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My July Minerva Make - Anchor print summer dress

Ahoy there shipmates!  Here’s my latest dress for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network:

Minerva kindly sent me the By Hand London Kim pattern for this dress, but I only used the pattern pieces for the bodice as neither of the skirt options appealed to me.   523 kata lagi


SANTANONI BRIDGE: Swimming Hole Favorites of the Central Adirondacks

ONE DAY I WILL BE THE SUBJECT OF AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDY, this I am certain.But I wonder – when perhaps a century from now, they find the Nikon Coolpix shockproof, waterproof camera that slipped from my hand as I plunged into the outlet between Rich Lake and Lake Harris – will they be concerned about my fate? 413 kata lagi

Mike Kelsey

The Evolution of Short-Short Story #1 (Drafts #2-4)

Draft #1 (if you haven’t read it yet) // From the perspective of Minnie

Draft #2 // 500 words or less // Written from the perspective of Minnie’s husband… 839 kata lagi


Short-Short Story #1, Draft #1 (500 Words or Less)

Minnie thinks outside of the box, up until the moment she hits a wall and realizes she’s stuck inside an even bigger box, which begs the question, … 489 kata lagi


Getting Acquainted with the Gods: The King of the Gods

Welcome to a new series where I get to know the God’s worshipped by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. This is an adventure into mythology and religion by the power of Google. 399 kata lagi

A- Levels