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The man opened his eyes

The man opened his eyes to a dark so intense it made him nervous. Holding up his hand, it couldn’t be seen. The week that had passed had been difficult. 627 kata lagi

WebPhim hay viết bằng Meteor


Web xem phim viết bằng Meteor sẽ đem lại cảm giác lướt web tuyệt vời cho bạn. Hãy thử và bạn sẽ cảm nhận được độ mượt mà mà framework JavaScript này mang lại.

Meteor Hunting – A perfect failure – 21st October 2016

The Apocalyst is taking me to some strange places. The four of spades on my list is to witness a meteor shower, and earlier this week my friend Luke informed me that there was meant to be a meteor shower in England towards the end of October.  586 kata lagi


Orionid meteor shower peaks tonight

(CNN) — The sky will put on a heck of a show tonight.

The annual Orionid meteor shower peaks Friday night into Saturday morning. If you have an unclouded view of the night sky, preferably away from city lights, you’ll see beautiful streaks of light zipping overhead. 264 kata lagi



“There’s a meteor shower tonight.”, said the news channel. Like everytime, she was hyper the whole day and couldn’t wait to get home. After getting home, her impatience rose by the minute. 184 kata lagi


October Meteor Shower

Debris from Halley’s comet can be seen from Earth every October, and now is the best time to see it! The 21st and 22nd of October is set to be the peak of the meteor shower for this year. 214 kata lagi



I lay on my back in the sleeping bag, head pillowed on crossed arms, no tent between me and the sky. The meteor shower was supposed to peak around four in the morning, but I wasn’t so sure I could make it that late. 203 kata lagi