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BA Moorings - Electricity point meter upgrade

We are advised that:

After installing and programming the last few sites between now and Thursday 30 March 2017, it can be confirmed that all Broads Authority electric pillars will be open to the public for use by Friday 31 March 2017. 25 kata lagi

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Heavy Steps on Cobbled Stone

As heavy steps echo on wet cobbled stone,
the townsfolk slam shutters, to keep out the night.
The monster strides boldly. The darkness he owns… 291 kata lagi



​steps falling in place,

right next to each other,

the breeze swaying their hair,

just like their hands swayed together.

she wondered how many times she could call it a coincidence, 76 kata lagi

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Poem: This is Harder Than Exected

The Merchant and the Lark – March 15, 2017

A merchant from the local church set out within the dark
To deal with the emergence of a strange and massive ark… 155 kata lagi



My sonnet with 14 lines of iambic pentameter:

This Football Team is Getting On My Nerves!

The ball just won’t go in the goal, it won’t! 112 kata lagi

Ultrasonic flow meter series

Flow Technology Inc.’s (FTI) QCT Series of liquid ultrasonic flow meters are designed for…

For Better for Verse

Good work today scanning poems! We will continue to practice scansion together in class, but if you would like to practice on your own, you might want to give the UVA Department of English’s “ 48 kata lagi