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Type 1 Tech

Technology is such a buzzword and it is constantly changing. There is always a new trend that is emerging for a new must have gadget or application that will do the next best thing. 501 kata lagi

Rhyme Scheme #AtoZChallenge

Rhyme Scheme

What is it?
Any rhyming poem will follow some form of rhyme scheme, whether this is an alternating rhyme scheme or a form of repeated couplets. 267 kata lagi


Limericks and a Crash Course in rhythm, meter, and rhyme

DP #35: Catharsis

You’re back from the weekend. Take five minutes to write about how you spent it!  :)

This week’s focus in on highly structured poetry.  

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Blood Glucose Meter Market Massive Trend in United States by Size, Shares, Demand, Industry Analysis and Forecasts Till 2022

United States Blood Glucose Meter Market is likely to reach USD 650 Million by the year end of 2022.

Market growth can be attributed to factors such as increasing number of diabetic patients, growing awareness towards diabetes mellitus, improved glucose control and flexible, user–friendly design, government efforts for better management of diabetes mellitus and technological advancement in blood glucose meter devices. 299 kata lagi


Metonymy #AtoZChallenge


What is it?
Metonymy is a form of representative substitution. When a poet doesn’t want to directly name a specific object or establishment, they can refer to it by using another word that is commonly associated with it. 234 kata lagi


April 10th, 2018

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

– Thomas Jefferson


Tips for Managing Meter in Dragon Ball FighterZ

When it comes to meter, Dragon Ball FighterZ doles it out at a very generous clip. After the first few seconds of the match, it’s pretty easy to go through an entire match while still having stocks to spare. 1.047 kata lagi

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