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Bark After Dark!

Katie had to work last night, so Emily and I headed out to the Bark After Dark event at CYO Pizza on our own (with Miko and Sam too!). 264 kata lagi


A Mindful Miko

A Miko (shrine maiden) in Nara Park observes the people around her
Nara, Japan-2015年7月26日


The Furry Members of My Family

My husband brought home a German Shepard puppy the first Christmas we were married. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I came home early from shopping on the 22nd and walked in on a tiny, mostly black puppy with big paws and big ears. 447 kata lagi


Poem on Wattpad: Foregone Task of a Shinto Priestess

I’ve decided to make Wattpad a place to post some old works of mine, in addition to whatever previews and new short stories I can share. 94 kata lagi


Miko adoptado!! Uno de los casos más personales de MascoTomares

Seguro que os acordáis de Miko‚ antes llamado Toby. Se encontraba atado a un árbol a pleno sol sin agua ni comida y con la amenaza de su “dueño” de pegarle un tiro. 110 kata lagi


A worrisome urge...

I need to resist, but the urge to spend is growing.  There’s a doll on Amazon that wants me to buy her.  This is her: 411 kata lagi


(New Album Review) Gurun Gurun- Kon B

Gurun Gurun is a Czech group that has been deeply influenced by the extremely delicate, airy style of electro-acoustic music of Japanese artists like Minamo and Sawako. 196 kata lagi