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My July Minerva Make - Anchor print summer dress

Ahoy there shipmates!  Here’s my latest dress for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network:

Minerva kindly sent me the By Hand London Kim pattern for this dress, but I only used the pattern pieces for the bodice as neither of the skirt options appealed to me.   523 kata lagi


SANTANONI BRIDGE: Swimming Hole Favorites of the Central Adirondacks

ONE DAY I WILL BE THE SUBJECT OF AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDY, this I am certain.But I wonder – when perhaps a century from now, they find the Nikon Coolpix shockproof, waterproof camera that slipped from my hand as I plunged into the outlet between Rich Lake and Lake Harris – will they be concerned about my fate? 413 kata lagi

Mike Kelsey

The Evolution of Short-Short Story #1 (Drafts #2-4)

Draft #1 (if you haven’t read it yet) // From the perspective of Minnie

Draft #2 // 500 words or less // Written from the perspective of Minnie’s husband… 839 kata lagi


Short-Short Story #1, Draft #1 (500 Words or Less)

Minnie thinks outside of the box, up until the moment she hits a wall and realizes she’s stuck inside an even bigger box, which begs the question, … 489 kata lagi


Getting Acquainted with the Gods: The King of the Gods

Welcome to a new series where I get to know the God’s worshipped by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. This is an adventure into mythology and religion by the power of Google. 399 kata lagi


Larentia + Minerva: CJEU issues its decision on the VAT deduction right of active holding companies and VAT grouping rules

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) released yesterday its decision on the joint cases, Beteiligungsgesellschaft Larentia+Minerva GmbH & Co. KG (C-108/14) (Larentia+Minerva) and Marenave Schiffahrts AG (C-109/14) (Marenave). 1.341 kata lagi