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Chilling in Singapore

 My husband and I are inlove with traveling. We love boarding planes and having that great excitement roaming around unfamiliar cities. I can never really be happier knowing that my husband loves doing the things I love as well. 731 kata lagi


Nichiarity Goes To: SINGAPORE & KUALA LUMPUR 2016!

I have been to Singapore for so many times that I tend to forget exactly how many times I have been there. But the good thing about Singapore is that, although it is a very small country, you will never run out of new destinations to explore. 1.844 kata lagi

Singapore, Our First Love

Found in one of the shops in Haji Lane! Happy thoughts came flooding me as I reminisce these days ;)

Last 2014, the three of us had one of the most exciting adventures of our lives– we traveled internationally JUST BY OURSELVES! 1.803 kata lagi


18 Hour Layover in Singapore

Two happy bellies are back! We have been absent for a few months preparing our wedding and being away on our honeymoon, we’ve now returned and have brought back some food adventures from abroad. 880 kata lagi

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Superb Sentosa

I found happiness in Sentosa – which translates as “peace and tranquility” in Malay a name which it has kept since the 1970s. It was once referred to as Pulau Belakang Mati (‘Island of Death from Behind’) on maps from centuries ago, likely due to stories of bloodshed and piracy in the area. 272 kata lagi

Daring Adventure

December 25, 2015

Before anything else, let’s get this out of the way. I hate heights. I’m scared of it more than anything else- well besides spiders. 782 kata lagi