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[Melon] Weekly #1 Charts (2005 - 2016)

Songs with most Weekly #1 in Melon (2005 – 2016)

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*nb solo and unit counted separately

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Watermelon Gazpacho

Here is another refreshing melon soup. Summer is over but still lots of melons for good deals. And I can’t resist buying them! I talked to my friend Victoria the other day and said to her: “I don’t know how many people I think I’m feeding as I’m buying 10-15 kilos of melons in one go!” 348 kata lagi


Video Metode LPP Es Kuwut Serang - Serutan Kelapa, Melon, Ditambah Biji Selasih Bakalan Ces Pleng Hajar Dahagamu

Lakukan latihan dalam video Metode LPP untuk mendapatkan penis besar seperti orang Eropa punya. Hanya dengan latihan yang dipandu oleh trainer orang barat langsung dalam video. 192 kata lagi

Ditambah Biji Selasih Bakalan Ces Pleng Hajar Dahagamu

Getting Your Daily Requirement of Fruit. Easy!

My family enjoys consuming fruit….large amounts of fruit!  Grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, mangoes…you name it if it is a sweet and tasty fruit we eat it!  491 kata lagi


Big Sisters

On the left here is Melonie, our little melon who can. We decided she needed a mentor, or a big sister, to show her the power of dreaming big. 24 kata lagi


Late Summer Fruit Salad

Let’s say you want to try to watch your calories/waistline after months of saying “yes” to every ice cream opportunity. Try fruit salad! Fruit is still fresh, local and flavorful in the Northeast. 195 kata lagi


Tigger Melon

Not my favorite melon to eat, but I did like the pattern of the seeds.