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#229 The Blade Master

What’s your weapon of choice? Don’t miss the look of the day from me! Make sure you grab all the stuff from the different stores and events before it goes to vault or price rise up! 55 kata lagi


左脳ノスタルジア | 灰色Logic

Melonbooks DL

First of all, I’m deeply sorry for posting this really late. Things happened (right, Tumblr? RIGHT?!).

Now… I want to thank Rocka so much. 2.092 kata lagi


Meet Feliz my Ppinkydolls Miko

I really wanted a child like doll about Blythe size to create clothes for. I fell for this sweet little face and then discovered she was the perfect size for my project. 115 kata lagi

Bear Making


This pregnancy was definitely different. I had all the right side effects, and knew that this time my baby would be fine.

During my last two pregnancies I had barely felt anything. 1.256 kata lagi

The Sims 3


Miko are young girls working at Shinto shrines, usually in menial positions selling charms or cleaning the grounds. They are easily recognizable by their white haori jacket, red hakama pants and ribbons in their hair. 72 kata lagi