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Upcycled Chair

To see what I did with this old chair, a pot of paint and these colourful fabrics, click on the link below: –

Minerva Crafts Blogger’s Network: Upcycled Chair


Gods and Politics: Civics from the Roman Triads

At this time of the year, I ponder what is citizenship and good government.  At the Ides (13th) of September, an epulum (feast) is given to the Capitoline Triad. 548 kata lagi

My September Minerva Make - The Grainline Linden Sweatshirt

For my Minerva project this month I chose a really quick and easy project and a total wardrobe basic – a sweatshirt!  Not something I really think of as my usual style, but it’s hard to stick to my style of pretty cotton dresses when it starts getting cold, wet and rainy and I want to wear jeans! 89 kata lagi


Minnie Snuggles

Minnie is such a great cuddler. She loves wrapping herself around my head, oftentimes complete with a full tail scarf. Sometimes she’ll even crawl under the covers with me! 11 kata lagi


Stop Taking Pictures of Me Mom

The picture speaks for itself, I think Minnie is fed up with my iPhone being in her face all the time. Can I help that she’s a cat model?


Blanket Burrow

Minnie loves anything remotely cave-like. I’m convinced that in her past life she was a bear because she loves curling up in a dark corner and sleeping for hours. 36 kata lagi


Tottenham Court Road to The British Museum: Athena. Part 1: Chenies Street

Entering Chenies Street from Tottenham Court Road, you might spot the goddess Athena gazing down at you from a window alcove high up in a building on the left. 66 kata lagi