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Clinton, Moloch and Minerva

Do you ever come across two things that seem entirely unrelated and yet they are connected by very meaningful material? That’s what I noticed when I came across some rather interesting information on the “politically incorrect” board on 4chan.org. 1.331 kata lagi


My July Minerva Make - Octopus Dress

Hello, I am back with another novelty print dress, hurrah!  I made this dress to go with a necklace I stole from my daughter.  Seriously!  My friend Martha gave some of her old costume jewellery to my daughter for playing and dressing up, and when I saw this necklace I just had to have it for myself!  157 kata lagi


Youngest of the Jahns

Today would have been the 155th anniversary of Gottfried and Sarah (Jahn) Wachter.  They were married in 1861 at Trinity Lutheran Church by Rev. J.P. Beyer.  178 kata lagi

Funky Sleeping Bag (and Hoodie!)

This month’s blog post for Minerva Crafts is two-for-the-price-of-one.

I had just enough left over from making a sleeping bag to make a hoodie for one of The Boys as well. 16 kata lagi


Tales of Ritona

The four tales below in no way represent historically attested, ‘canonical’ mythology of Ritona, which unfortunately does not exist. I offer it to the world as ‘fan fiction’, as it were, concerning a number of deities—notably Ritona and Minerva—who are anything but fictitious. 4.795 kata lagi

Behold Ritona

Here is the image I prepared as a modern interpretation of the ancient goddess Ritona, who is known from Augusta Treverorum (Trier) and other places in Gaul. 876 kata lagi

Minerva: Part I

In a village in Scotland, lived a small family, Mr and Mrs McGonagall, and their son Robert. Robert McGonagall was an upright and honest person. And he was madly in love with Isobel Ross, who lived in the same village. 716 kata lagi