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International Business : The Singapore Business Exposure

From simply knowing to actually observing is the whole point of the educational trip last 23rd of September 2016. By pressing nine letters on the keyboard, a whole map and all things one might want to know are readily available in the internet. 821 kata lagi


Singapore Skyline - Singaporen siluetti

A beautiful Skyline of Singapore is a well known. The waterfront promenade is an excellent place to visit either in the daytime or to return in the evening.  1.226 kata lagi


Meeting Captain America in Singapore

The moment he came out of that capsule sweaty and all beefed up, I knew I was in love. Captain Steve Rogers captured my heart like no other movie character. 840 kata lagi


A Trip to Singapore

My first Vacation in Singapore

This first picture was taken in Sentosa, one of the famous tourist attraction in Singapore.

About Sentosa – is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some twenty million people a year. 55 kata lagi

1 Merlion, 2 Merlion.. and Counting

What is the one thing I regret the most not doing in Singapore you ask? Well there are a few (A pretty long list to be more specific), but the 1st place would definitely go to- Not getting to see all 7 of the Merlion statues located in Singapore.. 494 kata lagi


The Merlion, Singapur 2010

Der Merlion ist das weltberühmte Wahrzeichen Singapurs, das am Übergang von der Marina Bay zum Singapur River die Stadt bewacht. Er gilt als Schutzpatron der Stadt. 147 kata lagi