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Chicken breast in melon and orange sauce

A very tasty and somewhat different delicacy to serve with rice or couscous. Orange, honey and melon bring some nice sweetness, which chili and ginger challenge with their strong flavors. 610 kata lagi

Chicken, Turkey & Duck

CarvingJoy in CHAT Magazine

Carving Joy featured in CHAT JUMBO Issue 50/51.

And I’ve created another Snowman for you out of Honeydew Melon.

Latest Carving

Top 10 Eatable fruits

A list written by: Lee Sonogan

“A fruit that comes forth is the desire and joy for the labour of a farmer.”
― Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance… 564 kata lagi



TKP – Pasar Tradisional -Grogol

Perempuan bersepeda ini sedan melewai jalan Muwardi Grogol ketika mendadak ia dihadang pengemudi sepeda motor. Lalu terjadilah percakapan..

“Pok, dapet beli gas dimana?” – tanya yang dibonceng Sepeda motor. 56 kata lagi


So my white petalled hyacinthus orientalis is now in full bloom. To have such a springtime flower blooming in the birth of winter (it snowed the other morning) is rather surreal, but it elevates the ambiance of my room. 374 kata lagi


สรุปผลรางวัลงาน MelOn Music Awards 2017

และอีกงานประกาศผลรางวัลส่งท้ายปีของเกาหลีที่จัดตามมาติดๆต่อจากงานมาม่า นั้นก็คืองาน  MelOn Music Awards 2017  มีใครได้รางวัลอะไรกันบ้างมาดูกันเลยค่ะ

Best Album of the Year : IU “Palette”

Best Song of the Year  : BTS – “Spring Day” 155 kata lagi