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Rose Colored Radford

In the late nineties, I took a lot of road trips. I mean, a lot of road trips. One was to Radford, Virginia.

I don’t remember it like this photo; I didn’t do anything touristy while I was there at all. 961 kata lagi


The Acid Incident: Setting the Story Straight Pt.3

Long before he was annoying people in Second Life, he was pissing them off on mIRC. I found myself stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place as the owner of #Kansasroom, my friend Kari, was growing ever tiresome of his smart mouth and griefer-like antics with mass bot /joins and /parts. 1.203 kata lagi

The Acid Incident: Setting the Story Straight; Pt.2

 After a whirlwind and two weeks of online flirtationship, I got a phone call. “Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.” I raised my eyebrows, “You’ll what?”  He laughed knowing I was still not convinced. 750 kata lagi

Twitter 35 - MIRC

Appena torno a casa finisco di montare il mio "Combinatore a infrarossi del Michigan”(#MIRC) e con quello ci uccido i nazisti dell'Illinois.

— Claudio CrimiTrigona (@Crimiclaudio) August 1, 2016


Cara install Unreal IRCD

Sebenarnya cara install / cara membuat UnrealIRCd atau server irc sendiri itu
mudah saja, selama shell kita mendukung untuk mengcompile semua file (source)
unreal itu sendiri. 511 kata lagi


Applikasi mIRC untuk Handphone Berbasis Java

mIRC merupakan perangkat lunak untuk Internet Relay Chat atau chatting secara online yang jalan di atas sistem operasi Windows. mIRC diciptakan tahun 1995 yang telah dibuat oleh Khaled Mardam-Bey, berguna untuk berbincang (chatting) antar sesama pengguna mIRC diseluruh dunia. 138 kata lagi


Asl Pls

(co_office) hi, asl pls

(ce_bosan) 34 f Jkt, u?

(co_office) 29 m Jkt 297 kata lagi

30 Hari Menulis 2016