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La Unión, la de Guadalajara

Directito de la planta de Cervecería Minerva en Guadalajara llega esta cerveza que les presentamos hoy, se trata ni más ni menos que la denominada “Unión”, una refrescante Lager de 3.8% ABV, que es la cerveza insignia de la… 289 kata lagi


Athena: Venice

Sarah Jenkins (velvethadrian), 2016.

Marble takes light in such interesting ways. Sometimes a white statue will look yellow, or brown, but occasionally the right lights will pick up some green or even blue on camera.

The Jordan Jacket by Serendipity Studio - aka Bling Denim Jacket!

This month’s project for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network is now live – follow the link to read all about this challenging make!

Sequinned Denim-Style Jacket


Minerva: Uncloaking Pluto's Higher Octave of Cosmic Consciousness

Pluto, the most cryptic of all planets, signals an impenetrable force on the surface level that incessantly functions within the depths of one’s unconsciousness. Simultaneously, its energies govern both one’s undercurrents as well as one’s elevation. 533 kata lagi

Natal Chart

B*witched - Minerva Canna Group

B*witched – Sativa Dominant – Minerva Canna Group – THC 16.93% – CBD .18%

  • Medical – Pain, Stress, Depression
  • Effects – Uplifting, Creative, Engaged
  • Flavors – Earthy, Floral, Piney…
  • 142 kata lagi

James Madison Federalist Papers No. 55: Divine Ideal in American Republicanism

American republicanism as admitting higher qualities in us to which we aspire, i.e., built on spiritual Ideal. Read the Theosophical Principles, archaic Natural Philosophy and the psychology of the Greek Gnosis we have pointed to. 140 kata lagi


Getting stuff done for me.

Today has been super productive! In the evening I opened up my room to anybody who wanted a workspace, and go 0 response, but hey. It worked for me! 726 kata lagi