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sunshine, sunshine, its fine.

I stumbled upon a very nostalgic song this morning. Most mornings i’ve been getting up at 7 o’clock grabbing a piece of toast, bust out my ukulele and lay on my hammock that is underneath a small tree near the koi pond in my backyard. 277 kata lagi


First Short Story: Cobalt

My usual music skips around the empty halls eventually retreating back to my room. Not another soul hears my trashy music; only the thin walls soak up the sounds. 1.561 kata lagi

Short Story

Song of the week...

 AJR – ‘Weak’

Music Video – Official

“I’m Weak and what’s wrong with that?”  A point worth making I think; AJR have truly surprised me with their simultaneously upbeat and somber new track from their fourth studio album ‘ 198 kata lagi

Cornucopia Fax

I like learning something new. Today I learnt that the drummer from Bon Iver does some solo stuff under his moniker S. Carey. Trivia!  This is off his 2014 album… 7 kata lagi


Last Week.

So..last week, was honestly a great week :))

Monday and Tuesday were kind of a blur. Wednesday-Friday were pretty mellow. Most people in my classes were on a trip so there was only about 10 of us. 323 kata lagi


sëturday - study jams n jellies

hip hop beats to long-build house to downtempo glitch to fuzzy head nodders

happy finals to all