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NEW ARTICLE – 2015-02-28

Using complex passwords to prevent hackers from accessing your critical banking, brokerage or vendor accounts is of paramount importance. Yet, very few people do! The main reason is that they are difficult to remember and a pain in the next to enter manually if you don’t use an efficient and secure on-line Password Manager. 630 more words

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Lost - Windows 7 DVD? Download the ISO from Microsoft with your key.

Have your key but not your DVD?   Download it from Microsoft Software Recovery.

  • Create a Windows 7 DVD for installation on a new hard drive…
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Preparing for RansomWare Attacks

Recently at my day job, a coworker got a rather nasty piece of malware on his Windows machine called CryptoLocker.

Basically what ransomware (like CryptoLocker) does is that it encrypts your important documents and pictures and then gives you a 72 hour ultimatum to wire transfer money to an overseas location in order to get the encryption pass-phrase to rescue your files. 308 more words


The New Razer Blade Is The Gaming Laptop To Beat

Earlier this month, Razer launched the second generation of its ultra-high-resolution gaming laptop, the Blade. I’ve since gotten a few weeks to play with it and can confirm that its hardware lives up to the crazy QHD+ screen. 685 more words


Fix the problem of blank display background and missing teacher's shortcuts on the desktop

Error: There is nothing on the screen after logging in to the system.

fix:  under teacher’s authentication;  run “regedit”

HK_Local_Machine, find: “OEMbackground”

change the value from “0” to “1”;

log out and re-log in.


64 bit print drivers on 32 bit Windows print server.

Be aware that HP releases the same version of UPD (Universal Printer Driver) for 32-bit and 64-bit Win OS’s.

Now, download both version (32/64).

1. On w2k3 32bit print server install 32bit UPD… 75 more words

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How to delete service in cmd - MS Windows

Open cmd (comand shell):

Search for all  services:

#sc query

Find service:

#sc query | find “service_name”

Stop service:

#sc stop “service_name”

Delete service:

#sc delete “service_name”

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