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Trying to make homework just a bit more bearable with this tune…


Throwback Thursday: "Scar Tissue" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s a little bit rainy out, perhaps a little bit chilly, and the mood filling the air is of slow movements and mellow thoughts. Lets begin the day with some music to drift you through the day, passing by any stress without so much of a care and with a relaxing sense of mind.

To Find Her Restful Mellow.

Ladybird so sweet and bright,
Walking on my paving stones with such a might.

To conquer sticky weeds with there spiral leaf form.
So she can dash onto the shade of a comforting, colourful stony knoll. 43 more words

Rakel Leah Mogg

Writing With Sade

I wanted you to take me along,

your lyrics, your moves, your sweet skin,

rolling me through a myriad of delicious

imagination all drawn by the soothing sounds… 106 more words


Mellow Monday: OneRepublic - 'Can't Stop'

OneRepublic have gone from strength to strength over the years and their most recent album, Native, is probably their strongest album to date (a very difficult thing to achieve!) 83 more words

Muzik Speaks


If you ever glanced at me you’d see
My pained eyes that silently scream
The utter helplessness of being in love.
You may give yourself into the arms, 92 more words


Gabrielle Aplin

English Rain

Gabrielle Aplin, Albums

Just sharing the album from Gabrielle Aplin, A super talented songwriter and singer. Kind of music that keeps your day mellow and going :) 25 more words