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Man in India may be 1st in 2 centuries to have been killed by meteorite

Scientists are analyzing an object recovered from a college in southern India, the site of a blast Friday that left a bus driver dead. They’re trying to determine if it is a meteorite. 410 kata lagi


An Indian Bus Driver Beat Some Long Odds To Die By Meteor Strike

A college in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is at the center of a bizarre mystery. A blast broke windows, injured three people, and killed a local bus driver, with the only evidence being a small, diamond-like rock found in the center of the crater. 245 kata lagi


At.js with froala issue

At.js is a Javascript library for having Github like mentions in an app. The library is here. It’s a very good library and simple to use however when I tried it, it didn’t work out of the box for… 71 kata lagi


Predictions 2-5-16

Spirit has clarified that the shooting spree will unfold this month, around the super bowl celebrations, but at the same time there is the question of the numbers 15, 16. 558 kata lagi

Psychic Predictions

February 5

February 5th 2016

Diamond giants-

Jewels frozen in ash and ink.

A lone spark, falling.


Material Design: Making Real the Unreal

I just recently learned about Material Design although I have noticed its effects for a while now. It sounds less like something to do with app design and more like something to do with engineering. 601 kata lagi


Chelyabinsk, Russia Meteor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

NASA announced that a meteor is coming very close to Earth on March 5, and it’s almost twice as big as the¬†meteor over¬†Chelyabinsk, Russia that injured thousands in 2013. 619 kata lagi