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I stopped in front of a nondescript booth, my attention drawn by an old clarinet resting in its frayed case.  A long-put-aside memory from grade school flickered bravely in my head. 231 more words

College Funding Advisors: Tips to Minimize Spending Money for College

This doesn’t mean you have to live on canned food, but you should learn to manage money for college efficiently. Bankrate.com suggests buying old books, for instance; you may also check the Internet for free online copies. 37 more words

The 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

Since 2011, White House Black Shutters has held a decluttering challenge called 40 Bags in 40 Days. I heard about it last year, but never participated. 264 more words


Be A Maximizer In Every Way

Most people, it seems, fall into one of three broad groups when it comes to their level of dedication and initiative, their work ethic, and how much they’re able to accomplish. 779 more words

Better People

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What's your approach to life? Are you a minimizer, maintainer or maximizer? Watch out because your 3S potential can be affected significantly on this.