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“If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed.” -Leo Tolstoy

I don’t know if it is true that the doctor who… 217 kata lagi


Using ImageJ to Measure Cell Fluorescence

Image J can be downloaded for free from here .
This guide can also be downloaded as a complete PDF here: Measuring Cell Fluorescence using ImageJ… 445 kata lagi


Firefight by Brandon Sanderson (The Reckoners: Book 2) with Mitosis (Book 1.5)

There’s no spoilers for Firefight, but if you haven’t read Steelheart yet, then you’ll probably want to skip this.

The second book of the Reckoners series takes the action and the plot to another level but it leaves some of the dialogue charm of the first one behind. 514 kata lagi

Science Fiction

Cell Division and Types of Cell Division | Knowledge World

Different types of cell division occur in all the types of organism from unicellular to multi-cellular. Because of a kind of cell division, bodily size of organisms increases and in other type of cell division, reproductive cells are developed and in some other cases organisms multiplies through binary fission. 23 kata lagi


Number Of Chromosomes In Mitosis

Multiple choice questions on the topic ‘The Life Cycle’

The concepts being tested are about Reproduction, Sexual reproduction, reproductory organs, variation of species, gametes, meiosis, mitosis, mutation, fertilization, menses, Binary Fission, Fragmentation, Regeneration, Budding, Spore formation, haploid cell, diploid cells, duplication of chromosomes, pollination, zygote, seed development, embryo, process of birth, etc. 738 kata lagi


Phases of Mitosis

Division of the nucleus of a diploid cell (a cell with 2N chromosomes; 46 or 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes)


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