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New on 500px : 'Aardvark' by MikeyM

Shooting the Milky Way and editing the photos is a lot of fun, another task once the image is finished, is to select a name for that image. 34 more words

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“Fire every nuclear missile we have at it.”

A lot of silo around the word opened and fired their missiles. The missiles quickly reached their target, a big meteoroid. 295 more words


Meteorite search begins at Cobram

Originally published on March 2nd, 2015 for ABC Local Radio

A Wollongong astronomer is determined to find fragments of a daylight meteor that may have crashed to Earth near Cobram last week. 135 more words

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Meteor - Passing variables to template

In Meteor, a Spacebar template could include another template.

<template name="slots">
  {{> slot }}

<template name="slot">
  <div class="slot">
    <div class="number">100</div>

Sometime we want to reuse the template with different variables. 117 more words


Meteor - Run shell command at server side

1. Install the fibres node package on the server.

npm -g install fibres

2. Define the server methods in server.js.

Meteor.startup(function () {
  // Server methods
    runCode: function () {
      // This method call won't return immediately, it will wait for the
      // asynchronous code to finish, so we call unblock to allow this client
      // to queue other method calls (see Meteor docs)
      var future=new Future();
      var command="pwd";
              throw new Meteor.Error(500,command+" failed");
      return future.wait();
}); 80 more words