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Coding Challenge

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I’ve been experiencing  Z72.820 lately, and I have R53.83 this week.

I’m sure my physician would diagnose me with F15.982

Blog you next week!

Medical Coding

Leadership Skills

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We’ve all read about, attended workshops on, or studied what makes a great leader.  Well, I had experiences with a bad leader that helped me to become a great leader. 405 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Major signs that indicates you to opt for a “Best Virtual Medical Scribe”-CrescereMed

Recently an extremely successful long pilot case study completely changed the perspective on using Virtual Medical Scribe Service in clinical practice.

• Are you spending more time with your… 343 kata lagi


There are no shortcuts

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I had a colleague who was also a friend.  She called me and asked my opinion.  She wanted to sit for another certification because she felt that it would accelerate her career.  233 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Healthcare Coding, Billing and Reimbursement: An Overview

If billing errors and the consequences associated with them need to be avoided, staff that work with the many areas of healthcare coding and billing need to be aware of many key aspects of coding and billing in this industry. 732 kata lagi

Medical Coding Training at Hyderabad

Tech Mahindra Foundation and Valliappa Foundation is offering 4 months Medical coding Training at Hyderabad in association with SonaYukti as a Knowledge Partner at just Rs. 26 kata lagi


Importance of Orthopedic Care

How about the suffering when it comes all along through Tendon, Muscle, and Joint Pain?

Furthermore, things typically go off due to musculoskeletal aliments at the same time. 332 kata lagi

Medical Billing Services