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Audit the Auditor

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I worked as part of an auditing team and noticed that another auditor was changing my findings. It was annoying that she was auditing me and I disagreed with the changes she made.   58 kata lagi

Medical Coding

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Medical Coding & Billing

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10 ICD-10-PCS Coding Questions to Test Your Skills

Take this quiz to identify where you need to focus your learning.

Think you have nailed down ICD-10-PCS code changes effective Oct. 1, 2018? Have you studied the… 720 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Research and Ask Questions

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As coders and even auditors, we don’t always have the answers.  We have to know how to research and know when to ask for help.  250 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Problem Pertinent Examination

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According to CMS, medical necessity is the overarching criterion in determining the level of Evaluation and Management services.  CMS has published   369 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Medical Billing & Coding Services for Pre-Existing Conditions

So, the terms which we are using most probably must have stuck you in reading the complete post!

If this is the case, then we will ensure we clear the objections beforehand and give you clearer definition about the terms we are keeping up throughout the post. 261 kata lagi

Medical Billing Services

Stop The Fakery

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In this industry, preparation is critical.  We have to anticipate questions.  When I’m preparing material, I already know the talking points that will generate questions or additional discussion from the group and I do everything I can to be prepared. 357 kata lagi

Medical Coding