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I Want Iron Man and Iron Woman as my BFFs

Believe it or not, when it comes to minimizing stuff in our life, it’s not just our closets and budgets that we need to sort through.   330 kata lagi


Get Rid of it!!! Day 152-160

Lots of stuff! I am so excited to get this stuff out of my house! Plus one big thing…

This desk is going to my sister in-laws house… Declutter baby… Declutter!


closet case :: use it or lose it

When I took the time to really think about how every single item I owned made me feel, I realized that an overflowing wardrobe brought me nothing but stress.

78 kata lagi

Take it easy...

GET RID OF IT!!! DAY 152 & 153

After being so sick with a cold and the mean headache, I took the advice of my loved ones and took it easy. 588 kata lagi


Get Rid of it!!! Day 151

Saying that I’m tired is an understatement. I got up this morning and have been working on the room till literally 10 minutes ago. Problem is… I am not really sleepy, just my body is worn. 388 kata lagi


Time to Minimize

So I’m sitting here, with a wedding every weekend until OCTOBER, and I can’t think of a thing to wear. So, what do I do? Go to google, type in an address to get to more clothes, and look. 1.234 kata lagi


Get Rid of it!!! Day 142-147

Toys, old towels, knick-knacks, shoes and other random things, I’ve been finding an excuse to get rid of things. Today, I say good bye to this hat. 6 kata lagi