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Show Chrome Digital 5 Funtion Volt Meter

Includes voltage monitoring from 11-16VIncludes Thermometer, Ice Alert, Clock, Stop watch and Lap timerUniversal attachment
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Sekonic meters get a push

Nadel Enterprises has been appointed the exclusive Canadian distributor for all Sekonic light meters, spectrometers (colour meters), illuminometers, and accessories.

This should mean a higher profile for the brand in this country with possibly more aggressive marketing.


Metrical Arrangement

Because I took the time
To figure out the meter,
I’m begging you, dear reader,
Please read it with the rhyme.



Street Fighter V review: Definitely good, definitely unfinished

(Source: arstechnica.com)


This white fireball is full of hurt.

  1. Capcom

    This white fireball is full of hurt.

  2. New series bad guy F.A.N.G. brings the pain via poison blasts.

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poetic injustice

I write what I would

Like to read and sometimes

I Even try to rhyme and not put too many words in one line
But then again… 53 kata lagi