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Singapore: The Land of the Lion and (Broken) Dreams

You should know by now that I am a melodramatic type of blogger, so apologies if most of my entries have some emotional ramblings attached to them. 216 kata lagi


The Merlion a British at Heart

Little did we know that the mythical symbol that represents Singapore, The Merlion was first designed by a British Alec Fraser. Here’s a little extract from Singapore National Library resources. 314 kata lagi


River Cruise, Singapore

This is my last Singapore related post *sob*, I have really enjoyed blogging about our days there and quite frankly am looking forward to going back! 244 kata lagi


Night Cycling: 10 Instagram-worthy Spots

It’s the time of the year again when just blow drying my hair makes me want to jump right back into the shower. And if you’re already sick of exercising at the gym, why not plan for a night cycling trip over the weekend? 1.568 kata lagi


Singapore - One night only

It happened on a one fine day. As I was sitting at my desk and completing my daily routine, and suddenly my boss approached me and letting me know that there is something important he wanted to tell me. 522 kata lagi


The Modernity: Singapore

If I were to describe Singapore, it would be “very modern.” Perhaps Japan is way more innovative, but SG is almost there. Modern because of the structures, the design you’ll see around. 571 kata lagi

Changi Airport