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Meiotic Analysis of Facts

People of today’s generation have fast-paced lives. Innovation of technology led people to devote their time moving toward innovation, discovery and things to make their lives easier. 455 more words


Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Unit Exam

We closed out the unit today with a review of dihybrid crosses.  Students received their scored unit quizzes from last Friday, and the common theme across all of my classes was that students needed more practice with dihybrid crosses.   60 more words


Is the GMO Labeling Movement Just a Long Con to Get You to Buy Organic?

In a recent New York Times column, Mark Bittman compared consumers to lab animals subjected to an experiment. “Stop Making Us Guinea Pigs,” the headline of his piece lamented.

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I must really love dragons!  Here is another dragon activity that you can view.  You may need to be on a computer to use this, but try it on your iPads as well!   64 more words


Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Quiz

The quiz today covered one and two-trait Punnett Squares, challenged students to compare mitosis and meiosis using ten key unit vocabulary terms, and included a questioned designed to provoke student thinking around a topic incorporating genetics, evolution, and student opinion. 59 more words


Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Dihybrid Crosses

Students learned to construct and analyze the products of a dihybrid cross (two-trait Punnett Square) today.  We worked through the entry task slide using the white boards and document camera in class to ensure student understanding of the process.   38 more words


Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Modeling Meiosis

Class began with a “pop quiz” – an entry task designed to serve multiple purposes.  First, students were tasked with thinking about whether they thought there was a relationship between males, females, dominant alleles, and recessive alleles.   107 more words