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the 18th month

tonight i am under a fiery oman sky

where i said i would be found

sand between my toes

and longing in my soul

the mihrab guides me to you

seclusion has deserted me


The Mosque of Cordoba


Photos by Abdulrahman Bader and Massimo Tartaro

As Oleg Grabar puts it, “The Great Mosque of Cordoba is acknowledged as a major masterpiece of Islamic architecture”. 674 kata lagi

Islamic Art

Mosques of Cairo

There weren’t many directions I could face in Cairo without seeing the dome of a mosque arching against the sky or a minaret stretching over the city. 61 kata lagi


A Swedish "Oriental"

Rölakan, titled “Röda porten” (Red Door), by Märta Måås-Fjetterstöm, 1936,

In 1897, a 24-year old Märta Måås-Fjetterstöm, a recent graduate of Stockholm’s School of Industrial Arts, made a life-changing visit to one of the more exciting cultural events of the year: the General Art and Industrial Exhibition of Stockholm, located on the island of Djurgården in the Stockholm harbor. 662 kata lagi

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