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Introduction to the work, Part 1


Greetings Divine Nation!

Thank you for joining me today at the Metaphysics Lessons website.  

This is PART 1 of a 2 PART INTRODUCTION to the Aquariana Gateway Lessons and the Aquariana Gateway Project (which is still in its seed development stage). 835 kata lagi


Roman Minerva

Although it’s common in popular books on mythology to describe the Roman goddess Minerva as a simple copy of the Greek goddess Athena, Minerva evolved as a native Italian goddess, influenced by the Etruscan Menvra. 1.061 kata lagi


June 13th: Quinquatria

On the thirteenth of June, in ancient Rome there was the celebration of the festival Quinquatrus Minusculae or Minores to honour the goddess Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and the arts. 65 kata lagi

On This Day

10 things you do after getting accepted to an international traveling school...

…when you’re an American. I mean, United State-n. From the United States? You know what I mean. 

  1. Try to stalk your future classmates from the facebook groups, only to be cut short by your inability to read their posts, which are all in a language not English.
  2. 255 kata lagi
General Tomfoolery

Como Minerva Schools entrou na minha vida

Medium: 26 de Janeiro de 2016

Minerva Schools at KGI. Esse é o nome da mais nova e mais inovadora universidade americana, a qual eu tive a… 2.302 kata lagi


Low Key Three Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day Weekend was extremely low key for Nate and me. Normally, I try to go home to the Jersey Shore and celebrate the beginning of the summer, but we have so much going on in the next few weeks, and just didn’t feel up to the stress of driving to NJ. 187 kata lagi

Bookfest 2017 – impresii și imagini (II)

9. La Paralela 45 (ce împarte spaţiul cu Cartea Românească) am văzut încă două volume despre meşteşugul scrisului. Şi aproape toate titlurile lor vechi la 5 lei bucata. 94 kata lagi