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Medical Coding (ICD 10
& CPT)

Ascent Education: Member of AAPC,
US (American Association of Professional Coder)


Medical Coding is highly in-demand
career in Healthcare industry. 153 kata lagi

No Shortcuts

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I had a colleague who was also a friend.  She called me and asked my opinion.  She wanted to sit for another certification because she felt that it would accelerate her career.  215 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Stand On Your Own Merits

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Unfortunately, some of us have had experience with people I call “crabs in the pot.”  These are people who cannot or don’t have the motivation, to climb up, and they consume their time and energy trying to pull others down with them. 165 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Medical Coding Training at SonaYukti

Gear up for real-world coding with Medical Coding Training at SonaYukti. With nationwide training locations, Sona Yukti trains all those who aspire to become certified Medical Coders! 41 kata lagi


Story Time

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Last week, I shared “Do It Yourself” and my experience with the facility coding manager.  Well, before that encounter, I was asked by the same coding manager to sit in on a session that one of her auditors was presenting to a group of physicians.  144 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Certified Safety professionals CSP Exam Questions

Certified Safety
Professional – CSP®

What is Certified Safety
Professional – CSP ®?

Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are persons who perform at
least 50% of professional level safety duties, including making worksite… 211 kata lagi

MEP Quantity Surveying Course(QS)

Quantity Surveying (QS)

What is Quantity
Surveying (QS)

A quantity
surveyor is a construction industry professional with expert knowledge on
construction costs and contracts. They are not to be confused with land… 360 kata lagi