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Building Web Apps with Meteor

Meteor is an amazing framework that makes it really easy to build real time web applications with simple web technologies like Java script and HTML. 128 more words


Noţiunea de timp

am trecut
prin mine ca o undă
am trecut
şi m-am reclădit
am sorbit iubire
şi tot nu m-am oprit…

Arzător e timpul şi gândirea lui. 263 more words


On Sinking or Submitting

Those of you who follow my twitter may have seen this when I announced it sometime last week, but for those of you who don’t I recently released… 154 more words


ett stöd i livet

Min moster tyckte att det såg ut som en fälla, och jag kan ärligt säga att det för tillfället ser ganska brutalt och hysteriskt ut. När man studerat binderi i nästan fem år så är hamstrande av material en av de saker man får med sig. 117 more words


Meteor Links

I’m currently working on a proof of concept web app using the Meteor.js framework. Considering I’ve never been one for JavaScript frameworks (have literally just started learning Angular. 78 more words


58th-61st Jumper Trials and 127th -128th Agility Trials

Super hot and humid is how I describe the weather. This trials didn’t trials all the dogs . Oldie Meteor who is retired also signed up just the agility trials cos NEA stated it will rain but too bad it wasn’t. 64 more words


Meteor Boilerplate for Typescript Projects

Meteor Boilerplate for Typescript Projects

Meteor loves Typescript with this new boilerplate!

  • Full support for Typescript 1.5
  • Unit testing with karma directly in Webstorm!
  • Typescript module support…
  • 552 more words