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Shanghai, wait, Singapore Surprise

After two wonderful weeks with Sack, he left early in the morning on to India and I had an evening flight to Shanghai. I spent my last day in Cambodge at the local gym working out shirtless as is the apparent sweaty custom before having my final Loc-Lac and heading to the airport. 586 kata lagi


How I fell in love with Singapore

So I am a self-proclaimed Singapore junkie. I love many things about Singapore. Starting with the food. Food always seems to fascinate me especially when it is delicious and available for vegetarians. 933 kata lagi

Solo Travel

(some) Mandatory spots to Admire in Singapore.

Places in almost all over the country were absolutely eye pleasing which invited lips to enunciate admiration, head nodded to right and left, and the ambiance adjusted oneself to stay a little bit linger. 354 kata lagi


Our 5-Day DIY Travel Itinerary in Singapore

Singapore is one of the major destinations for travellers and tourists alike because of its reputation as being one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world. 2.778 kata lagi


9 Days: 3 Beautiful Countries, 1 Amazing Trip

The whole plan is to visit some place new every year. It is something I look forward to- aka “getting-lost-somewhere-unfamiliar” and “waking-up-somewhere-far”. :)

A friend of mine recommended Bagan, Myanmar. 366 kata lagi


Ode to my 2nd home

SINGAPORE: the little red dot on the map, the fine city, Merlion city, etc

June of 2012, I decided to leave everything behind in the Philippines and try my luck overseas. 709 kata lagi

City Life