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Mosques of Cairo

There weren’t many directions I could face in Cairo without seeing the dome of a mosque arching against the sky or a minaret stretching over the city. 61 kata lagi


Classic Córdoba

Córdoba is a beautiful city, marked by different cultures over the years and situated on the River Guadalquivir at a point where it is no longer navigable. 690 kata lagi

Travel And History

Mihrab of Lele sakeena masjid

Assalamu alaikum dear readers,  peace be with you,

Alhamdulillah the sights and history of this land have left me stunned. It has been a life changing ‘rihla’ (=spiritual journey) indeed. 267 kata lagi


Formulaic insiptions: the gravestone of Fudayl ibn Musa, Nishapur, 10th century

Iranian gravestones are something special. Displaying wonderfully carved inscriptions and decoration, they can be read on various levels: decorative, textual and symbolic. In the case of… 525 kata lagi

Reading Inscription

May God give light to him: a tombstone from 10th century Iran

I love tombstones… that’s something creepy and well known: I realised that the majority of inscriptions I publish here are from tombstones, but that’s it. Tombstones are not only beautiful, but also a fertile source of information. 706 kata lagi

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