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Blazing Meteor Fireball, Bright as 100 Moons, Lights Up Arctic Sky

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A blazing fireball lit up the dark skies of Arctic Finland for five seconds, giving off what scientists said was “the glow of 100 full moons” and igniting hurried attempts to find the reported meteorite. 514 kata lagi


Meteor Lights Up Arctic Sky

Happy Saturday, all :)

I had to share this little news snippet. I finally found it in English and I just think it’s cool. A meteor flew over the arctic north of Finland and you can actually see the entire sky light up! 72 kata lagi


Poetry for a Night of Falling Stars

In honor of the Leonids, which are supposed to be beautiful this weekend:

A Loose Mountain

by Robert Frost


Did you stay up last night (the Magi did)

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Leonid Meteor Shower This Weekend

Meteor shower alert this weekend!


WHEN: This weekend marks the occurrence of the #Leonid #meteor shower, which tends to be one of the best and brightest every year. 275 kata lagi


Leonid meteor shower will peak over Merseyside this weekend

The Leonid Meteor shower will peak this weekend as 20 meteors an hour could be visible.

The weather over the weekend is set to be mostly cloudy, so spotting the shower could be hard, especially with so little meteors visible. 117 kata lagi

Space News

Viral Video: Meteor Captured Over Phoenix

Check out a meteor lighting up the night sky over Phoenix.

A meteor flew across the sky Tuesday night in Phoenix. According to reports it was NOT part of the Leonids meteor shower, which occurs this time of year. 18 kata lagi


Rain like meteor

Showers strike the forgiving

Rose is relentless