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When is the next meteor shower visible over Merseyside ?

There are a few Meteor showers before the year is out, but the one that will provide the most spectacular view will be the Geminids shower in December. 95 kata lagi

Space News

Power of light

Through impossible distance,
the star shines into my eyes.

The waxing moon, much closer,
mirrors sunshine across the night sky haze.

Airplanes’ blinking beacons trace travel… 63 kata lagi


An Icon of Our Own

The first mountain I was really drawn to was Mt. Rainier. Looming above the Puget Sound, it’s an emblem for the Pacific Northwest. The Matterhorn, too, stands tall above its valley. 643 kata lagi



You have been dead a while now:
blood and bones, cast to seven
seas and skies, are presently exposed.

Some Fridays ago, in a city strange… 104 kata lagi

Installing node-oracledb on Centos 7 for Meteor

  1. Download Oracle Instant Client basic, devel, and sqlplus package RPM from Oracle’s website in RPM format
  2. Install all files for Oracle Instant Client using : …
  3. 44 kata lagi

II. Meteorite 

I am now

A falling star.

He was


Every second,

Every minute,

I was burning,

Til’ nothing left.

I fell for him……..


One Stanza Poem 172

Neither stars –
Nor shooting stars –
Were visible tonight –
They were hidden behind –
Perseus’ clouded mind



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion. 24 kata lagi