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under, over, properly rated; the 1990's windows games

underrated. overrated. properly rated. microsoft windows games edition

today is for anyone who waited on your parents to get off the phone so you could use the 56k or for anyone who sat in a class in a school computer lab with no regard for the person up front in a leadership position. 41 kata lagi


Ghana's Windows blackboard teacher and his students have a rewarding outcome

A lot has changed in the life of Richard Appiah Akoto in the fortnight since he posted photos of himself on Facebook drawing a Microsoft Word processing window on a blackboard with multi-colored chalk, to teach his students about computers—which the school did not have. 388 kata lagi

Nostalgia: Screensavers

During the 1980s and 1990s, screensavers were created to help prevent monitor burn-in. Today, due to advances in monitor technologies, monitor burn-in is not much of an issue. 190 kata lagi

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Cek WWN di Windows Server 2012 R2

Jika kita punya server dan ada HBA card didalamnya dan kita ingin mengetahui WWN HBA tersebut ada dua cara yang bisa dilakukan, yaitu:

  1. Cek langsung pada HBA tersebut.
  2. 121 kata lagi
Microsoft Windows

Computer-themed cake

Vanilla cake with caramel filling and vanilla buttercream icing. Microsoft Windows decorations and handcrafted fondant mouse.

The Best Pieces From The ASOS Wedding Collection For Men & Women

* Chic wedding dresses don’t have to cost a fortune
* Great options for the traditional and non-traditional brides
* Trend-setting men’s suiting

If being a one-stop shop for all your outfit and accessory needs wasn’t enough, ASOS is now dabbling into the world of  769 kata lagi

Women's Style

Move from Windows to Linux

Get the society to do so.

Linux and UNIX will make the world a better place!

Linux is better than Windows because it’s more scalable, more flexible, more customizable, more stable, and more secure. 346 kata lagi