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menaip dengan mata fokus ke skrin telly, hanya jari-jemari yang menari


Kadang-kadang gua sendiri rasa gua pelik. Ada benda yang akan buat gua rasa jengkel tanpa sebab musabab yang kukuh. Kalau ikut trend hari ni, orang akan claim tebiat tu sebagai Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 417 more words

Buta IT

iRCN for mIRC

About a year back I wanted to use a dark theme for my mirc chat program.  So I did a little research to do this.  And I found an application called ircn.  207 more words

Quik Tip

Internet antes de Google

Mi navegador preferido es Google Chrome. Mi gestor de correo es Gmail. Guardo la mayoría de mis archivos en Google Drive. El sistema operativo de mi teléfono es Android y mi televisión es un poco más inteligente gracias a Google Chromecast que entre otras cosas, utilizo para ver vídeos de Youtube. 1.099 more words


My 3 most hated IT related movies


First movie on which I saw Angelina Jolie, I loved the many references to the hacking books and social engineering (loved it). But the 3D hacking? 168 more words

Socializarea online

Socializarea online ne ocupă multora cea mai mare parte a timpului, asta ca să nu mai amintesc de faptul că uneori joacă un rol mai important decât socializarea clasică la o cafea, la un suc, bere, film sau ce se mai arată. 288 more words


mIRC, pIRCh, and ICQ: A Nerd is Reborn

Oh, the iconic AOL floppy that came with new computers. My freshman year of high school, that floppy disk and a dial-up connection transported me from a country town in Gravel Road, Missouri to a cafe in Columbus, Ohio, a suburb of Houston, and a house in Amsterdam. 119 more words

Facebook's Good Moves

I was doing my usual morning browsing when I came across an awesome infographic, via Design Taxi describing the war between Facebook and Google. It seems like the online is a market with two major players. 309 more words