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september mellow

night so still

and its own something of the ease

and capture

as its own feeling

and told as its own wonder

and stunning

as its own making… 47 kata lagi


theater of mellow

somebody is a actor

and yet they are cool

and wonder as its own side

and elevated as its own choice

and changing

as its own seen… 43 kata lagi


On Inability to Write

This is not about writer’s block.

I want to write something. But I cannot bring myself to do so. The filters in my mind block most, if not all, ideas. 1.191 kata lagi


X ; Y

He is sitting there
Licking his wounds;
She is waiting here
Chomping at the bits
To escape
This codependent state,
Built on nothing but air, 317 kata lagi


The Rush

I know it’s getting too late. I know you’ve got places to go. But you should know that I’ve got lots of time to take a break and stare into your eyes. 427 kata lagi


Hello World

I am there again, and again
I draw the thin shroud over me,
Catch glimpses every now and then
Of the edges of sobriety.

What began as curiosity… 416 kata lagi