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Her Majesty | Prologue

Fly with you all,

So the 4th anniversary of Pixie Hollow’s closing has just come and gone. Wow. 4 years. 4 whole years have gone by and here I am, swamped with work, ignoring this community that I’ve been a part of for so many years. 1.432 kata lagi


Casually in Korea

What with all we’re hearing in the news about North Korea and Donald Trump, I figure it’s good to post about the other 99.99% of things going on here in South Korea. 212 kata lagi


Minerva und Ceresa: Schnittgeflüster Herbst/ Winterkollektion für mich

Huhu zusammen!

Dani von Schnittgeflüster hat zum Probenähen für ihre Herbst/ Winterkollektion gerufen und ich habe mich spontan beworben.  Und – welch eine Ehre – ich durfte dabei sein. 304 kata lagi


Vogue 9255!

HI guys, I can’t believe how quick summer went by,I am a bit relieved though as I really don’t like the hot summers we experience here in Athens, Autumn on the other hand is a pure pleasure and I can easily wear all my summer clothes! 125 kata lagi


Tilly and the Buttons duo - Agnes top and Cleo dress

Autumnal greetings to you.  Today I’m showing you a t-shirt I have made for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.  It’s the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top – a really useful pattern for a plain, long sleeved, scoop neck t-shirt.  283 kata lagi


#MGB - Berbeda

Apa yang kalian rasakan ketika kalian merasa berbeda?
Berbeda secara apa ya–aku juga tidak tahu.

Pokoknya, jika kalian merasa berbeda, maka kalian sama sepertiku.

Ya, sejujurnya aku tidak merasa sepenuhnya berbeda, sih. 404 kata lagi


FIXED: Minerva Data Issues

Following the issues at the end of last week, the data in Minerva is now accurate as of Tuesday evening. All module, organisation, user and enrolment data was successfully taken from Banner last night. 67 kata lagi