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Plant evolution and life cycles

Occasionally, friends have asked me about the life cycles of plants, so here I will attempt to summarize them, in the context of plant evolution. I set the stage by describing the basic pattern of life cycles in animals, with which we are more familiar, in order to make the contrast with plants. 1.112 kata lagi

Mini Wiki 9

Hello, it has been over a year since the last mini wiki episode. However, to make up for that I have 2 episodes to finish of the series for you! 171 kata lagi


Meiosis Stop Motion

Fiona Mangan and I created a stop motion video on all of the different stages of meiosis!  We worked very hard on this assignment and we hope you enjoy our final product. 148 kata lagi

Meiosis in Motion

To wrap up our Cell Signaling, Mitosis and Meiosis Unit Adia and I made a stop-motion film of the process of Meiosis. This film follows the steps of Meiosis I and Meiosis II which is a process of cell division that turns a single diploid parent cell into four daughter haploid cells. 469 kata lagi

Meiosis Stop Motion

For one of our products this season, we made a stop motion film with a voice over!  This video took a very long time to put together, and when spending hours simply taking still photos, it is hard to visualize just how it will look strung together as a video, but I am very proud of our result!  270 kata lagi

Meiosis in Motion!

Meiosis is a special type of cell division in which a diploid cell divides twice, creating 4 haploid cells which contain half the original parent cell’s genetic information. 206 kata lagi

Meiosis in Motion

This week in AP Biology class, we studied meiosis! Meiosis is the process by which somatic, or normal, cells divide into gametes, sex cells like sperm and egg cells. 240 kata lagi