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How Many Concepts of Preference Are There?

It has been recently suggested to me that there might be a difference between the philosophical concept “preference” and social science concept “preference”. Since I am working in philosophy of the social science, getting such a distinction clear would be important for me. 621 kata lagi


Mixed Up Theo


Theo Annemann was a magician often considered the patron saint of mentalism. He was a prolific inventor of card magic as a young man, something of a prodigy, although he really distinguished himself as the editor and publisher of a weekly magazine devoted to close-up mental effects, started in 1934, called… 181 kata lagi


are your thoughts really your's?

What if i told you that i can tell you exactly whats in your mind right now?

I just started with my Masters in the outskirts of Banglore, Karnatka. 444 kata lagi


Thought Reader's Journal

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this week’s journal entry. A lot happened this last week with the Spring Fling performance the comedy club and my grandpa’s funeral was yesterday. 1.081 kata lagi


My First Youtube video

Well, this is new.

Somehow I feel drawn to do this. Feeling a little nervous about it…like, am I ready to be teaching? What do I know? 83 kata lagi

Ashati Journey

Thought Reader's Journal

This week has been rather tumultuous. My grandfather passed away this morning. He had been declining and health and I am just glad he is not suffering any longer.   509 kata lagi


Thought-reader's Journal

This is my first post and I am sure you all want to start with “What the heck is a thought-reader?” Well I am an entertainer and thought reading is my chosen medium is the art. 559 kata lagi