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"My Computer on Windows 8.1"

It took me ages to find ‘My Computer’ on Windows 8.1 SO I made a video to show you!


"Defragment Windows 8.1"

Do you need your computer to run faster, but are not sure how to help it? My videos are aimed to be simple and for people who need a little computer help. 11 more words


Install Windows 8.1 in VirtualBox

Trying to install Windows 8.1 in a VirtualBox Guest throws an exception when loading the ISO image at boot. Theres the solution on internet that works for me: 43 more words


Dying Light

Well another busy week! Ive also quit smoking (yay go me) Actually it’s my second day. I FINALLY HAVE DYING LIGHT!!!

Ok so first things first. 443 more words

Microsoft Windows 10 free pirated version

Microsoft Windows 10 will be free even for pirated versions of Windows 8 / 8.1 / 7 will arrive this summer. Microsoft is trying to penetrate the Chinese \market, which is the big with illegal copies of the operating system. 94 more words


Microsoft Windows 435 Released

People who are looking for a budget smartphone loaded with good features and specifications can now check the newly launched Microsoft Windows 435. The smartphone was announced back in January this year has been listed under best budget smartphones 2015. 208 more words