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Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 is a new and fun zombie killing game with a lot of fun and flavor placed all throughout the entire experience. What makes the game distinct and fun is its unique approach towards delivering an impressive value and the quality that it provides here certainly shows that. 473 kata lagi


Windows 10

Windows 10 A version of the Windows NT operating system

Windows 10 version 1607, showing the Start menu and Action Center 68 kata lagi


How to close an application quickly #DailyTips

Tired of clicking on the little “x” in the top right hand of an application to close it?  Looking to save seconds every single day? 23 kata lagi

Daily Tips

How to easily find large files and folders #DailyTips

Despite hard drives getting bigger and cheaper the amount of files we store continues to grow at the same rate with high resolutions photos, movies and music tracks all taking up space.  88 kata lagi

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | Review

 This article will be discussing the latest entry within the Call of Duty series. It may contain spoilers in some areas of the game.

Continuing the trend with advancing into the Future, we find ourselves in the battle for the Solar System this time around! 1.701 kata lagi


If you need support with an issue you can record the steps you take #DailyTips

Windows ships with a handy tool that will record every click you make of the mouse into a series of screenshot steps that can then be sent onto a support partner, a colleague or anyone else. 67 kata lagi

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Azure SQL Error - "The model version ’3.5’ is not supported"

Hi Folks,

Are you working with Azure SQL and facing issues? – Me too!


I was trying to restore a .bacpac file to my SQL server in Azure and encountered with below error. 154 kata lagi