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THROWBACK TODAY (Joseph Teoxon, 2017)

Mababa lang talaga ang pangarap ko dati. All I really wanted was to be an official @Op in an mIRC group so that I would have the power to /kick or /ban anyone that I didn’t fancy in the chatroom. 179 kata lagi


Running Windows Applications in macOS (Sierra 10.12.6) Using Wine (Wine Devel)

I am using a Macbook Pro Retina, Late 2013. I’m installing Wine Devel because I found it to be reliable, and I very rarely update it. 656 kata lagi

Kare Kano (His And Her Circumstances)

What is it?

The 1998 Japanese anime (animated) comedy-romance-drama television show Kare Kano (His And Her Circumstances) that was directed by Hideaki Anno and Kazuya Tsurumaki… 377 kata lagi


36 rural Minnesota communities with concerted broadband adoption efforts – thanks to Blandin Foundation

I realized there wasn’t a good list of Blandin Broadband Communities; communities that have received support from Blandin to increase broadband adoption. Support means funding but it also means help getting a group of community leaders together to create and deploy plans that strategically address broadband adoption, broadband access and digital inclusion. 127 kata lagi


Follow The Cat & Kitten

I always wanted to drive to all states in the nation and started planning the trip. The Kitten was 14 and our relationship wasn’t the best.. 367 kata lagi

Follow The Cat

socmed & me


‘Socmed’ or its schema term, Social Media, nowadays becomes part of the way of life and trending and not an exaggeration  if I say, there is someone who depends too much on it for survival. 711 kata lagi