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A Momentous Day in the Meningitis Fight

After years of campaigning, today is a bittersweet day for all of those affected by meningitis.

The Meningitis B vaccine will now be rolled out to babies, and subsequently lives are going to be saved. 235 kata lagi

What's that coming over the hill?

Well, this is it. It feels surreal as I think back to that video that I saw 2 years ago that convinced me in that moment to climb a mountain. 516 kata lagi


The one that's hard to publish

My darling boy

How are you already 15 months old?! It has definitely been a rollercoaster and no moment more than when you became so ill last year. 2.103 kata lagi

Men B.

As some people in the UK have heard, the Meningitis B jab is being offered to babies at 2 months, at 4 months and at 12 months. 137 kata lagi


My Pain Has A Personality

I’ve hit another road block…bump in the road…hiccup…setback. Call it what you want – it sucks (I hate that word too!). After spending the day with my neuro we tried to pull together yet another plan. 784 kata lagi


National Immunization Survey-Teen Results Breakdown: What Does This Mean For Colorado Teens?

The latest National Immunization Survey-Teen┬áreport was released on July 31, and we asked Lynn Trefren, RN, MSN, Immunization Branch Chief at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment… 398 kata lagi

Why Vaccinate

The Road to Reclovery

Just a quick follow up!

We had an appointment today with the infectious disease specialist. I had been growing nervous about this appointment coming up. Although they had let us bring our precious baby home and had entrusted us to medicate her ourselves, we’ve had some minor scares. 469 kata lagi

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