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A worrisome urge...

I need to resist, but the urge to spend is growing.  There’s a doll on Amazon that wants me to buy her.  This is her: 411 kata lagi


(New Album Review) Gurun Gurun- Kon B

Gurun Gurun is a Czech group that has been deeply influenced by the extremely delicate, airy style of electro-acoustic music of Japanese artists like Minamo and Sawako. 196 kata lagi

My Brazilian adventure

I’ve been to Brazil few years ago. I still keep my memories from Camboinhas. We went to a festival also known as Festa Junina – which is celebrated during the month of June. 52 kata lagi


The Shrine Maiden

I’ve always been interested in Asian lore. Actually, I’ve always been fascinated by any lore or tradition. The roots of said tradition, what legends have spawned from it, what grand characters have used it as a basis for teaching morals and life lessons. 123 kata lagi

Digital Art

Miko Dai – I am loving Miko’s BJ skills! http://bit.ly/1HVEJy2