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Triple-Layered Linen Dress

This month’s make for the Minerva Crafts Blogger’s Network is an interesting one. I started off with a commercial pattern but had to drastically alter it after I realised that the white fabric revealed my underwear! 13 kata lagi


Planet Minerva

Planet Minerva

Except for Earth and

Uranus (a Greek divinity,

Parenting gods as well),*

We name

Our planets for gods of

Rome, perhaps stabilizing

Legacies… 92 kata lagi

Animagus [Pottermore]

Kılkuyruk, Patiayak ve Çatalak! Animagus olmak konusunda bazı şeyleri biliyoruz peki her şeyi biliyor muyuz? Bu yeni Pottermore çevirimizde J.K. Rowling bizlere Animagus’lar hakkında bilmediğimiz bir çok özelliği açıklıyor! 859 kata lagi


At least it wasn’t death by a thousand cuts, like in Jessica Jones. That seems increasingly painful and escapable. Silence is the one stab that will slice off a major body part that may have otherwise been taken for granted. 389 kata lagi


Firefly: Captain Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat

This month’s Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post is something a little different – not a novelty print dress for myself, but instead a vintage-style western men’s frock coat for my husband, who is off to Comic Con in Manchester this month. 563 kata lagi


Mens Red Shorts & Giveaway Winner!

They’re finished!

Bright red, tailored shorts with so many exquisite little details that make them a joy to look at!

Just one look at the smile on his face tells you how much Mr H-L likes them. 72 kata lagi

Everything Else!

16 mai à Saint-Malo - May 16 in Saint-Malo

Monday May 16 is a holiday in France, Pentecôte (Pentecost). Many businesses are closed today. Interestingly enough some places which are normally closed on Monday are open today. 108 kata lagi