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Park Yuchun For Project Aral 2018

Giving these gifts of love to less fortunate little ones have been our way of celebrating Park Yuchun’s birthday. This year, theMickyTrap carries on with its promise. 382 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun

Pages on Print, Volume 3

Before I talk about what’s on the title of this post, I’d like to say something about the latest situation in our fandom.  I’m truly sorry and sad and upset for Yuchun and for his fans.

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Micky Yoochun

(6002 Mailbox) A Bubbly Toast To The Park's Comeback

Dear Micky,

I had always wanted to write you a letter but kept delaying the thought until now. With all the happenings lately, I was telling myself “By hook or by crook, you’ve got to write this precious being a letter. 1.448 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun

The Power Of Love

For a man on the brink of losing his will to live, to grasp the hands offered to him by those who truly love him, to keep him from going into that dark place where nothing or nobody could ever reach him, that is the power of love. 712 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun

(6002 Mailbox) From Iran With Love

Yoochun ah, ^^

 Hi, I’m Mina, one of your Iranian BIGGEST fans :)

One day in the spring of 2013, you came to me like a dream~

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Micky Yoochun

(6002 Mailbox) Never Ending Story About YU

Dear YU,

How was your day? I hope you & your family are always happy and healthy, though  I know it’s a hard time for you. 457 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun