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Megadeth - Hidden Treasures (1995) Review

Guitar, Vocals: Dave Mustaine
Guitar: Marty Friedman
Bass: David Ellefson
Drums: Nick Menza

“Hidden Treasures” is an EP by American thrash metal band, Megadeth. While initially released in Europe as a bonus disk for a special edition of “Youthanasia,” “Hidden Treasures” was released as a stand alone EP by Capitol Records on July 18, 1995. 1.422 kata lagi


Poop Up Video - Sweating Bullets

So, about Megadeth… I was never really into them when I was a kid, but I do remember them being mentioned in the same breath as Metallica as far as one of the big names in metal in the 80’s. 1.374 kata lagi


99th Episode Of "The Jasta Show" Available For Streaming

Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) has premiered the 99th episode of his podcast, “The Jasta Show.” This time it features an interview with Chris Adler (Lamb Of God, Megadeth).


Thoughts On Doing This For The Past Month

I began this project about a month ago, and it has been a fun learning experience so far.  Here are some things I have learned, in no particular order. 343 kata lagi


데시벨 스래시 50 #11 Megadeth - Rust in Peace

메탈리카(Metallica)에서 해고된 이후 5년, 데이브 머스테인(Dave Mustaine)은 마침내 자신의 최고 적수에 맞서기에 충분히 훌륭한 노래들을 내놓았다. 마블 만화 <<The Punisher>>가 이 모든 것에 이르게 했고 가장 매서운 기타 리프가 녹음되었다. 38 kata lagi

데시벨 스래시 50

CANTO: Megadeth goes country, plus new stuff from Mastodon (beer) & My Dying Bride (album!)

Corey’s off doing mountain things for the weekend. I think. Whenever he’s not here, I just tend to assume that’s what he’s doing. Anyway, you’ve got me on these suckers for the next couple of days. 205 kata lagi


I am sorry Dave, peace still sells, but the answer is, no one is buying.

“Welcome to Some Generic Beauty Pageant!

Now Miss Whatever, if you could have one thing, what it would be?”

“I would want…world peace!”

*requisite applause* 895 kata lagi