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ISLAMIC ART-Expansion to Egypt and North of Africa

Two Mesopotamian monuments from the early days of the Arab conquest clearly show the hesitation between the still Hellenistic and Byzantine styles prevalent on one side of the Euphrates and an style already saturated with the forms of the oriental genius that was predominant in the decoration of the… 1.773 kata lagi

Islamic Art

Feminine Symbols in Islam

Islam and the Divine Feminine? Really? Yes, as improbable as it may seem, really. In our times we have become so accustomed to a male-dominated, authoritarian and repressive interpretation of Islam that has all but eliminated the feminine dimension from our spiritual life causing serious imbalances in our lives, our communities and our world. 1.375 kata lagi


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Mihrab, also known as a prayer niche, is a common element of Islamic Mosque architecture throughout the world.

The mihrab is symbolically cut over the jaali or marble lattice screen in… 239 kata lagi