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Shed Monster

There once was a dog
Who shed so much fur
That when she was done,
Was naught left of her.

Tornadoes of orange
And cyclones of white…

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New Review Section: H-Level

I’m adding a new section to reviews: The H-Level.

The H-Level goes from Zero to Very High, and shows how much sexual content is in the anime/manga being reviewed. 114 more words


Metered Stress

words lacking in rhythm
get monitored for-profit



Phillips Phunny: Super Strong Meter Maid

A meter maid in New York lifts a guy’s car off the ground in a really cool prank.

A viral marketing company called Thinkmodo posted a new prank video, where a cab driver in New York starts arguing with a meter maid. 48 more words


When the Heart Skips a Beat: Poetic Meter

Most people would agree that poetry is best read aloud.

I was fortunate to have had a mother who read poetry to me from the time I could walk. 386 more words


Adding A Backlight To A Cheap Multimeter

We don’t all need super high quality electronic testing gear. Sometimes second-hand or inexpensive equipment is accurate enough to get the job done.¬†Though it can be a bit annoying to miss out on some of those “luxury” features. 212 more words

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