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Rotor Power Meter upgrade Offer from POWER/POWER LT to a new INpower or 2INpower


Trade in your old ROTOR power meter for a new INpower or 2INpower

ROTOR are offering an upgrade to either INpower or 2INpower in exchange for your Power or POWER LT. 112 kata lagi

Power Meter

no, yes, maybe, animated illustration, thoka maer, meter Gif For Fun

no, yes, maybe, animated illustration, thoka maer, meter Gif for Fun at your Time


Mo' Roll and Tumble

Canned Heat just sawed the edges off the song in 1967, and played it as a straight-ahead 12-bar blues.

A 1960 version from Elmore James reduces the whole song to… 284 kata lagi


Really? Three syllables?

That’s right, the word “real” is pronounced properly as “ree-al”, meaning it has two syllables, even though that’s not how we lazy buggers say it. 13 kata lagi


Roll and Tumble

They say the earliest recorded version is Hambone Willie Newbern’s, from back in 1929, called Roll and Tumble Blues.  Sounds like he’s basically playing a nine-beat cycle, fairly slow, I might call it 9/4.  214 kata lagi


Time & Rhythm: Time Signatures

The Time Signature, written immediately after the key signature, is a pattern of numbers that looks like a fraction that tells you two things: 125 kata lagi

Time & Rhythm

Needle on the metre

Long time, no post.Right? *sigh*
Life’s been teasing me a bit these days.Anyway I’m here with a new post,finally.
So this post will have two things.1-A poetic-ish rant plus 2-someone I want to introduce and encourage for the beautiful talent she possess. 384 kata lagi