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EOC Review: Unit 4 Review / Research and Explore

With several students in each of my classes absent because of the Algebra EOC, we used the class period to review a variety of concepts up through Unit 4.   98 kata lagi


Variation and Inheritance: Unit 4 Exam

To conclude Unit 4, students received an April Fool’s packet consisting of a set of instructions, the 2014 Biology End of Course practice exam, and the Unit 4 Exam.   112 kata lagi


Meiosis and Inheritance: Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis

With many students out of class because of three different field trips happening today, we had to reschedule our quiz for tomorrow.  For a starter activity today, students received a… 40 kata lagi


Variation and Inheritance: Modeling Meiosis

We reviewed problems 6 and 7 from Friday’s Punnett Square worksheet at the start of class.  Students then had the remainder of class to complete the worksheet, complete the meosis reading assignment from last Thursday, and to get both assignments checked off in Illuminate.   16 kata lagi


Study for Quarterly Three

For the Study guide: 3rd quarterly review sheet 2014

To play a kahoot that will help you review: Click Here

Power points for 3rd quarter topics:  17 kata lagi



My A day classes will be having a quiz on Wednesday, March 16 on chromosomes, mitosis and meiosis. Here are some things that will help you study for the quiz. 49 kata lagi


A Day Classes for 3/8

1A and 4A

We review the process of meiosis and compared in to mitosis. For a power point review click here: Chromosomes Meiosis Reinforcement Worksheet… 83 kata lagi