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Day 17: Poem (terzanelle)

There is a train whistle wailing at this darkest hour.
A moment when all living things seem still
and our depths on lonely walks will be devoured. 146 more words


Sonnet a day 1 : On Dicipline

So  something I’ve told myself I’m going to start doing, Each day I’m going to write a sonnet, I may not always post them, but I will if I got nothing else. 299 more words

Careless sensors grasping for changes

Ever since the end to our youthful days, we
worshipped only pleasantness, plainly, sweetly —
Though I heard you’d listened to madness, closely,
given up on agency, gave us nothing… 50 more words


A Heart Full of Willow Blossom

I plucked catkins tenderly from a willow,
To show how love captured me when you were born,
I filled the sea endlessly with blonde billows; 86 more words


Feature Disabled After San Jose's 'Smart' Parking Meters Unexpectedly Reset, Leading To Tickets

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — San Jose’s “smart” meters have been leading to lots of unexpected tickets for drivers, and the city is making them just a little bit dumber to solve the problem. 202 more words



Poetry has always marveled me with its ability to craft words together and create magic on a page. The power present in and between words, hidden in the white space and embedded in the title astonishes me every time. 227 more words



How Power Savers Work / PES – Professional Energy Saver, ES – Professional Energy Saver (PES) use technology “Low Loss Impedance Systems” same like others ES devices. 367 more words