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Meiosis Activity 1

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Meiosis Activity

I give this activity before any discussion of meiosis.  The students are able to understand basic concepts of meiosis without being told anything about how meiosis works. 205 kata lagi



While the internet is great for finding many generally useful educational technologies, it is not as helpful when looking to address specific  conceptual issues in science education.  153 kata lagi


You Don't Got Your Momma's Genes (But You Do Have Her Mitochondria)

Today, class, we gonna learn how the sex works. Not in a porny way. In a sciency way!

So, like a billion million years ago, there were these little cell-ish things that existed on earth when earth was still this kinda weird hot place filled with only the little things that wouldn’t be killed by all the hot-ness. 803 kata lagi

Layman's Terms

The Second Time Losing Your Virginity: Why it's Not as Bad as the First Time

For many of us, college is where we finally have our…first times. Does ANYONE have a great story about it? Whether it was with someone special or that guy with a less than accurate Tinder pic, the important event always carries a degree of awkwardness. 271 kata lagi

Texas A&M University

A primitive model for genetic recombination

I’m taking a class in general genetics at the Technion, and there we learned about genetic recombination, and in particular, homologous chromosome crossover: a phenomenon where chromosomes exchange sections between themselves during meiosis. 2.590 kata lagi


Reptilobirds revisited: An evolutionary connection

Judging from the number of comments, the “Reptilobird” post is by far the most popular one on this blog. And no wonder. It is a simple, fun activity that combines the stages of meiosis with patterns of inheritance. 820 kata lagi


Virgin birth and the fight against extinction

Various animals in captivity have shown the capacity for virgin birth: asexual reproduction in a species that usually reproduces sexually (in non-biblical jargon, ‘facultative parthenogenesis’). But while originally thought an animal’s response to the existential malaise of confinement, it has recently been documented in the wild, raising the question of what role it might play in nature, particularly in populations under threat from us. 644 kata lagi