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Sekirei are 108 beautiful ladies of unknown origin, who together with their Ashikabi, human partners, must battle with one another in order to determine who will ascend and claim the “prize.” What is the larger purpose of this event? 116 more words


A Shinto Wedding at Hie Jinja Shrine, Tokyo

As I exit the station leading out to downtown Akasaka, Tokyo, I am greeted by the warm spring sun and the hustle and bustle of a mid-morning main street – a perfect day for commitment and expressions of love. 2.372 more words


Release: "The Shrine Maiden Next Door" by Mameko

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Tonari no Miko Onee-san (COMIC Anthurium 015)
[まめこ] となりの巫女おねーさん (COMIC アンスリウム 015) [英訳] 12 more words


こころえぐりて | Alternative ending

The lack of scans this time is surely annoying. Out of all the C87 stuff uploaded until now, I don’t have many albums which I want the lyrics, but 黄金の痛み (Kogane no itami) from the Lieblings Tracks album is a top priority (because you know). 507 more words


Hatsumoude blues

While I am very much aghast at the lost-in-translation versions of Christmas, New Year’s day makes up for it in spades. It isn’t Japan trying to assimilate something that is culturally indigestible, it is simply Japan being Japan, and that’s why I like it. 684 more words

This American Life: Japan

291 - Glam Affair – Miko Rainbow @ Creation.jp

Glam Affair released a new collection of 6 new makeups of the Miko skin called “Rainbow” available @ Creation.Jp

Miko Rainbow is available in Artic and Asia tones, makeups come in seven eyebrow colors and a no brow version. 15 more words


Titi Branch, founder of Miss Jessie's natural hair care line, commits suicide

Titi Branch, one  of the co-founders of the successful natural hair care line, Miss Jessie’s, is dead.

According to reports, the 45 year old beauty entrepreneur committed suicide on Dec. 34 more words

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