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저 먼 곳의 나의 손자에게 (To A Very Far Away Grandson)

사랑하는 박유천,

네가 읽을지도 모르는 편지를 쓴다는 것에 마음이 편하지는 않네. 그래서, 여기서 중요한 것은 너라는걸 나 자신에게 상기시키면서, 네 미니앨범을 듣기 시작했어. “감기지 않는 마음”이 막 시작했고, 이 노래는 나에게는 네가 존재한다는 것에 대해 감사를 느끼게 하는 음악으로 기억되고 있어.

Micky Yoochun

To A Very Far Away Grandson

 Korean Translation here

Written by:  Catherine

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Micky Yoochun


By: Abbie.Gaile

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Micky Yoochun

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It was around this time about four years ago when I first “bumped” into a man who I didn’t expect would make a BIG mark and would cause a DETOUR in my life’s journey… 3.568 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun


When one is bitten by the Chunbug and becomes a Chunsa, she will either keep it a secret (good luck to her!), or reveal her bitten self to family, friends, or only to someone very close to her. 325 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun

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It was a bright afternoon with warm sunlight shining through the window. The view of mountains that surround my city perfected the sunny weather and mood that motivated me to write my final assignment. 1.565 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun