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Drama Review - Because It's the First Time (OnStyle, 2015)

Although this is a short series (22 segments squished into 8 50-60min long episodes) it took forever for me to complete watching because it was so much of a slice-of-life coming-of-age story with no central conflict that makes me want to continue watching. 333 kata lagi


Minho SHINee Lakukan Pemotretan untuk Majalah "VOGUE"

Baru-baru ini, Minho SHINee pergi menuju Jerman untuk melakukan pemotretan bersama dengan majalah fashion “VOGUE”. 29 kata lagi

Magazine / Pictorial

Jealous (Part 1)

Tittle: Jealous (Sequel “Sorry”)
Author: Kwon Fanfan
Cast: Minho, Yuri
Genre: Romance
Length: Chaptered
Rate: PG-17
Artwork: Kwon Fanfan
Mickey’s note: Ajuma-ajuma, Kwon Fanfan ajuma buat sequel FF Sorry. 2.670 kata lagi