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Vacuum prism

Oh, paint me a picture
and color me in.
I’ll feign adumbration
of a languid kill.

I’ll blame black and white
and the scarlet of scars. 92 kata lagi


I tried writing in meter for the first time today

I absolutely hate using the word “poet” to describe myself. It’s always just struck me as very snobby and haughty, considering how I have no legitimacy to support that title. 407 kata lagi



Sadism rid me of
deviant actresses
whispering stories of
indecent practices.

Covered in rubies she
revels in purity,
possibly different,
Safe in her chastity.

Dignified ignorance… 34 kata lagi


LIMITS Technology Power Meter - Looks Good-to-go, to me

Here is some content from the LIMITS website showing a product which looks good-to-go.

To be clear: I’ve not seen one in the real (non-digital) world. 28 kata lagi

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Shimano Power Meter - New For 2016?

It looks like Shimano are next into the fray with their 2016 power meter.

Although the main unit is spider-based, as shown on the above image from cyclingweek (thanks also… 34 kata lagi

Gadgets & Gear

Old School Gauges Let You Know Which Way the Wind Blows

When your passion is a sport that depends on Mother Nature’s cooperation, you need to keep a close eye on weather conditions. With this in mind, and not one to let work distract him from an opportunity to play, decided to build… 187 kata lagi

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