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A Second Water Meter Can Save You Money

The temperature is rising and so can your town water bill. Summer is here and with that our lawns, plants and vegetables need to be watered; not to mention our pools need to be filled and cars need to be washed. 263 kata lagi

6 ways rhythm helps us feel at home in a new world

On the weekend, I practiced a new skill and had a sudden aha! moment about learning to adapt to a new culture by finding the beat. 659 kata lagi

Trying New Things

Plug in your PowerTap!

Just a quickie for any PowerTap users out there. A new firmware update was recently released for all P1 pedals, C1 chainring and G3/GS hub power meters. 134 kata lagi


A Rain Song

Author: Ten Para.

Pitter patter,  Pitter patter,

Down flows the water,

Thinner than the batter,

That is full of butter,

To make yummy starters,

Gets you full and fatter, 104 kata lagi


Choose a New Range of Ultrasonic Water Meters and BTU Meters Online

From households to large commercial places, water wastage is a major problem and controlling over it has become need of the hour. For those who are looking for control over such wastage and want to save a good amount of money, it is important to have installation of premium quality and advanced water meters that are available in various forms like… 255 kata lagi


Smiley at the Road

I was passing by Near KNPC headquarter and noticed  a digital meter which shows your speed while driving and if you are above the speed limit it shows an angry smiley and if you are under the limit it shows you a smiley with a smile as you can see in below images. 23 kata lagi