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I Woke Up Stained

I woke up stained.

I don’t know when it happened

Maybe it was the recent news

Maybe the cold callous city streets

Maybe the steel structure that divides us… 59 kata lagi



shifting my weight on my knees –
they are robust. I center myself,
I ground myself on the floor.

no visible edges,
a way of being that is all round, 83 kata lagi


At the back cover

A race is all it is by then –

a frantic turn of pages, all

about to reach its finish at

the page whose text ends premature. 161 kata lagi


The Peyote-ry Zone

I cannot lie. I only became good at poetry after copious consumption of narcotics. Hence I wrote this. I would be ignorant to state that those who stand in the way of good peyote-ry might shudder inwardly at the thought of so many laws being broken: meter, iambic pentameter etc in the pursuit of a morally good existence/life but I cannot write in any other way. 639 kata lagi

Battlerite Is A True MOBA, And Thank God

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Games like League of Legends and Dota, because they cover a lot of ground, are loosely termed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. But Battlerite, which left early access in November, is one of the few games to actually meet the technical definition of MOBA, and that’s what makes it such a compelling alternative to the mold. 885 kata lagi


Discos deploy meter bypass trackers

Electricity distribution companies are set to introduce a meter bypass tracking device, a device that detect power consumers who bypass their meters. 177 kata lagi