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"He is Kind of a Unicorn."

I know I post a lot about girls and how we’re manipulated into thinking that we have to look a certain way, but sometimes you forget that there’s an entirely different side to this coin. 576 kata lagi

Body Shaming

Heroes Reborn: Under the Mask Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Another week has gone by, and another episode of Heroes Reborn has aired. In last week’s episode “Under the Mask”, we continue from where we left off in the premiere episode. 1.456 kata lagi


Heroes Reborn: 2-Hour Premiere Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

If you were here for last Wednesday’s blog post, then you know that last Thursday was the premiere of Heroes Reborn. 1.544 kata lagi


Anime California Winner - Best Individual Craftsmanship

Alright!  Been a busy few days.  Zenko entered her Miko costume from No Game No Life in the Anime California Masquerade (costume contest).  She won Best Individual Craftsmanship! 607 kata lagi


525,600 from above

Miko is probably one of my favourite vocalists, and I can’t exactly pinpoint why.
This song deals with separation, where one person is in space, which also explains why time doesn’t move the same for the two (general relativity). 1.094 kata lagi

English Lyric Translations

Cosplay Update - Miko (No Game No Life)

Alright!  Zenko’s 90% done with her Miko cosplay from No Game No Life.  So far, she’s approaching 350 hours spent on this.  The tails are painstakingly made by hand – she had to make the fur.   31 kata lagi