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Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 106: "Game Over"

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Kind of a pugilistic episode, apparently.
  • Ew. I hope they don’t reuse those restraining devices.
  • Man, Ren is the guy in the coffee shop that sits there all day with one cup of coffee, playing his computer loudly and yelling into his earphones.
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Spoiler Thoughts

Heroes Reborn: "The Lion's Den" Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

In last week’s episode of Heroes Reborn, we discover that the world is in much greater danger than what was advertised. We follow HRG and the gang as they uncover answers about what Renautas is really up to. 1.595 kata lagi


Hey. She's Posted Again...

Today you actually get two posts, because the one I wrote 2 weeks ago was posted as a page and didn’t get publicized. I have reformatted it,¬†and now you can see it. 252 kata lagi


Heroes Reborn: "The Needs of the Many" Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Another episode of Heroes Reborn has come and gone, and another one is only a day away. Last week’s episode, titled “The Needs of the Many,” follows where the previous episode left off. 1.057 kata lagi


"He is Kind of a Unicorn."

I know I post a lot about girls and how we’re manipulated into thinking that we have to look a certain way, but sometimes you forget that there’s an entirely different side to this coin. 576 kata lagi

Body Shaming

Heroes Reborn: "Under the Mask" Recap and Commentary

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Another week has gone by, and another episode of Heroes Reborn has aired. In last week’s episode “Under the Mask”, we continue from where we left off in the premiere episode. 1.456 kata lagi