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Tusais - Eastcoastfeelins

Belgian summer is finally and full effect and Antwerp-based producer Tusais‘ latest joint is the perfect soundtrack for this kind of weather. Check out… 8 kata lagi

Into The Music

Frank Ocean - White Ferrari

This Frank Ocean album drop has been dramatic and cumbersome as FUCK!

Dislike having to anticipate for ages and forcibly sign up for iTunes (even though I’m a music curator); particularly when one of my favorite contemporary artists in the game, … 73 kata lagi


This is a happy end,

I’m a young soul in this very strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit bout what is true and fake
But why all this hate?
28 kata lagi


Artsy, Fartsy Caturday with Shoko

Caturday and all is well.  Time for Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty Caturday art.

Kali just HAD to have a picture in this post too.  It’s only fair Shoks, you were in my post last Caturday.  112 kata lagi

Fabian Secon - Sensei

Obviously lacking on R&B, here’s London up-and-comer, Fabian Secon to smooth things out.

Kick back to this smooth-ish as we break into the weekend, and the track’s off his brand-new, debut EP, … 17 kata lagi


Summer's dryness

A dry heat in British summertime is welcome from the damp days of this year.

One aspect of Indian food I greatly appreciate is a dry flavour during warm weather. 122 kata lagi


Study Music

I know I’ve already written about school starting, but one of my musts is come up with a good study playlist for when work needs to get done. 77 kata lagi