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Banner of the Hawk 19

“When the High King called me to an accounting, he was not impressed. He had wanted blood and slaughter.”

“But . . . why?”

“So that he could wander the battlefields where my troops had gone, feeding on the ai of the newly dead.” 681 kata lagi


Banner of the Hawk 18

In their chambers later, Dael shed her woolens for a light silk robe that clung to her lovely young body. He embraced her, kissed her deeply, and pulled her down beside him on the bed. 619 kata lagi


Banner of the Hawk 17


The first blizzard of winter moved in, and for a week Marquart stayed close to home, studying maps, records and journals. He had a banner made with the sign of the striking hawk in black on a field of blue, and set it flying above the manorhouse. 632 kata lagi


Plunder of the Sun, by David Dodge

As I’ve been reading through the titles of the Hard Case Crime series of paperbacks, I’ve found most of them entertaining at minimum, and frequently highly satisfactory. 2.641 kata lagi


Banner of the Hawk 16

Marquart threw back his head in defiance and growled, “You knew my father. Now know me!”

A pulse moved through him. His hair stood on end. 645 kata lagi


Banner of the Hawk 15

“You are so self-complete that you are in danger.”

“From what?”

“From yourself.” Clevis turned in the saddle and faced Marquart, determined to have his say even if it got him knocked to the ground. 665 kata lagi


Banner of the Hawk 14


In the stable, the largest of the outbuildings, Clevis was supervising the saddling of kakais two mornings later. The eaves were open for light and ventilation, so that the slope saddles hanging from their tackles threw irregular shadows on the damp floor in the wan morning sunlight. 667 kata lagi