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The sad mix music that I listen to when I'm in the mellow mood

This mix sad music makes me feel relaxed and relieved after listening to this music.

How about you? :)


sixth post

Band: Seals and Crofts
Album: Summer Breeze
Song: Summer Breeze
Release date: 1972

60 degrees in February? Here’s a mellow 70s tune to pal around with this warm weather…



Mellow Yellow

Light sheds hope on so many different, difficult situations and emotions. Today as I look outside and the gentle warmth of the sunshine shines in on my face, I feel a sense of gratitude and hope. 165 kata lagi

L.O.V.E. Lots Of Varied Emotions

Well folks…

We did it! February 14th, 2017. We all know what that means. People are getting ready and excited to celebrate this very special and important day! 739 kata lagi


ketika aku terlalu banyak memikirkanmu, tanpa tahu, apalah aku apa buatmu.

ketika aku akhirnya terlalu banyak menebak isi hatimu, tanpa pernah punya nyali untuk bertanya. 111 kata lagi