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How to deploy Meteor Apps with CodeShip, Heroku and MongoLab

First of all, let us create a basic app with Meteor 1.4 (as of current writing version).

There are actually 3 stages that we will be covering in this guide, that is from creating a new Meteor app to deploying it to Heroku. 1.324 kata lagi


I First Saw It

I was at 35,000 feet when I first saw it.
I wasn’t sure for a moment what it was. I looked out the airplane window, confused. 176 kata lagi

Flash Fiction

Large Asteroid 2016 QL44 Heading to Earth on a Highly Uncertain Flight Path

Friday seems to be a triple-header for cosmic events: A penumbral lunar eclipse will coincide with Harvest full moon and a 200-foot-wide (60 meter) asteroid will streak past Earth. 207 kata lagi


I Saw A Meteor and Lost My S...

It’s 6:38 AM and I’m making my kids’ lunches and staring out my kitchen window mindlessly at the valley below, when this light – this incandescent neon green light – catches my eye low on the horizon. 822 kata lagi

Massive 30-tonne meteorite pulled from the ground in Argentina

A group of scientists in Argentina believe they may have made history Saturday with the discovery of what they say is the second-largest meteorite ever. 249 kata lagi


30-ton meteorite uncovered in Argentina - The second largest ever found!

A meteorite weighing over 30 tons — the second-largest ever found — has been uncovered in Chaco, Argentina in an area known as Campo del Cielo (“Field of Heaven”). 92 kata lagi


Cracked 5 ... September 13th, 2016

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Famous Last Words of the Dinosaur

A. “Yuk. Aren’t these tar pits sticky?”

B. “Nah…that doesn’t look like a meteor.”

C. “Ice age! 49 kata lagi

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