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Do you feel like planning those supermarket visits?

Grocery shopping a.k.a. visiting the supermarket is one of my most sacred rituals, I just love going to that huge depository of useless consumer products. I must admit that supermarkets have “useless” “consumer” “products” (UCP) for several reasons: 614 kata lagi

Chantal Souaid

Weekly Devotion: Feb. 27, 2017 Good News

It’s refreshing to see news from bloggers and independent journalists available to the public so people know what is really happening in the world — makes life so simpler and safer. 326 kata lagi



Hidup itu pilihan.

Ya..pilihan. Sesederhana saat kita menuju ke mini market setelah letih bermain futsal. Masuk ke dalamnya, mencari minuman yang sekiranya dapat menghilangkan rasa dahaga dan letih kita. 255 kata lagi

Saya Pikirkan

Sozzis: An Indescribable Chicken Sausage

Who does not know this chicken sausage local brand sold at supermarkets? Its colorful packaging and cute pictures successfully grab the attention of children, especially. Besides, its handy sausages consisting of three pieces and ready-to-eat features make it pretty handy as a snack. 162 kata lagi

Gastronomical Adventure


Ramen is the best selling item at the Riker’s Island Jail. 🍜🔫🚔
20 x 17 mm.


Quaker Oats

Seventy-five percent of U.S. households have oatmeal in their cupboard.  Are you one of them?
25 x 13 mm.


Pop Rocks

It’s poppin’, it’s poppin’. 🍬🍭
25 x 21 mm.