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Bersepeda Menikmati Gemerlap Malam Kota Singapura

Di kantor saya ada cukup banyak penikmat olahraga bersepeda. Tapi kebanyakan dari kami melakukannya saat pagi hari ujung minggu saja sih. Sehingga saat ada beberapa dari kami memprakarsai bersepeda malam hari ke tengah kota Singapura dan menyaksikan gemerlap malamnya. 939 kata lagi


Day 2: Jalan Kaki Tanpa Henti

Day 2: Jalan Kaki Tanpa Henti

Rabu, 11 Februari 2015

Jalan Kaki Mencari Merlion

Pagi pertamaku di Singapura. Di kamar bermunculan penghuni baru, bukan baru… 1.209 kata lagi

My First Trip Abroad: Singapore

My feet had a message for me

Have you ever got that ache and pain in your feet after you have walked too far, even if you didn’t walk that far, but it’s far enough for your feet to tell you sit down? 235 kata lagi


Singapore: The Merlion, Sentosa and Songs of the Sea (Day 3)

September 5

Because we were really tired the previous day, we woke up late the following day. We started our tour at 10am. Our schedule is to explore the vicinity near the Merlion adjacent to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. 275 kata lagi


Take me home

But where is home?

10 years ago, the answer came so easily, like it was the simplest, most natural thing in the world. It’s like my name or my birthday. 181 kata lagi


Where are the Merlions in Singapore?

(Source: www.timeout.com)

The first official Merlion statue ever erected, standing at 8.6 metres tall, was designed by Kwan Sai Kheong and crafted by sculptor… 96 kata lagi


Emma Matty India Sing(apore) 2017 trip begins!

It feels like I’ve been talking about this trip forever, and finally it’s here. 24 days. Singapore and India. Friends, sightseeing and adventures await.

We enjoyed a few days in Sydney before we started our trip. 540 kata lagi