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Microsoft Word - moving paragraphs and bullet points

When they want to move a paragraph further down in a Word document most people cut and paste. Similarly with bullet points. However, there is another way which doesn’t leave extra spaces between paragraphs or extra bullet points. 98 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Back to the future, sort of

Microsoft Office Word 3.  Yep, that’s what it’s come to as I write this. 

It started a few weeks ago while we were vacationing with family on a mountain in Utah ten thousand feet up, give or take a football field.  457 kata lagi

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Microsoft Word – keeping a phone number all on one line

I was asked at a seminar yesterday how to ensure that a phone number remained on one line whilst working in Microsoft Word. Normally, if I type a phone number such as 0432 117628 it carries on to the next line. 63 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word – adding dummy text

If you are creating a mock-up of a newsletter or brochure in Microsoft Word, you may want to insert some dummy text to see how the text will fit into the layout, and also show the font and size to be used in the final document. 238 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Updating fields in Microsoft Word headers and footers

When you select the whole document in Microsoft Word and press F9 to update fields, it does not update the fields within headers and footers. The quickest way to update fields in headers and footers is to go to… 49 kata lagi

Microsoft Word

Fingers of desperation: The fateful Day

When using Microsoft Word 2003 it can get frustrating at times when your computer just does not want to do what you tell it to. What this Blogger found the most frustrating when using MS Word 2003 was at times, when wanting to edit a sentence, that what was already written, it somehow disappeared miraculously as he typed in more words in the middle of the sentence he had just written. 177 kata lagi

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