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"A Night At The Garden": Harrowing Documentary Unearths Footage Of 22,000 Americans Attending A Nazi Rally In NYC In 1939

Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Marshall Curry’s A Night at the Garden captures a forgotten moment in time and a notable omission from the majority of history books, that of a Nazi rally which was held in 1939 at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on the eve of the Second World War and attended by 22,000 US citizens. 54 kata lagi


Roseberry Mule

Last weekend was the official start of the holiday season for Corey and I! We broke in our new Christmas Pj’s, put on some Christmas vinyl, and decorated the apartment/tree. 386 kata lagi

Ex-Loyens & Loeff- en AKD-partner rekent af: ‘Ziek van de zucht naar macht en geld’

The Netherlands: an auto-biography of this Dutch notary telling about perversions and undue lust for wealth leading to unfair behaviour by part of his former colleagues. 8 kata lagi


Heated debate

It was Harl Bronnen who solved the problem. You see Port Naain can occasionally have a trouble with house fires. How they are tackled depends on the area. 1.578 kata lagi

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Things get hot in Port Naain 😱

Miniature "Origami" Robots Are The Future Of Microsurgery

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed miniature origami-inspired bots which are capable of wearing different exoskeletons and folding into a variety of shapes so as to adapt to particular scenarios. 93 kata lagi


Thanksgiving Proclamation

In 1789 George Washigntion issued the first proclamation calling upon the entire United States of America to set aside a Thursday in November to give thanks to God for His many blessings. 546 kata lagi


Plane travel - 1970s - San Francisco

With the holiday season upon us I was remembering past vacations when traveling by air was still somewhat of a novelty and an adventure in itself.  372 kata lagi