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Networking and Referring

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Why is there so much competition in the medical coding industry?  What happened to networking and referring? 310 kata lagi

Medical Coding

So, You Want To Be a Coder?

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I’ve audited a lot of new coders.  In addition, I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media from new coders.   333 kata lagi

Medical Coding

SonaYukti-TechMahindra Foundation,Medical Coding Training Feedback-JayaPriya(Chennai)

SonaYukti in association with TechMahindra Foundation, have been instrumental in shaping many young careers, through Skill based Training. A six month free training course in  84 kata lagi


Facility versus Professional Coders

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What is the difference between facility and professional fee coders?  In a lot of discussions, facility coders are described as inpatient coders and pro-fee coders are described as outpatient coders.  183 kata lagi

Medical Coding

New Technology-Related Codes for 2019 CPT

Have You Heard? – January 30, 2019

New codes in the 2019 CPT show how technology is changing service delivery in healthcare. Check out this article from Mitchell International, a firm in the property and casualty industry.

New 2019 CPT technology-related codes

Have You Heard

Renal Versus Urinary Tract?

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In one of the social media groups that I belong, a coding student posted that she completed the medical terminology course and she wanted to skip anatomy because she was ready to code. 215 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Help With ICD-9 and ICD-10 Coding

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is an organization that exists for the education and certification of medical coders.

They offer study materials, certification prep and other helpful resources, such as this ICD 9 and 10 coding helper: 42 kata lagi