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My August Minerva Make - The Grainline Scout Tee

This month’s sewing project with supplies from Minerva Crafts is a quick and easy wardrobe staple – the Grainline Scout Tee.  I needed a quick project because the past couple of months have been very busy for me sewing-wise – not that you’d know from my blog as I haven’t even had time to write about it all!   166 kata lagi


Flying Miss Minnie

Minnie really is a great traveler. She’s been great from the get-go; her first experience with us was a two-hour car ride shortly followed by a nine-hour drive up the state. 64 kata lagi


The Hoodie That (Almost) Changed My Mind

It’s finished!

For those of you that would like to see how the dreaded Hoodie turned out, here’s a link to the full blog post: – … 7 kata lagi


Orange Townsmen

The following courtship would be lethal to stray dogs
Though I’ve found a little amount of kindness between her unstable legs
Brain coma of noseline paradrops… 103 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Sandro Botticelli - Pallas and the Centaur

With a stern face the goddess Minerva pulls the centaur by his hair. She has no need of bit or bridle to keep him under control. 108 kata lagi


Swan Hellenic's Minerva - for those with a mind for travel

Swan Hellenic specialise in discovery cruising “for those with a mind to travel” – and emphasise a more academic and more formal approach to cruising. A feature of their itineraries is to schedule more time ashore to discover more. 710 kata lagi