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Freshers Flu - or meningitis?

The first week back at university has reminded me the joys of student life – reuniting with friends, checking out the societies and clubs, figuring out timetables, and sharing germs. 791 kata lagi

Freshers Flu

Meningitis Treatment Options

Define Meningitis– This is a serious disease that causes inflammation of the meninges, which are membranes covering the brain and the spinal cord. The disease occurs when the fluid that surrounds the meninges becomes infected. 524 kata lagi

Symptoms Of Meningitis

Hydrocephalus Awareness 

I first became aware of hydrocephalus in July of last year. Little Miss Minion was still in the NICU and I had gone back to work to allow for time off once she came home. 428 kata lagi

Nala's Second Birthday

As an unabashed crazy cat lady, I recently decided to throw my kitten princess, Nala, a slight spectacle to celebrate for her second birthday. From a much too glittery banner whose remnants I keep discovering weeks later to bribing friends to attend with free dinner and copious amounts of wine, I only stopped short of slapping a party hat on her tiny face and holding her aloft for worship à la… 898 kata lagi

Getting Personal

Twelve Snapshots from Freshers' Week

Freshers’ Week is a bit like the 60s – if you can remember it all, you weren’t there. So these glimpses will have to do: 132 kata lagi

Family Life


I started oliphantum back in March 2016 as a way to document our life, our world, the way we see things and to show how normal life as a mother of two unfolds in South Staffordshire (if life with children can ever be described as normal that is!). 1.373 kata lagi


Meningococcal Disease & The Vaccine, What You Need To Know

I’m writing this blog today because my daughter recently turned 18 and her doctor tried to use scare tactics to get her to consent to the vaccine. 2.831 kata lagi