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The 8th Minimize Minute

Here’s a new task to help simplify our lives and minimizing our households.

Challenge # 8 – Smart Phone Declutter

Clear out all apps you don’t use and delete or reorganize the ones you want to use less of. 284 kata lagi


Day 74 | Bountiful Binkies

I mustache you a question… do I keep any of these for my boys? My mom saved one paci of mine for me and I now think it is fascinating to see what things were like when I was a tike. 130 kata lagi


Day 73 | Bounce Right Back

Can you even believe how awesome this thing looks?! It has survived THREE KIDS and looks amazing!

This is a premium, Awesome, vibrating music making bouncer that was given to my mother from her friend whose grandson no longer needed it. 190 kata lagi


Day 72 | Dudes' Duds

Two kids. I’m 98% sure that’s all we will be having. But that darned 2% still gets me, so as I’m packing my dudes’ duds that #2 has grown out of, I’m trying to at least part with some of it. 101 kata lagi


Day 71 | A Day Late

A day late and probably $10 short. The time is way off but I can’t remember if I ever set it to the correct time or if it just doesn’t hold time well… 203 kata lagi


Day 70 | I Guessed Wrong

My 1st ate so much food and cereal in general it was ridiculous so I guessed #2 would as well… so in preparation for kiddo #2 eating cereal, I bought a couple canisters – one to go to my parents who watch him during the week and love on him non-stop 😍 and some for our house. 121 kata lagi