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Day Trip to "Meteora", Monasteries in the Sky (Part I)

From this time, I will write about my day trip to “Meteora”, the world heritage site in Tessaly ¬†in the northern Greece.

Meteora is monasteries on huge rocks Tessaly. 957 kata lagi


Meteora Chapter 1

Meteora Chapter 1

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I arrived into Thessaloniki a little apprehensive. For my first trip to Greece I was well keen on sun, sand, and some Insta-promised white and blue vistas. 942 kata lagi


Greece: Thessaloniki, Meteora and Athens.

Catching Z’s in a hostel can definitely be a struggle especially when there’s a man playing the flute outside of your window. 985 kata lagi


Greece: Day 2 (6/2/17)

Oh man, 3 hours of sleep was not enough. We woke up early to pack up before we headed to our 8:30 hike in Meteora. After a quick stop at a bakery for some breakfast, we ran to the meeting point for our hike and were ready to go! 476 kata lagi

Hello Meteora 

You are, to me, the land of rock formations, where walking along the streets of the town area bring about sights like this: 782 kata lagi