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Day 17 | Broke as a Joke

Do you keep a pile of broken things just waiting to be rehabbed? A mound of once-loved items that are no longer useful due to some broken part in need of repair… sigh. 209 kata lagi


Day 15 | Scary, Isn't It?

Scary, isnt it? I mean, how much crap can I possibly have? Now, I’m all for creating a magical time around holidays like my parents did, but I only have so much room in my house. 78 kata lagi


Evelyn’s Room

Our only child’s room is what is being decluttered this week. She has SO MANY things, that when she’s left in there alone, she trashes it and it’s exhausting to spend so much time cleaning it. 167 kata lagi

Studio/office Declutter

When I say my office/studio became a COMPLETE MESS, it legit became a mess in the office season. With my daughter running wild in there to me just tossing stuff in there until I found a place for it. 199 kata lagi

Day 14 | Un-saving the Food Catcher

Our 2nd child has been eating food for a few months but of course, 2nd child so we do just about everything differently. Good or bad. 113 kata lagi


Day 11 | Duplicates

You know that time you thought you had something but couldn’t find it so you bought another? Then you found the original and were pissed at yourself? 89 kata lagi