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Metal Monday: Megadeth — "Have Cool Will Travel"

This little blast from the past will get your adrenaline going on a Monday.

Ya just gotta love the use of harmonica in this…

Progressive Rock

Defiantly creative: Ex-Megadeth members ready to forge own path

Stability and music aren’t often bedfellows. So, when you’re part of one of metal’s best known and longest-running bands, it might seem impractical to leave. For ex-Megadeth players Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick, it has been liberating. 549 kata lagi


MegaDeth -Dystopia Review

Artist – Megadeth

Album – Dystopia

This review has taken longer than I expected. It is starting to become a theme. The reason this time was that I had to listen to it a lot in order to make up my mind about what I thought about. 584 kata lagi


Megadeth - "Conquer...or Die" (Dystopia, 2016)

Bye Chris Broderick.. sorry bro don’t even miss you cuz the Brazilian wizard SLAAAYYYSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! chants *KiKo!* *KiKo!*

Mnemosyne (Music/Health)

Megadeth - Dystopia

I’m pleasantly surprised on the first listen, hey this doesn’t suck! Dave has reached into is anger and paranoia for concepts once again, thank god. Dave wrights his best music when he’s angry at someone or scared of something, however farfetched that something might be. 444 kata lagi


Megadeth's Welcome Return to Form

On Friday, January 22nd, the day I participated in a reading for the first time in nearly five years, Megadeth released its 15th record, Dystopia… 813 kata lagi

The Good Bits: January 2016

This year I’m trying something new. Instead of sporadic reviews for music, books, etc., I thought I’d try to make a recap of each month about some of the stuff I enjoyed from that particular month. 1.172 kata lagi

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