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Days on the road: 68

Days spent in country: 5 (Greece)

Miles travelled: 5954

Weather report: 47/68 sunny
We awoke in Delphi to a beautiful day and views out into the Corinth Chanel from the campsite. 310 kata lagi


Nature and natural resources

Nature and natural resources

Most of the area is covered by mountain ranges running from the northwest to southeast. The main ranges are the Balkan mountains, running from the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria to its border with Serbia, the Rhodope mountains in southern Bulgaria and northern Greece, the Dinaric Alps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro, the Šar massif which spreads from Albania to Macedonia, and the Pindus range, spanning from southern Albania into central Greece and the Albanian Alps. 432 kata lagi


Bizarre rocky Meteora Monasteries!

*This is for college purposes only.

One of the most unusual things to see in Greece has to be the Thessaly Plain where bizarre rocky outcrops are capped by the centuries-old monasteries of Meteora. 327 kata lagi

The In(Consistency) of Music

By Cain Hernandez
Music Journalist

I’ve always had a keen interest in music, ever since I listened to my mom’s collection of CDs when I was in the third or fourth grade– some of which included Weezer’s Blue Album, Pixies’ Doolitle, and The Stone Roses’ self-titled.   607 kata lagi


Ο διεθνής Τύπος αποθεώνει τα Μετέωρα μοναστήρια

Η «πρωτεύουσα» της αδρεναλίνης στην Ελλάδα

Με ένα άρθρο του το CNN αποθεώνει τα Μετέωρα, εξηγώντας το γιατί έχει υπάρξει πηγή έμπνευσης της σειράς Game of Thrones, γιατί είναι η «πρωτεύουσα» της περιπέτειας στη χώρα μας και κυρίως γιατί δεν πρόκειται ποτέ κανείς να το βαρεθεί. 77 kata lagi