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What happens in meningitis, exactly?

What is it?

Meningitis is an acute inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and the spinal cord. Typical symptoms include fever, headache, and neck stiffness. 637 kata lagi

The Toughest 10k in Scotland

The title isn’t an exaggeration – the Alexis Rose Trail Race in Perth has the steepest of climbs, the sharpest of corners, the thinnest of paths and the fastest of downhill sections you could possibly imagine. 1.314 kata lagi


To LP or not to LP? (that is the question)

        “A 4 day old term male infant attends CED with poor feeding, sleepiness and a reported temperature of 38.5. He is haemodynamically stable and undergoes a ‘septic screen’. 223 kata lagi

Broken & Break

Aside from the astounding array of vocabulary with which we’re presented, one of the things I love about the English language is the delicate layers of meaning like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. 976 kata lagi

Serious Business

There Is Ability In Every Disability, Especially At SunMed

Cochlear Implants Switched On at SunMed

15-month-old Muhammad Ziyad Iman suffered meningitis since he was 5-months-old and it has caused him to wear hearing aids on both ears due to limited vocalisation and response to sounds. 650 kata lagi


Alberta parents convicted in son's meningitis death granted bail

Bail has been granted to an Alberta couple convicted of failing to get proper medical treatment for their son who died of meningitis.

A jury in Lethbridge, Alta. 180 kata lagi


An Effective Treatment for Meningitis

A clients son suffered from a very serious case of Meningitis. The child was always suffering from fever, had a headache or was unable to eat anything because of recurring vomiting. 35 kata lagi