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Social Media Purge: How & Why I Made the Cut.

I’m a millennial so of course I’m attached to social media quite often throughout my week. It’s often a huge part of our lives that we just can’t possibly explain to our baby boomin’ elders. 415 kata lagi

Simple tasks to make to-do lists shorter

When we go through hard days, or weeks, or even months (okay, maybe not months), it’s easy to let the little things slip through the cracks.   811 kata lagi


Day 16- No complaint Day

Hey guys, sorry that I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been pretty busy with school and volunteer stuff. But anyway let’s get to it!

Day 16 was no complaint day, and let me tell you that I think I failed this one. 71 kata lagi


Day 15- Practice Gratitude

Day 15 got me feeling some type of way. I reminded myself to be thankful for everything that I have and to the people around me. 67 kata lagi


Day 14- Practice Single Tasking

Day 14 of the 30-day minimalism challenge gave me a headache. The challenge required me to practice since tasking, and if you didn’t know already, I love multi tasking. 68 kata lagi


Minimize Signs of Aging with PRP Micro Needling - Orlando FL - SpaBlue

PRP micro-needling is a form of controlled micro-injury to the skin that stimulates your own body to trigger a repair process. A small device covered…

How Acupuncture Is Used to Minimize Chronic Pain in Your Feet and Legs

Many people with chronic pain in their feet or legs find that traditional healthcare treatments are not effective means of relieving their discomfort. Other patients may not be able to handle the side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as the increased risk of bleeding. 99 kata lagi