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PRIVIRE ÎN VIITOR: Discuție despre științe și astre

O emisiune mai mult decât interesantă, mai mult decât utilă și cu siguranță de calitate superioară! Înregistrarea este din 2 februarie, iar în emisiunea Privire în viitor, difuzată pe 6TV, MINERVA a dezbătut mai multe subiecte pe care orice astrolog începător ar trebuie să le savureze.


1930s sweater completion: post for Galina

First: A note for those who might have gotten a negative impression from my post yesterday. I always forget that people don’t know me in person and so they don’t realize that I tend to just say what I’m thinking with no particularly deep meaning or intent. 2.168 more words


Moralmedisin som gjør deg mer altruistisk gjør deg ikke viljeløs

Moralmedisin bør ikke og vil ikke erstatte menneskers frie vilje. Aksel Braanen Sterri svarer på kritikken av sitt forslag om å ta i bruk moralmedisin. 3.764 more words


The Filming of the PBC

Woah. Something I thought was pretty easy just got a whole lot harder and a tad more interesting :D

Yes, I commented on Sarah’s amazing review of Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast with an idea of creating our own PBC short 2-3 minute film and I have to credit Rose Morningmist with this whole email of her fantastic ideas :P… 1.458 more words

Raindrop's Reveries

225. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, April 13th, 6:00pm
Minerva and Dillon

Dillon: Mom, can Carl come over and play tonight?

Minerva: No, your dad’s coming home tonight.

Dillon: Don’t call him my dad. 98 more words

Short Stories

Dharawal National Park

Just wanted to share a few comments about Dharawal National Park where I spotted that Blue Mountains Tree Frog I talked about in my first post. 302 more words