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Unboxing : Code:Realize ~Future Blessing~ Limited Edition (NA)

I actually had no plans on getting the LE but since my sister wanted this edition, I had no choice but to go with her decision, thus resulting to this unboxing, LOL. 920 kata lagi


Miko - Thần tử


Tên khác: Thần Tử – 神子 – God Childs

CP: Himawari x Tsuhiki/Tsubaki

Thể loại: Hài, Hành động, Trường học, Lãng mạn, Gender Bender, 211 kata lagi


Phoenix Talks: Kpop - Honey Popcorn's Debut MV

So if you missed out I talked about Kpop’s biggest underdog (to say the least) catch yourself up here. This time around much like I did a bit with Sky-hi here, I’m going to take a closer less rose colored lensed view of Honey Popcorn’s Debut MV and their Dance MV. 1.311 kata lagi


Phoenix Talks: Kpop - Honey Popcorn the biggest underdogs in the Industry

Whoa there, you might be wondering, “Phoenix, Honey Popcorn is Kpop. You even labeled it Kpop, why are you talking about it?”. You would not be wrong. 1.317 kata lagi


Furry Friends

In my life, and particularly in my house, I am surrounded by energetic (and somehow also lazy) furry friends. They are some of my favorite “people” to take photos of because they have no idea what a camera is (except for Buster, who thinks I’m trying to steal his soul…) and, therefore, are always willing to show their true natures for me… 29 kata lagi


Devilman Crybaby's Miki Kuroda (Miko) discussion

By now, everyone who has Netflix or likes anime knows about Devilman Crybaby. So I’m not going to talk about it. Instead I’m going to talk about a character that I fell in love with. 579 kata lagi