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The cyber attack that knocked out Ukraine this morning is now going global

A sweeping set of cyber attacks hit critical services in Ukraine this morning, and have so far shown no signs of slowing down. The attacks appear to be related to a new strain of the ransomware known as Petya, which Costin Raiu, director of global research and analysis at Kaspersky Lab, says is already spreading worldwide. 849 kata lagi

A $4 Billion Aircraft Carrier And Your Grandma Use The Same Version Of Windows

Armies and navies around the world struggle with the relentless pace of technology. Apple and Google update their systems every year, while an army can take a solid decade to implement their technological plans. 286 kata lagi

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Security Update for Windows Defender Released

Microsoft has released an out of out of band security update for Windows Defender found on Windows 7, 10 and Server 2008. If you are running a third Party Anti Virus solution your version of Windows Defender will be disabled. 14 kata lagi


Porting Windows XP Screen Savers to Windows 7 and 10

An old friend of Computerforumz finally let go his aging Windows XP machine and purchased a refurbished computer running Windows 10 (1703) Creators Update…  Once he finished installing all the other updates. 227 kata lagi


Airtel 4G Dongle, Metered connection and Delivery Optimization

Windows 10 has a setting named “Metered connection” that can be used to mark a WiFi network as metered connection which then disables many data hungry features. 185 kata lagi

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The Games That Time Forgot - Extreme Paintbrawl, DOS / Microsoft Windows

There is a game that was made for Microsoft Windows that is considered to be one of the worst games ever produced and was shockingly created in only 2 weeks which may explain the reviews it ended up getting! 168 kata lagi


How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

We all know that the quality of the internet here in India leaves much to be desired. Therefore, there are frequent cases of users who need to deal weekly – some even every day – with signal drops or connection well below the contracted speed. 377 kata lagi