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Melon, raspberry and goat cheese dessert

We very rarely eat dessert, especially anything more complex than nuts and chocolate… However, last week we did a really simple and super tasty dessert of melon, raspberries and goat cheese. 117 kata lagi


Summer Prosciutto Platter (2)

An absolutely no-cook recipe. Prosciutto and melon are often paired together as an appetizer and I have had them as an entree with some interesting leafy greens. 66 kata lagi



Are you tired? I think you are.
She isn’t listening to you.
Nope I wonder what’s going on.
The sound of carpet is rather grating…no? Though…it’s not as bad as it was the other day. 209 kata lagi

Breakfast for dinner or should I say Brinner?

We decided to have breakfast for dinner so as I liked to say ‘brinner’, breakfast and dinner together. 292 kata lagi

Chotto Matte

‚ÄčEverything we ate and drank was delicious!

Wagyu was cooked perfectly.

Hamachi was fresh.

Yakitori Platter had variety.

This melon drink I had was awesome. 12 kata lagi


My goodness! That's one tasty melon

Over the last few days I’ve been mourning the end of the mango season.¬† There are still a few green North Indian Chaunsa kicking about, but we’re at the fag end of the sweet Indian fruit season.¬† 409 kata lagi
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