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Debugging day 81: Using Session in Meteor

My new employer wants me to learn Meteor before I get started in their code base. Yesterday, I created a chatroom, including a ‘user is typing’ function. 602 kata lagi

Debugging Stories

Express, Node, Particles,

Read a bunch of articles on the difference between Node and Php, and the difference between express and meteor. Basically, express is lightweight and backend, meteor is a full framework and full stack. 73 kata lagi

Passengers 2.9/5


  • Rating – PG -13

  • Genre – Science Fiction, Romance

  • Director – Morten Tyldum

  • Screenplay – Jon Spaihts

  • Cast – Chris Pratt / Jennifer Lawrence / Michael Sheen / Laurence Fishburn / Andy Garcia…

  • 405 kata lagi

Meteors May Make Your Hair Hiss

Have you ever gone outside on a cold, clear night to watch a meteor shower and witness a super-bright fireball racing across the sky so brilliantly that… 454 kata lagi


Car sales session #117

Today, 17th February 2017, one car sales session was organised in Residential Chicage, at Stromberg Pier.

Four vehicles were sold: one dark blue Shark Panto, one yellow Meteor Turbo, one dark green Monocockpit Schmidt and one red Heaviloadwer Van. 364 kata lagi


How I finally did it

All right, so I was one of the privileged 90’s kids. I grew up watching Cartoon Network when it was, supposedly, at its prime. I’ve seen cartoons ranging from the action-packed SWAT Kats, to the ingenuity of what was Sheep in the Big City; I’ve experienced Genndy Tartakovsky’s brilliance, and I’ve witnessed Chuck Jones’ everlasting characters bring joy to faces of all ages; and I have been through the eight seasons of intense irregularity of what was Regular Show… I have seen it all. 401 kata lagi


Chelyabinsk: a Blast From the Not-Too-Distant Past (or, How's That Space Program Coming Along?)

Four years ago today an explosion shattered the morning sky over the Chelyabinsk region in southwestern Russia, the result of a 60-foot-wide fragment of an asteroid entering Earth’s atmosphere at over 40,000 mph and brilliantly blowing itself to smithereens at 97,000 feet up. 336 kata lagi