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Meteora under the blanket of snow

Visiting Meteora was my target long before I even moved to Greece. But for some reason, within the three years I lived in Athens, I never got to go there. 1.345 kata lagi


Athens in PedroL

One of the reasons I created this blog was the fact that I used to lost many of the photos taken during my trips. I write this because it wasn’t the first time I visited in Greece: 7 years ago I backpacked around the country and visited not only Athens but also Thessaloniki and Meteora. 106 kata lagi


Monastery of Great Meteoron - Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 7, 2017

This is our entry in Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 7, 2017.

This is a photo of part of the steep stairs to the top of the Monastery of Great Meteoron in Meteora, Greece. 29 kata lagi


Magnificent Meteora and Ancient Athens!

Sharing a flat for a month with two girls I had only contacted previously via whatsApp could have gone one of two ways, but I could not have been more lucky with my flatmates. 777 kata lagi

Mountains are calling...

Today I’d like to share with you how I spend my first year on the mountains. As I am from Lithuania, mountains are something incredible, amazing and somehow romantic to me. 1.340 kata lagi


Saturday Excursion - Lauantairetki

Yesterday the weather was perfect and a friend was visiting Vaasa with a car – what a luxury! There are a lot of really nice nature places around Vaasa, but sometimes they are a bit tricky to reach without a car. 227 kata lagi



Days on the road: 68

Days spent in country: 5 (Greece)

Miles travelled: 5954

Weather report: 47/68 sunny
We awoke in Delphi to a beautiful day and views out into the Corinth Chanel from the campsite. 310 kata lagi