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ACEO of the Week - 03/25/17

This was inspired by a meteor shower I’d seen where there were so many meteorites blazing nearly at once that they were hard to count. Really a spectacular sight. 15 kata lagi


Meteor Learning diary 1

  1. to build a new app     –meteor create name
  2.  spacebars: which includes  Inclusion, Expression, Block Helper

Here is one example,

Inclusion is in this format {{> templateName}}, which tells to Meteor we need another template  to show. 82 kata lagi



Life is like a meteor.
So… Live life riding it like horse.


Nuclear and Rumour: 2 powerful forces

Over 4 years after the Fukushima disaster, Japan is once again producing nuclear power.

Amidst strong public uncertainty about the technology, Japan has given the go-ahead to Kyushu Electric Power to restart the plant at Sendai, despite the somewhat inevitable controversy this might spark. 878 kata lagi


WATCH: Did you see it? Meteor flash spotted in southern B.C. sky

People were taking to social media Thursday night after a meteor flash was spotted in southern British Columbia and western Washington State.

The suspected meteor let off a green flash at about 9:45 p.m. 154 kata lagi


Visitor (2017)

Independent horror is going through a small renaissance right now, with digital media becoming more accessible to those without Hollywood super budgets, and crowdfunding making fans more involved in projects that interest them, while making it easier for directors to generate publicity and solve financial constraints. 231 kata lagi



Whatever we look at is that thing and, at the same time, something of us, something ours, something personal; our knowledge of the world and of men is like a confession.   335 kata lagi