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Reptilobirds revisited: An evolutionary connection

Judging from the number of comments, the “Reptilobird” post is by far the most popular one on this blog. And no wonder. It is a simple, fun activity that combines the stages of meiosis with patterns of inheritance. 820 kata lagi


Virgin birth and the fight against extinction

Various animals in captivity have shown the capacity for virgin birth: asexual reproduction in a species that usually reproduces sexually (in non-biblical jargon, ‘facultative parthenogenesis’). But while originally thought an animal’s response to the existential malaise of confinement, it has recently been documented in the wild, raising the question of what role it might play in nature, particularly in populations under threat from us. 644 kata lagi

Science competition


e had a science competition in our school on a topic “Change”. Actually I had no idea of participating on the  event until the last few hours. 123 kata lagi


Down sides and advantages of reproduction

Through sexual and asexual reproduction, the parent passes on their traits to their offspring. There can be disadvantages and advantages to both.

A downside to asexual reproduction is that the offspring is the parent’s clone and if the parent has a disorder, so will the offspring since their DNA is identical. 78 kata lagi