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the tapping sound
of dancing echoes
rain upon the ground,
and glistens –
opens now the heart
to christen
quavering in time
-just listen.


82. (Philip Larkin)

After reading Tennyson’s “Locksley Hall,” a friend half-recalled Paul Fussell’s opinion that verse in a trochaic meter could never be plaintive; trochees lack pathos. He asked if I could think of an exception; I have. 1.318 kata lagi

Brief Essays

Poetic Meter: An Introduction

The primary feet used in poetry are:
(NOTE: v = unaccented, ^ = accented)

Iambic: v^
Anapestic: vv^
Trochaic: ^v
Dactylic: ^vv

The substitutive feet are: 62 kata lagi


Setting is Key (Signature)

Pardon my absence – too much on my mind to get something coherent arranged for a post.

But we’re here now, aren’t we?

A story is told with language, just as music is performed with pitch. 394 kata lagi



Free lemonade, running through sprinklers, sand in your butt-crack,

roll up your web and stab it to stake into the ground

run from me, especially my smile… 138 kata lagi