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Quality over Quantity: Giving up Forever 21

I was online shopping the other day–as I do every day, all the time–and as I was flippantly browsing shoes and jeans and itsy-bitsy-bikinis, I began to recognize that my closet was already bursting at the seams. 416 more words




What is it, why do people do it, and is it right for me?

Many people think of minimalism as owning next to nothing, or nothing at all, and never buying anything. 513 more words

Decluttering My Closet

My closet is the bottomless of abyss, a cavern full of miscellaneous items, gifts bought ahead of time and mountains of clothing that mocks me with the tiny sizes and even more youthful styles worn by my mother’s daughter who was not yet my children’s mother. 589 more words

Frugal Family


Why limit spring cleaning to your closet when you can tidy up your tired old attitude too? I mean, sulking is so last season.

CLEAN OUT YOUR HEART… 298 more words

For The Self

No More Sitting On It

Last week, I wrote about my desire to de-clutter and minimize the stuff I carry in my pockets.

The first step I took was to eliminate keys I don’t need to carry and to consolidate my work and home keys.   637 more words


Lower weight And Last but not least Get The Body You Desire

Minimize weight And Finally Get The Body You Want View Original Blog Post Here: http://forkyourwaytoweightloss.com/lower-weight-and-finally-get-the-body-you-want The safeguard weight reduction is among the most challenging professionals have controling.=============================================== In order to drop weight you require requirement very unbelievably first down your target weight goalObjective After you take down your goal put it someplace like your desk at work, vehicle, fridge door, or calendar so that you are routinely inspired of your goal. 77 more words