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Microsoft Word - moving paragraphs and bullet points

When they want to move a paragraph further down in a Word document most people cut and paste. Similarly with bullet points. However, there is another way which doesn’t leave extra spaces between paragraphs or extra bullet points. 98 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word – keeping a phone number all on one line

I was asked at a seminar yesterday how to ensure that a phone number remained on one line whilst working in Microsoft Word. Normally, if I type a phone number such as 0432 117628 it carries on to the next line. 63 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Create Keyboard Shortcut for Change Font in Microsoft Word 2007

  • Click on Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • Then Click on More Commands
  • Then Click on Customize Button
  • After That Click scroll bar and go down and Select Fonts from Categories section.
  • 97 kata lagi
Change Font

Using Option Buttons in Word forms

If you are creating Word forms using the Developer ribbon, it is very straightforward to create checkboxes for respondents to select choices. However, they can select as many checkboxes as they like. 129 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word – grouping shapes and pictures together

If you insert a shape and a picture into a Word document, you may want to group them together for the purpose, for example, of copying and pasting. 150 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Umetanje sličica iz Clip Art-a

Postavimo kursor na mesto gde želimo da uvezemo sliku, izaberemo Insert/Illustrations. Postoje sledeće mogućnosti: Picture – iz datoteke, Clip Art – sličice (crteži), Shapes – ponuđeni okviri koje možemo crtati, … 22 kata lagi

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