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Chibaku Tensei - A tribute to Pain

Ei there guys!

So I had this idea in mind for a very long time and it took me a while to get it done even though it does not look like much. 42 kata lagi

Random Rambling

Towards the Son

I am a great Dad:

“Daddy, why do meteorites have tails?”

I did my research to get my facts right:

“They are huge streams of dust and gas burning off as they travel across the galaxy, forming an enormous tail to form, and it points away from the Sun.” 25 kata lagi


What's Meteor?

What’s Meteor?

Meteor is an open source platform for web, mobile, and desktop.


Technologies That Will Be Used For The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Nations often introduce revolutionary new technology to the world at the Olympic Games.

In 1912, at Stockholm Olympic Games, the first time electronic stopwatches were used on a mass scale. 675 kata lagi


Seasons For Change Look to Change the Hong Kong Scene

Not only is the music climate always changing in the US, but across the entire globe. It’s incredible to see different styles and genres make their way around the world. 769 kata lagi

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