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Ploi de stele și dorințe

Acum, cu ocazia Perseidelor, avem un pretext pentru a ridica ochii din pământ și a încerca să ne holbăm la cer în căutare de stele căzătoare aducătoare de dorințe mai ceva ca un spirit dintr-un artefact. 376 kata lagi

METEOROID: 1st Full Album; Tour & Instore Schedules

There is good news for METEOROID fans as the band will release their first full album titled, “GEMINI,” on August 6. “GEMINI” will come in two types. 243 kata lagi


Every day, more than 40 tonnes of meteoroids hit our planet, with larger chunks of comet debris becoming fireballs

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The blue map tracks their position in the skies over our planet with the main showers highlighted in white circles

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Foto-foto Hujan Meteor Perseid 2013 di Seluruh Dunia

Hujan meteor Perseid dan aurora 2012. Kredit: Jimmy Westlake

Info Astronomy – Puncak hujan meteor Perseid yang telah kita lalui, yakni 12-13 Agustus 2013, menjadi malam yang indah untuk pengamatnya. 233 kata lagi

Celana Murah

Asteroids and Meteorites


What an eventfully day.

Didn’t I just recently post about Armageddon? I was remembered of that movie quite a lot today.

I absolutely love everything that’s going on in space, it fascinates me and I can spend hours on reading about black holes, gamma-ray bursts, other galaxies, supernovae,… I could go on like this, but I’ll spare you with the details. 670 kata lagi


Falling Star on sky near Coonoor

On this sunday around 9am there was a meteoroid falling towards the Queen of Hills (Nilgiris). The landing of the meteor could not be located.The local people were not aware of it. 31 kata lagi