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Never anything minimize

Never anything minimize;
The little effort
That you make everyday
Never minimize;
The little achievements
That you make from time to time,
Never minimize;
Coin by coin, 62 kata lagi

Minimize Storm Damage Risk to Your Property with Saskatoon Plumbing

No matter where you live in the world, the risk of flood damage is becoming an increasing problem. Residential areas, which for years have remained flood-free, are suddenly finding themselves underwater, and previously untouched properties are becoming subject to water damage. 87 kata lagi

That Plastic

It’s been on my mind to go on a plastic fast because I’ve (my house) been using it too much. Not credit cards, even though I’m off those. 269 kata lagi

Life Is Learning

Organizing Your Tech

I don’t mean having a special drawer for your gadgets or plastic containers…I’m talking about what’s IN your gadgets.

As minimalists we have very tidy living areas because we don’t have things to cause us clutter. 129 kata lagi


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Living that minimalist life: kindly exchanging my old clothing

A weight has been lifted off my bedroom floor—and consequently my shoulders—and it’s a big deal. I immediately feel lighter and freer and will continue to support the notion that there is indeed a correlation between cluttered space and a cluttered mind. 243 kata lagi