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MINIMIZE Your Grocery Budget To MAXIMIZE Your Life!

Pay CLOSE attention to this episode of The Dani Johnson Show, as Dani hands you everything you need to feed your family fulfilling, nutritious meals – on a FRACTION of your current budget!

Intro to Minimalism


    Thank you for joining me on this arduous journey to a minimalistic lifestyle. I imagine that most of you reading this post are either already on your way to or are interested in becoming a minimalist. 654 kata lagi


A Fashion Fix

Until I watched ABCs War On Waste, I hadn’t realised just the extent of waste created by clothing. I had no idea that there were people who actually bought new clothes each week, or wore something only once. 603 kata lagi


Small start sparks major minimizing

My adventures in the life-changing magic began with my sock drawer. But it certainly didn’t end there. That was the start — the first of my KonMari projects named for the Japanese organizing celebrity Marie Kondo. 441 kata lagi

There really is magic in tidying up

Plenty of articles have popped up over the past year or so that were sparked by a home organizing and minimalism trend from Japan. Sometimes there’s a bit of a mistaken image presented — that  Japan is a land of perfect Zen minimalism, and every Japanese home is designed around a single decoration on a single table in the middle of a single room. 502 kata lagi

Adventures in Budgeting Part 1

Over the last few weeks I’ve decided that our little family was going to go on a pretty strict budget. When I first had my surgery I got into a bad habit of seeing something that I wanted and then just buying it. 627 kata lagi

Goodwill. Goodbye

I think that the first step you should try doing is selling your things and stuff. I’ve done the eBay thing and still doing it. Also, with my sneaker collection I used Kixify. 148 kata lagi