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Gametogenesis by meiosis


  • Meiosis I: separates homologous chromosomes
  • Meiosis II: separates sister chromatids
  • Summary: you start with 1 diploid cell (2n) and end with 4 haploid cells (n) …
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Cell Cycle: Meiosis

  • Click on this link: https://www.ck12.org/c/biology/meiosis/lesson/Meiosis-BIO/?referrer=concept_details
  • Read the lesson.
  • Define:
  1. Meiosis
  2. Haploid cells
  3. Diploid cells
  4. Homologous chromosomes
  • Make a comparison chart between Meiosis I and Meiosis II.
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10th Grade

Links to Mitosis/Meiosis Activities

Click Here for the Mitosis Mover game. Email your results to: jason.bowen@capital.k12.de.us

Click Here for Meiosis Game. Email your results to: jason.bowen@capital.k12.de.us

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Understanding Human Cellular Division


To understand mitosis and meiosis you need to know and understand the difference between two key pairs of terms.

If you understand these four terms and how they apply to human cells, you will understand human cell division. 542 kata lagi