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The sky says to the grass

“if you grew blue

you could be up here with me too.”

But the grass was too long now… 131 kata lagi


Bud Collins Trio - "Television Personalities"

But Collins Trio is a band from Storrs, Connecticut comprised of the members Chris Weinland, Kenny Foster, Dave Shuman, Mike Ryan, Tony Castellano, Zippy, Jake Tamarkin, Pat Guiney, Ryan Porter, Gordon Clark, Brian Mische, and Rob Overbury. 135 kata lagi



If I see red,

I’ll feel attraction.

But the more red I see,

The less I feel free.

If I see yellow,

I feel the summer wind, 55 kata lagi

Daniel's Music Workshop - "Keep On Walking"

Daniel’s Music Workshop is a recording and live concerts project in which Daniel Grinberg features Alex Moshe, Aveva Dese, Sharon Brantman, Yoav Arbel and other artists performing his songs together with him. 237 kata lagi


Mellow Monday


A lot of times I’m in the mood for some chill music and these are my favourites so far.


September Campbell - "Leave Me Blue"

September Campbell is a published poet, award-winning artist, and an emerging singer-songwriter from Lexington, South Carolina. September has a sound that echoes her life in the Deep South and her passion for honest lyricism resounds in each of her songs. 174 kata lagi


Tyga Drops New Music - Boss Up

Haven’t heard from Tyga in a minute, he just released his new music video along with a nice lil bop. The song reached one million in a day. 35 kata lagi