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For My Grasshopper Shawols - A Few(ish) Things To Get You Started

So you’re new to SHINee, and new to being a Shawol. You might even be new to KPop. Well, in honour of SHINee’s seventh anniversary and inspired by my new friends known on G+ as Julie Bae and Sammi Hamrick, I have complied a list of some things to know that are not readily obvious, but which might be helpful in your journey. 1.707 more words

Playlist of the week #1

So, Im going to be doing a new type of post! Im going to be looking back at my music and seeing what my most played songs are of this week! 463 more words




apareecium // SNSD Yuri and SHINee Minho // Romance-Sad

Langit yang berwarna oranye terlihat seperti tengah terbakar. Kedua mata milik seorang gadis yang baru saja lulus dari sekolahnya tengah menatap langit tersebut. 212 more words


Waiting For Nothing

Author : Laakimxo

Title : Waiting For Nothing

Main Cast :
Bae Suzy
Choi Minho
Krystal Jung

Other cast : Find it by yourself

Genre : Sad… 3.294 more words

FFAK Fanfiction

Mini FF : Lapeeerrrr…

Author : Mr. Jihoon

Cast : SHINee

Genre : Comedy


Usai tampil comeback di salah satu acara live music, kelima member SHINee kembali ke asrama mereka. 1.050 more words

Comedy Somplak

Angelic Remnants


scriptwriter Liana D. S.


EXO’s Suho (Kim Joonmyun)

feat SHINee’s Minho, Red Velvet Irene (Bae Joohyun), and f(x)’s Sulli (Choi Jinri) 3.309 more words