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Soon Kadmos

I’ve mentioned the glorious days of the #Blkdragon*inn on mIRC. One of my favourite characters was the half-Xiunlan, half-Aslarian psionic monk fantasy policeman, Soon Kadmos. 54 kata lagi

Dungeons & Dragons

Ferramenta para professores

1-Essa caceta desse teclado nao tem acentos, entao let it go!

Entao, to nesse evento chamado a Ciencia da Inovacao, organizado pela Learning and The Brain.

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Links worth visiting

Over a period of time, one comes across a lot of good info on internet which one thinks would be helpful for him in the long run. 84 kata lagi

It is half past whatever and I am furious...

…I feel as if I would love to throw things.  If I were not a reasonable person, I might haul off and break the few intact cupboard doors which were not broken by the people who lived in this house before us.   963 kata lagi


THROWBACK TODAY (Joseph Teoxon, 2017)

Mababa lang talaga ang pangarap ko dati. All I really wanted was to be an official @Op in an mIRC group so that I would have the power to /kick or /ban anyone that I didn’t fancy in the chatroom. 179 kata lagi


Running Windows Applications in macOS (Sierra 10.12.6) Using Wine (Wine Devel)

I am using a Macbook Pro Retina, Late 2013. I’m installing Wine Devel because I found it to be reliable, and I very rarely update it. 656 kata lagi

Kare Kano (His And Her Circumstances)

What is it?

The 1998 Japanese anime (animated) comedy-romance-drama television show Kare Kano (His And Her Circumstances) that was directed by Hideaki Anno and Kazuya Tsurumaki… 377 kata lagi