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Bay of Biscay : Carnac Megaliths

A morning of cold grey drizzle on the motorway north through Nantes behind us we arrived in Locmariaquer to the west of the Golfe Du Morbihan in clearing weather. 728 kata lagi

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Black Mountain

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Obrigado Portugal and to our World Adventure!

On the way to Lisbon we stopped at the magnificent Almendres Cromlech, a megalithic complexhe largest existing group of structured menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula (and one of the largest in Europe), this archaeological site consists of several megalithic structures: cromlechs and menhir stones, that belong to the so-called “megalithic universe of Évora” 1.266 kata lagi


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Touring the Tors

It seems like quite a long time since our last planned ‘special’ weekend – I suppose that’s what we get for not spacing our plans evenly. 1.131 kata lagi