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Journey Through Time

When you confuse Troy and Spartans with Brutus. A shameful reenactment of what we thought was Greek history.

Mother nature in all its glory. 8 kata lagi


James Bond and the Monks of Meteora

I grew up in the 80s when Roger Moore was the popular choice to play James Bond. In the 1981 Movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’, the climax of the film featured an amazing rock climbing stunt with the monasteries of Meteora as its backdrop. 623 kata lagi

European Nomad

Meteora, Greece

Monoastery of Great Meteoron, Meteora, October 11, 2014

GREECE: A trip to the monasteries "suspended in the air", Meteora!

After learning a ton about the Sanctuary of Delphi and taking dozens of breath-taking photos, we headed towards the second destination of the private tour: Meteora. 792 kata lagi


Do not enter. 

Someone once pointed out that my biggest problem was not talking about the things that bother me, being too guarded and secretive.

Which in turn can be quite self destructive in multiple ways. 54 kata lagi