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Undernet | random nickname and authentication script

Copy to a text file, rename the file as anyname.mrc and load with mIRC client


on *:connect:{
;If you doubt someone has you in the notify list… 182 kata lagi

Antequeroth Elmstepper

Many years ago I had an amazing time roleplaying on mirc on the #BlkdragonInn channel. I met so many wonderful people and fantastic RPers. I had a great stable of characters – this one was Antequeroth Elmstepper. 16 kata lagi

Dungeons & Dragons


As requested by some twitter buddy get your mirc snapshots and have a quick idea how to use and connect your machine to I.R.C. , the… 81 kata lagi

Rose Colored Radford

In the late nineties, I took a lot of road trips. I mean, a lot of road trips. One was to Radford, Virginia.

I don’t remember it like this photo; I didn’t do anything touristy while I was there at all. 961 kata lagi


The Acid Incident: Setting the Story Straight Pt.3

Long before he was annoying people in Second Life, he was pissing them off on mIRC. I found myself stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place as the owner of #Kansasroom, my friend Kari, was growing ever tiresome of his smart mouth and griefer-like antics with mass bot /joins and /parts. 1.203 kata lagi

The Acid Incident: Setting the Story Straight; Pt.2

 After a whirlwind and two weeks of online flirtationship, I got a phone call. “Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.” I raised my eyebrows, “You’ll what?”  He laughed knowing I was still not convinced. 750 kata lagi

Twitter 35 - MIRC

Appena torno a casa finisco di montare il mio "Combinatore a infrarossi del Michigan”(#MIRC) e con quello ci uccido i nazisti dell'Illinois.

— Claudio CrimiTrigona (@Crimiclaudio) August 1, 2016