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Meter, mix, and dispense system with flow control, servo motor options

Graco’s (NYSE:GGG) PR70 Meter, Mix and Dispense Systems are configurable with flow control and servo motor options, which is designed to produce accurate and consistent beads in adhesive and sealant applications. 128 kata lagi

A battery hack has revived the analog Triplett meter

A leftover weekend project was to see if I could get my dad’s old Triplett 630PL meter back to working shape. As a boy, I remember “carefully” using “his” meter when I was attempting to build Heathkit projects like my shortwave radio. 36 kata lagi

Replacing one bad idea with another

The BBC has an interesting report on ambulance services in Beijing.  Up until now, ambulance drivers could decide themselves how much to charge people for their services.   188 kata lagi

Day 115 - No Parking!

Nothing too special about tonight’s image other than I have contributed greatly to Santa Monica! I figure the amount of parking tickets I’ve received I should have one of the new Metro trains coming to Santa Monica named after me!   12 kata lagi


NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 23

Feeling Pressed

I hate when asked to write a sonnet
the formula is difficult at best
I want to spend my weekend sipping
fancy cocktails spiced with scotch bonnet… 270 kata lagi

Sonnet for My Grandson

*Write a sonnet. My grandson celebrates his seventh birthday tomorrow! Sonnet subject?   No-brainer!

Oh did you know that bright and right spring day
That you would be my sun and renew all? 94 kata lagi

NaPoWriMo 2016