

Common Assessment #3

Common Assessment #3 – Link

Tomorrow we’ll be taking the 35 Question Common Assessment for the third quarter. It will cover Unit 7 (Reproduction) & Unit 8 (Genetics). 95 kata lagi

Honors Biology

Strawberry DNA Extraction

Recently we had another lab in our Biology class which was very cool. It was a Strawberry DNA extraction Lab.


This lab was very cool and our teacher decided to postpone the test for it which was great. 161 kata lagi


Mitosis Lab


Recently we have had a lab in our Biology class about Mitosis. Recently we have been talking about Cancer because it is caused when there is no restriction point in the cell cycle. 256 kata lagi


Plant Growth

Hello, Internet! It’s been an awfully long time, hasn’t it? It sure feels like it, to me. I’ve gotten my first physical chemistry and my last biochemistry () under my belt since we met last, and I’m back with a vengeance to take down the last of my undergraduate coursework. 1.635 kata lagi


Mitosis and Meiosis

Mitosis and meiosis are two similar processes that lead to duplication of the genome and multiplication of cells. Mitosis occurs when a somatic cell (non-sex cells, such as epidermal cells, muscle cells, etc.) divides into two new cells. 248 kata lagi